WAWW Bellatrix 2 results (now updated with thoughts and photos)

A bumper weekend of women’s wrestling continues in Costessey, England this afternoon, as the World Association of Women’s Wrestling presents Bellatrix 2, featuring grapplers from across Europe.

As discussed last week when the card was announced, topping the bill will be the Italian giant and reigning RQW European Champion Queen Maya defending the belt against former Nordic Women’s Wrestling Alliance Champion Aurora Flame from Finland. Maya has held the title since last November, and faces a stiff challenge from Flame, who has been wrestling for close to 5 years.

Elsewhere on the card, reigning SHIMMER Champion Sweet Saraya challenges British Champion Liberty for the title, Ireland’s Rhia O’Reilly takes on Norway’s Miss Mina and Germany’s Lady Lory meets British star Skarlett. Making their debuts in WAWW will be French wrestlers Eloanne & X-Cute Sweet, as well as a the masked newcomer Phobia. Click after the jump for all the results as they happen.

1. Miss Mina made Rhia O’Reilly tap out with a dragon sleeper.
2. Jewel beat Emma Ford & Kasey Owens in an Alaskan tag match (handicap match). Ford was pinned following a big boot.
3. Destiny pinned Penelope following a Tombstone Piledriver.
4. Liberty defeated Sweet Saraya with an Air Raid Crash to retain the WAWW British Championship.
5. X-Cute Sweet & Eloanne pinned Brioney & Violet O’Hara with stereo powerslams.
6. Skarlett retained the EWW Women’s Championship by making Lady Lory tap out to the Skarlett’s Web (Cattle Mutilation).
7. Amazon pinned Phobia with a powerbomb.
8. Queen Maya retained her RQW European Title over Aurora Flame following interference from Jetta, who was doing commentary.

• The last two WAWW shows split opinions amongst Stew and I. He believed that last November’s show, dubbed The Return, was the better of the two shows, while I felt that Bellatrix from April was a stronger card. However, that’s all irrelevant now, as Bellatrix 2 was better than both of them.
• First off, a disappointment. The audience was small – far smaller than either of the other shows, but every cloud has a silver lining, and in this case, it was that the fans were loud enough to make things sound big. Hopefully the atmosphere will carry over onto the DVD, as in person, it was a lot of fun.
• Rhia O’Reilly’s heel schtick is getting quite polished now. The sneering, the arguing with fans and the cowardice in the face of Miss Mina’s aggression was all great. As an opener, it was fun, and didn’t outstay its welcome – exactly what an opener needs to be.
• The Alaskan tag team match was a mess. Jewel is still very new, having only debuted less than three months ago, and neither she or her opponents, Emma Ford and Kasey Owens (one half of the Owens Twins, though I’ve no idea where sister Leah was) were on the same page. Ford did some really weird stuff, like launching herself at Jewel from time to time, leaving the lofty Norwegian unsure on what to do with her. It lacked flow, rhyme or reason, and should be written off as an off night.
• Penelope is rapidly improving. Since Bellatrix, she has added some high-flying to her repertoire, and demonstrated it against Destiny with top rope and springboard crossbodys, as well as reversing a powerbomb into a hurracanrana. Her bravery was also on show when she ate a clothesline from Destiny on the floor, taking a big bump on the wooden surface. Despite her improving skills, Penelope fell to a big Tombstone from Destiny, who is also rediscovering her edge after a couple of years of treading water. A couple of awkward moments, but a thumbs up for both.
• Liberty secured one of her most high profile victories by pinning Sweet Saraya with an Air Raid Crash, which is becoming the choice finisher for many. The victory was clean as a sheet, and was a major boost for the young Liberty’s profile.
• A comedy tag team match followed after the interval, with French duo X-Cute Sweet and Eloanne getting a win over Violet O’Hara and WAWW rookie Brioney – a dancer who has a great physique and should sell a few promo pictures in the future. Sweet and Eloanne were great as a tandem, hamming it up and providing some genuine laugh out loud moments. One was when Eloanne lifted up X-Cute for a wheelbarrow splash onto their opponents, and Sweet started singing R Kelly’s “I Believe I Can Fly”, and another was when Sweet was delivering an airplane spin to Violet, only to have to put her down because she was going to throw up. Under standard criteria, this wasn’t anything special, but it was played for laughs, so that worked.
• Skarlett and Lady Lory had the match of the night. A technical showcase with the EWW Women’s Champion working on the challenger’s arm early on, but Lory took over with cheap tactics. It boiled down to the pair exchanging strikes and hard-hitting moves, only for Skarlett to get the win with a clubbing axe kick and the Skarlett’s Web. After a disappointing outing in the main event of Bellatrix, this was a great comeback for Skarlett, and Lory is still a pleasure to watch.
• Remember Goldust’s debut in 1995? Very creepy, slow and deliberate movements, and an ability to make people feel weirded out? Well, imagine a female version of that in a mask and you’ve got Phobia. Intimidating and with a presence, she made an immediate impression. As far as her wrestling goes, she didn’t do much, but what she did – like chops to the throat, short punches and kicks – all contributed to the character. As a match, it went a bit long for my liking, and I think it would have been better for the future if Phobia won, but it was a good debut for her. Amazon played the perfect foil too. As for who Phobia is, don’t ask me – I couldn’t work out who it was.
• I first saw Queen Maya in 2008, and didn’t think much to her. Four years on, she’s matured into herself, and now takes full advantage of her height and size. She clubbed away at Aurora Flame – who made a good debut for WAWW too, boasting a unique look – and worked at a methodical pace, while Flame tried to take Maya off her feet to nullify the height difference. Maya’s Black Hole Slam didn’t get the job done for the first time in a while, and gave Flame the chance to take take the RQW European strap. But then came Jetta…
• Coventry’s Loudest had been working colour commentary alongside Stew, but chose to leave the desk to shove Flame from the middle rope and allow the Queen to get the pin. Annoyed, Saraya wanted to know why Jetta did it, and the answer was nothing as conniving as wanted to help Maya, or even to screw Aurora. On the contrary, she did it because a) she can, and; b) her entire plan for getting on the show was to screw up the main event.
• Saraya pointed out that it was somewhat coincidental that Jetta decided to quit wrestling around the same time that her daughter Britani got signed to WWE because Jetta knew that she would never make it as big, and that Jetta would get hers. The response to that was Jetta saying that she had signed a contract with WAWW that required no in-ring activity, so if anyone touched her, she would call the police, and that her plan was to turn the WAWW locker room against Saraya. Looks like there’s the prospect of a split within the WAWW roster in the future.
• Overall, this was a strong show. One great match, four good ones, Phobia’s debut and Jetta’s sabotage made for an entertaining evening. When the DVD comes out, get it.

– Lee Burton


2 thoughts on “WAWW Bellatrix 2 results (now updated with thoughts and photos)

  1. After a solid enough start with the opening match, for me the rest of the show kinda peaked in the middle. As mentioned above, the Alaskan tag match was not good.

    Things improved a lot for Penelope’s match with Destiny. Yeah, it was largely standard plucky underdog vs monster heel fare, but performed with enough welly to be thoroughly entertaining.

    No surprises that Liberty vs Saraya was probably the match of the night, to such an extent that I was slightly surprised not to see this as the main event. I was half expecting the suggestion of a face turn for Liberty after the bout too. After Saraya’s pre-match declaration that she wanted a wrestling match that’s exactly what Liberty gave her – up to and including the clean victory.

    If Saraya vs Liberty was the match of the night, certainly X-Cute Sweet and Eloanne vs Violet and Brioney was the most entertaining. The French duo achieved that sometimes difficult balance of being genuinely funny, whilst still putting ona good wrestling match too. I’m certainly hoping we see more of them in the UK at future events.

    As very good as Scarlett and LL’s match was, for me it didn’t hit the heights of Saraya and Liberty. There were just a few moments that took the edge off for me – Nothing remotely bad of course, just the odd moment… such as the end of the bout, which required Lory to hold position maybe a few seconds longer than was ‘natural’, before Scarlett dropped the axe-kick.

    From this point on, things went a little downhill. Not bad, just not as good as what had preceded it, and for the final two matches of the show, obviously you’d hope/expect for the opposite of that. Amazon vs Phobia was decent, but Phobia’s gimmmick meant the match was never really able to flow, a situation that was not helped by the occassional interference of her manager. The whole match felt like it was always just about to kick off big time, but it never did before the finisher came out of nowhere.

    As for the final match, it was shaping up to be a decent enough match, although I’m still not completely sold on Maya. The biggest disappointment of the night though, came at the end, and was something I’d pretty much seen coming, but was hoping to be proved wrong. But I knew as soon as I saw Jetta on commentary it was a matter of when, rather than if she would interfere.

    Ultimately, it just felt a bit too familiar, not just Jetta’s interference but her threat to turn the locker-room against Saraya. And if Jetta really isn’t getting back in the ring in a wrestling capacity any time soon/ever, then there’s not really any build up to anything for the next show, other than a backstage split between Jetta’s supporters and Saraya’s. And yet more opportunities for Jetta to cut promos and interfere in matches.

    Overall though, it was a great show, with three very good matches (for different reasons) a couple of decent bouts and only one real mis-fire (as far as the actual wrestling action was concerned).

    Plus of course, at WAWW, we do get the unique pleasure of seeing the Shimmer Champion in a way that Shimmer audiences still haven’t experienced yet. She’s nice!


  2. i loved this show! Been to 2 eve events and now 2 waww events and i have to say the quality of wrestling shown at belatrix 2 was the best so far.
    I wasnt particularly taken with either tag match.nothing horrible happened in either i just guess the girls involved are green. They didnt do anything stupid they just didnt win me over. But saying that im glad to see waww is so committed to the future of womens wrestling.
    Rhia vs Miss Mina was ok. I really enjoyed Minas work but didnt really ”get” Rhia O reily.. Ive seen her a few times and just cant see the fuss. Sorry if that makes me unpopular. I really enjoyed Penelope vs Destiny, with Destiny turning up the villian to 11! Ihave my suspicious who Phobia is but i cant definitively say.. Really enjoyed that gimmic. Creepy and unnerving with sam knee a great foil. Saraya and liberty was as you would expect. Tight and technical, but Saraya should have been more of a threat to liberty. As for Scarlet and Lory. Seen Lory twice now and she has been excellent. Seen Scarlet twice first time i though she seemed to have potential but needed more work but she sat me up in my seat this time and i have to say i loved this match! Technically sound and for me they are the only girls who went out and didnt pull their punches. The ending was immense, best finish on the show and deserved the reaction it got. Im converted. As for the main, Maya never disapoints me. Strong attack constantly. Aurora I dont get the fuss again, But i did like the set up for the Team Saraya Team Jetta roster divide I hope will happen next. I will def be at the next waw womens show


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