DVD Review: nCw Femmes Fatales VII – World Summit (8 October 2011)

Kalamity challenges her tag team partner, mentor and friend LuFisto for nCw Femmes Fatales International Championship, Mercedes Martinez looks to extend her win streak, and SHIMMER original Tiana Ringer returns to the ring.

1. Angie Skye beat Cherry Bomb with a handful of tights on a roll-up.
2. Mercedes Martinez pinned Tiana Ringer following a Fisherman Buster.
3. Courtney Rush defeated Kellie Skater with the Skyward Suplex.
4. She Nay Nay bested Xandra Bale via submission with a Fujiwara Armbar.
5. The Sherbrooke Connection – Loue & Kira defeated Anna Minoushka & Missy. Loue pinned Missy with a top rope splash.
6. Cheerleader Melissa beat Yumi Ohka with an Air Raid Crash.
7. Tomoka Nakagawa won a 3-way over Portia Perez and Sweet Cherrie by pinning Perez with a roll-up.
8. Kalamity pinned LuFisto with a Ki-Krusher to win the nCw Femmes Fatales International Championship.

• Martinez extends her win streak in the promotion to five by defeating the returning Tiana Ringer, who returned to wrestling following a four year absence, then challenged the winner of the main event for a title shot.
• Courtney Rush and Kellie Skater broke out the comedy at the start of their match, engaging in an arm-wrestling match, using the referee as a table. Rush antagonised Skater on her way to the ring by carrying a toy kangaroo, which ended up being punted into the front row.
• Cheerleader Melissa and Yumi Ohka earned a “this is awesome” chant from the audience in Montreal, Quebec, Canada for their match.
• Kalamity ascends to the top of the ladder in Femmes Fatales by defeating LuFisto to win the International Title. Following the contest, Martinez tried to snatch the belt from the new champion, but ended up offering her hand, setting up Kalamity’s first challenger to her championship.

• The new graphics to introduce the wrestlers look really good, but there are a number of typos for names like Courtney Rush, Mercedes Martinez and Sweet Cherrie. The matches segment of the menu also has some misspelled names.
• Cherry Bomb has plenty of fire and is pretty over, so in a roundabout way, it makes sense for Angie Skye to screw her out of a win. Cherry loses nothing, and Skye gains something.
• Physically, Tiana Ringer looked incredible. She’s been keeping fit by pole-dancing for exercise, and it shows. She looks as toned as when she was a full-time grappler. However, her match with Martinez fell a little flat. They felt out of step on a number of occasions, which was a real shame, as when they were on the same page, it was fine. Mercedes’ delayed vertical suplex, for example, was great.
• This was my first real experience of Xandra Bale, and I was left curious for more. She has some funky gear (on this occasion, inspired by the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), held her own and even sold the arm that She Nay Nay had been working on during her comeback, which I personally appreciated.
• While I don’t really “get” She Nay Nay’s character, at least she has one. Missy doesn’t, and she could really do with some kind of hook.
• The Sherbooke Connection look great, conduct themselves as a team and have that babyface attraction. Kira’s mask is pretty unique too. Their double teams seemed to take a while to set up though, as at times, it felt like they were a bit all over the place. Still, that would improve over time. At the moment though, Kira is working as a single.
• Melissa v Ohka was great, and deserving of the chant they received.
• Nakagawa, Cherrie and Perez worked a fun triple threat match, and all bought different elements to the table. Nakagawa was the cheeky heel, Perez was out to be as hated as possible, and Cherrie was the hometown babyface with a barrelful of fire. Tomoka got the pin after spitting water in Portia’s eyes – Cherrie offered her hand after the contest, but received a mouthful of H2O in her face as a result.
• Kalamity’s victory over LuFisto came in a match that neither sought for, but were placed together after forming a unit following Kalamity’s babyface turn. Fans didn’t want to see them fight when the match was announced, as they were enjoying the Fatales Fantasy team, but fight they did, and held back nothing. LuFisto assumed a slightly more heelish role in the match as the veteran, but both fought hard.

Match of the Night:
Cheerleader Melissa v Yumi Ohka

Granted, the main event was Kalamity’s best match to date – though she has surpassed that on a number of occasions since then – but personally, I preferred Melissa v Ohka.

Starting out exchanging holds such as wristlocks and headlocks, the pair took turns attempting to wear down and/or stretch their opponent to try and gain an early submission before kicking it into second gear when they elected to start using speed to gain an advantage, with Ohka winning that exchange. She followed up with an elevated Boston Crab, transitioning to a Half Crab in order to gain the submission – but Melissa survived, and got her own back by flooring Yumi with a big shoulderblock and breaking out an Indian Deathlock and her Kondo Clutch to try and gain her own submission.

Back on their feet, Ohka started using her big kicks to take the lead, connecting with some feet in the corner and on the apron, and almost scored the win with a thudding axe kick to the top of Melissa’s head. After kicking out at 2, the then-SHIMMER Champion rallied back to nail an Air Raid Crash for the victory.

Overall Impressions
Femmes Fatales VII was a tale of two hours. The first 60 minutes didn’t really smash it. It was fine, and all of the right people won, but it didn’t feel that exciting. That changed when Melissa v Ohka began, as it felt like it had some added oomph. Part of that flatness may be down to the crowd, who were awfully quiet for a lot of the show, for some inexplicable reason. They found their voices during the final three matches, but that enthusiasm didn’t seem to be there for the first few matches.

Speaking of those matches, the order in which they are presented on the DVD is different to how they were presented on the night. Part of that may be down to building up the DVD to a crescendo, which it did, so if that is the reason, I’m all for it.

As for the DVD itself, in order to keep it to one disc, there are no interviews or opening video – it’s just the matches. That’s a pity, as the promo videos are the best in women’s wrestling in the western hemisphere, so it’s a shame there wasn’t room for them, but I imagine adding them in would mean two short DVDs, which would increase costs.

However, this DVD should be recognised for Kalamity’s success, and LuFisto’s successful passing of the torch to the next generation of female wrestlers in Quebec. The Super Hardcore Anime has been muttering about retiring for a while now, but was reluctant to do so until there was someone who could carry that mantle of representing a province. That woman has arrived, and is the reigning Femmes Fatales International Champion. Kalamity has the opportunity to succeed on an international level, and she is running with the ball as hard and fast as she can.

– Lee Burton

You can buy any of the nCw Femmes Fatales titles by clicking here.
Photos are courtesy of nCw.


2 thoughts on “DVD Review: nCw Femmes Fatales VII – World Summit (8 October 2011)

  1. This show was great but felt a little flat when it started out. Kalamity/Lufisto was an amazing match and the Era of The Oncoming Storm truly began on that night.

    Montreal is one of my favorite cities to see wrestling shows so it was an honor to be there for the live experience.

    Tres bien, Stephane and Lufisto. Keep up the great work for us women’s wrestling fans.

    Bonsoir, for now. Au revoir!!!


  2. I actually saw this show live when it was tape i thought the crowd was pretty into what was going on after the second match. Then i watch the DVD of the show and my first thought was, they probably wanted to save money on DVD-R because a lot of stuff was edited out. First the order of the matches weren’t the same has the live show. Then some of the post match interaction didn’t weren’t there like the post match ineraction between Mary Lee rose and Cheerleader Melissa. Finally for some strange reason, the dark match wasn’T on the DVD, the same dark match that put in the match listing on the DVD cover. In all, this show was really good live but was a little bit disappointing when relive on DVD because of the really weird editing job they did for this one.


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