Pro Wrestling: EVE – Special Edition results (now updated with thoughts, Nikki Storm comments and photos)

Pro Wrestling: EVE‘s Special Edition show is about to start, with five women’s matches, interspersed with three men’s encounters from promotions across the country such as the Scottish Wrestling Allianceand Lucha Britannia. Earlier today, we looked at the EVE Championship match between Alpha Female and Ayesha Ray, but there are four other women’s contests on the card…

In what’s billed as a European Dream Match, former Champion Jenny Sjodin meets Blue Nikita, while twins take on twins when Hannah and Holly Blossom step into the ring with Leah and Kasey Owens. Rhia O’Reilly fights Kirsty Love to try and retain her slot on the EVE roster following a number of losses in the promotion, and Nikki Storm has her most high-profile match to date when she takes on TNA‘s Winter, Kat Waters.

We are at the Delphi Club in Surrey, England to see it all go down, so click after the jump for results as they happen, and don’t forget to keep hitting refresh. Also, we welcome your thoughts and comments below on the outcomes.

1. Jenny Sjodin pinned Blue Nikita with a German Suplex.
2. SWA Match: Mark Anthony beat Damian O’Connor with a victory roll.
3. Alpha Female defeated Rockstar Spud in a no DQ intergender match. Spud had called out any woman to face him.
4. Rhia O’Reilly pinned Kirsty Love with the Rhiadjustment DDT with help from Ayesha Ray.
5. Nikki Storm beat Kat Waters with the Perfect Storm in a great match.
6. Hannah & Holly Blossom defeated Kasey & Leah Owens. Holly (we think) pinned Kasey with a splash from Hannah’s shoulders. Rhia O’Reilly & Ayesha Ray then came out to challenge The Blossoms for their spot in the Tag Team Championship tournament.
7. Rhia O’Reilly & Ayesha Ray beat Hannah & Holly Blossom. Rhia pinned Hannah after clipping her leg out of her leg.
8. Leon Britannico (Lucha Britannia) beat James “Darkside” Scott (SWA) with a hurracanrana.
9. Lucha Britannia match: Santarea defeated Bengal Tiger with a blockbuster neckbreaker.
10. Alpha Female retained the Pro Wrestling: EVE Championship by beating Ayesha Ray with a powerbomb in a London Rules Match (no count out, no DQ). Nikki Storm then came out to announce that she will challenge for the belt on November 10 before spitting in Alpha’s face and running off.

• Jenny Sjodin’s win over Blue Nikita was a good way to get the crowd going – which was one of the largest that has attended any EVE show – and saw the noise level increase as the match went on as they drew to the conclusion. Nikita started by spitting gum at a young boy, and mouthed off all the way through while using lots of overhead chops. Jenny – who played the babyface role after being a tweener for the last couple of shows – stayed true to her technical style and almost got the win with a triangle choke and leg grapevine combination before getting the pin with the German Suplex. Blue Nikita swore at the fans afterwards, which may not have been the best move for an audience consisting primarily of families.
• If you’ve never seen Rockstar Spud before, you’re missing out. Calling himself the “Baby Jesus of Professional Wrestling”, he is a pint-sized mouthy arse who has a brilliantly over-inflated opinion of himself. He came out unannounced to declare Pro Wrestling: EVE as “sexist” because it is an all-women promotion, and challenged any woman to face him in a no-DQ match. That challenge was answered by Alpha Female, who stomped him in quick time, finishing him off with a powerbomb through the table on the outside. It was also a precursor for the London Rules main event.
• Rhia O’Reilly has gone from someone with a shaky position in EVE to being an integral part of the promotion in just one night. Defeating Kirsty Love with the help of Ayesha Ray, she secured her spot on the roster and formed a partnership with the challenger to the EVE title.
• Nikki Storm v Kat “Winter” Waters was the match of the night, the best match that I’ve ever seen Nikki have and proof that when given the opportunity, Waters can still go – and she went for it here. While Nikki had the lion’s share of offence in the match, everything that Waters did was great and put Storm over huge. It took a sweet Perfect Storm (Fishermans Neckbreaker) to get the pin and for Nikki to notch up her most important victory to date. Kat did a great job making Storm look like a star – she could have gone through the motions and made she she took the spotlight, but selflessly gave it up, and good on her for doing it.
• The Owens Twins v the Blossom Twins may be the most confusing match to follow ever because both pairs are totally identical. You can tell the difference between Kasey and Leah because Kasey has a tattoo on her midsection and one on her left shoulder, while Leah has one on her right shoulder only. However, because both use the switcheroo gimmick, it couldn’t work here, as the Blossoms were wise to the antics of the Owens. Also, this match was a better representation of what Kasey could do, as her match at WAWW Bellatrix 2 was a bit of a mess. The Owens aren’t up to the Blossoms’ level (they need to pace themselves better and slow down a bit), but this was perfectly fine.
• The impromptu tag match with O’Reilly & Ray taking the Blossoms spot in the Tag Team Title tournament is more of a necessity than anything, as they may be back in Ohio Valley Wrestling by November, which would mean they’re not available for the next show. However, it also got Rhia and Ayesha over as a team, with O’Reilly being the mouthy antagoniser and Ray being the muscle to take care of business.
• The main event had all kinds of stuff going on. As well as beating each other around ringside, a power fire extinguisher was brought into play, as well as kendo sticks, metal trays and a CAR DOOR that was underneath the ring. It wasn’t all used, but the sight of Alpha holding the door over her head to toss it into the ring was sweet. As a match, it was a clubbering-fest, with both exchanging some of the hardest and loudest slaps across the face that I’ve ever seen – not a classic in the strictest sense of the word, and they could probably improve on it if they wrestled again, as this was their first ever meeting, but was a fitting end to the show, and put Ray over as a credible threat (as well as her other interactions during the card).
• Rhia interfered early in the main event, but was ejected from the ringside, though kept peeking through the curtain – we were supposed to notice her doing this – and then came back out near the end. She was neutralised by Kirsty, but Blue Nikita then came out to attack Love. While those two fought, O’Reilly tried to interfere again, but was stopped this time by Jenny Sjodin, who fought her to the back. I adore O’Reilly’s heel character now, it’s beautifully annoying and entertaining in equal measures.
• Injury-wise, Nikki suffered a sore knee, Alpha had ringing in her ears from the slaps and Ayesha’s jaw was in pain, but the biggest walking wounded story was Sjodin, who was wearing a sling on her right arm after the show, and revealed that she only took it off to wrestle and for the main-event run-in. This woman was in some serious discomfort, but you would have never known if you hadn’t seen the sling. A real trooper.
• As for the male matches, they were all fine contests and didn’t overshadow the women – unlike what happened at 2CW Girls Grand Prix – but I doubt that they would have sold many extra tickets, as the matches were barely advertised, and who is going to come all the way from Scotland to Sudbury (which is a seven hour drive) primarily to see one SWA guest match, and check out the women of Pro Wrestling: EVE as a by-product?
• One criticism – the ring ropes. My God, these things were slacker than a wannabe gangster’s jeans. You couldn’t run off the ropes as you would just sag into them, climbing them was risky, and no matter how much they were tightened, they just wobbled everywhere. Poor Leon Britannico ran off them at one point and fell through them and onto the apron. He’s lucky he didn’t tumble out of the ring and land on his head. However, this isn’t a criticism of EVE, as they didn’t know what the ring was like until it arrived at the venue.
• Also, you can tell the difference between someone who works for TV in Waters and the Blossoms and those who don’t have as much experience. For example, Kat worked towards the hard camera a lot and made sure the roaming cameramen got great shots. There were occasions in the Nikita/Sjodin and O’Reilly/Love contests where they had holds on, but their backs were to the hardcam, which doesn’t offer the best view of the action, as most of the fans were sitting on the hardcam side so couldn’t see things like facial expressions.
• Overall, what could have just been a placeholder show ahead of the November 10 show turned out to be a great card with lots of angles, developments, one match announced for next time (Alpha Female v Nikki Storm), two which look very likely to happen (Jenny Sjodin v Rhia O’Reilly and Kirsty Love v Blue Nikita) which elevate O’Reilly and Love up the card, and Nikki Storm showing that it’s her time. We’ll be back in November.

– Lee Burton


Now, normally, we would leave things there, but Nikki Storm emailed us this morning with her thoughts on last night’s match with Kat Waters. Here are excerpts of what she had to say:

People kept wishing me luck and asking how I was feeling about match in the days and weeks leading up to Pro Wrestling EVE: Special Edition. I did all the things I normally do leading up to a big match, like studying my opponent, watching their matches, and hitting the gym 9 times a week instead of 7. But I felt different leading up to this match. Kat had proven herself on an international level and is a television superstar. 8 years ago she was the most well known European female wrestler. Some people speculated I had bitten off more than I could chew. Some people felt my presence would be dwarfed by her enchanting superstar aura.

Well, its 10am on the Sunday morning, July 15th. I’m reflecting over how I felt after my match last night. My eyeliner was a mess and my hair felt tuggy and unpleasantly sweaty. The Owens had backcombed my hair so I was dreading brushing it out. All I wanted was a shower and 6000g of carbs. I could not and still cannot straighten my right knee and I can’t move my neck to the left. My lower back is in agony. My asthma is still acting up and my inhaler is half way through done. But I am delighted with last night. As I had guaranteed, I defeated Kat Waters – however, Kat came within a fraction of a second of defeating Nikki Storm, the Dynamite Queen and ending her 17th month long undefeated streak in EVE. I thought Kat had sold out, I thought she had gone too soft. The FWA’s Queen of Chaos had turned into a cartoon character… or so I thought.

What I now realise is Kat might not be jumping off balconies anymore but she came so close to dethroning the new Queen of Europe due to her wealth of experience and perseverance. A woman who made it in America didn’t get there by not working hard. I had to dump her on her neck twice and on her head to defeat her. This was by far my most high profile match to date and I knew the expectations were sky high and so did Kat. I’ll tip my hat off to you Kat, I completely and utterly underestimated you and it almost cost me my undefeated streak.

People reading this might be questioning why I am not talking about spitting in Alpha Female’s face. Don’t worry Alpha Female, I’ll be addressing you very shortly. Not now, but soon. Enjoy the Championship whilst it’s around your waist. Its only going to be there til November 10th.

A new blog by Nikki is coming soon – in the meantime, check out her first two contributions.


7 thoughts on “Pro Wrestling: EVE – Special Edition results (now updated with thoughts, Nikki Storm comments and photos)

    1. It ain’t the only crazy thing we’ve seen tonight. But yep, the former Eve Champion opened show. Cos obviously the ‘guest’ bouts had to come higher up the card than Jenny/Nikita and Nikki/Marie.



  1. To be fair to Dann, he’s often bookended his shows by starting with a “big” match right out of the gate. He even started a ChickFight show with Cheerleader Melissa vs Wesna once.


  2. OK, so first off, me previous post obviously should have read “Nikki/Katie (or Winter)”; The typo was a combination of random predictive texting on me phone and a fair amount of alcohol – a result of taking a trip to the bar for all of tonight’s bloke matches.

    As for the Eve event itself, and trying to focus on the positive. Rhia suprisingly won her ‘must win’ match (with the stipulation in place, I thought she seemed destined to lose, although still be back for the next show). And, better yet, we got more Rhia tonight than at any Eve show to date, thanks to her alliance with Ayesha.

    The twins vs twins match was probably the best bout of the night, although the Blossom’s victory was obviously a little diminished by their subsequent removal from the Tag Title tournament. The moment Rhia and Ayesha appeared after the Holly and Hannah’s match, the result seemed pretty inevitable.

    The rest of the Eve action was solid, entertaining stuff, but never really felt able to properly ‘kick off’, maybe thanks to the guest matches. It certainly felt that way to me, but I won’t pretend I’m not a little biased in that regard. But matches that on paper, should have been classics ended up as being ‘alright’.

    Having attended every Eve event so far, tonight’s was my least favourite to date. Not a bad show, of course not, and of the 5 (and a bit) Eve matches we saw, none of them were less than entertaining. But it wasn’t on the same level that an Eve show normally provides. Here’s hoping the November show gets things back on track.


  3. I’m not the only person who caught the typo in the third paragraph right? There is a slight difference between Surrey and Sudbury :p

    I thought the show was quite good yeah it could have been better but I’ve seen worse, I’m looking forward to the November show hopefully they will improve, the wrestlers are great the booking just felt a little slapped together at times though, granted I honestly haven’t been keeping up with EVE the last year so that could be a problem on my part.


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