SHINE 1 results – updated with images and thoughts

Take a look at the front page – there’s a lot to do with SHINE on there, and with good reason, as this could be the start of something pretty exciting. Monthly Internet pay-per-views featuring women’s wrestling – it’s an enticing prospect, and we at Ringbelles are looking forward to seeing what happens.

It all kicks off tonight with SHINE 1 from the Orpheum in Ybor City, Florida (order here), headlined by the “Queen of Wrestling” Sara Del Rey meeting the “Female Fighting Phenom” Jazz, and also features seven other matches. We urge you to buy the iPPV to check it out for yourselves, or watch the replay on Video On Demand – but if you can’t, we have the results and goings-on after the jump, and will also have some thoughts on the show coming too. Keep refreshing the page for results and developments as they happen as we jump into SHINE…

1. Veda Scott defeated Kimberly with a version of Daizee Haze‘s Mind Trip.
2. Santana Garrett pinned Tina San Antonio with a roll-up.
It has been announced that SHINE 2 will take place on August 17.
3. Allysin Kay & Taylor Made beat Tracy Taylor & Su Yung after Kay pinned Yung following an Ace Crusher.
4. Christina Von Eerie defeated Cherry Bomb with the 138 (sidewalk slam into a faceplant).
5. Reby Sky pinned Jayme Jameson following a Twist Of Fate.
Jazz and Mercedes Martinez had a confrontation – that could wind up being a match for SHINE 2…
5. Mercedes Martinez beat Leva Bates with a Fisherman Buster.
6. Rain pinned Nikki Roxx with a tights-assisted roll-up. Roxx chased Rain to the back.
7. Jazz pinned Sara Del Rey with the Jazz Stinger.

• First off, the production for the show was great. Good direction, sharp camerawork, you could hear the crowd and the crashing of the mat when wrestlers bumped, and also their trash talk. Thumbs up, and a big different to what GoFightLive offered for Women Superstars Uncensored. GFL may need to buck its ideas up, as there are better options available for promotions wanting to produce iPPVs.
• The venue is pretty sweet with the elevated stage opposite the hardcam and great pockets of fans dotted about. They really helped with the atmosphere too.
• Lenny Leonard’s commentary was good. Informed and interesting, and amusing at times too. Also, he didn’t need to talk all the time, letting the action tell the story. However, he needs to avoid heavy breathing into the mic, snorting and smacking his lips, as it’s a little off-putting. His mic also seemed to cut out during the main event, which was a shame.
• Not sure why some wrestlers had their own regular themes and some had stock music. Rain had Red Eye Fly and Leva Bates had Geek, but Nikki Roxx didn’t have E-Pro, for example.
• It’s a pity that Daffney wore that giant hat, as she has one of the most expressive faces in women’s wrestling, and you couldn’t really see it. Her outfit seemed a little understated compared to what we’ve seen of her in the past, but she wasn’t meant to overshadow the wrestlers, so that’s all fine. As her first go at ring announcing, she did a decent job.
• Veda Scott v Kimberly was messy, but these things are to be expected when you’re meeting in the ring for the first time in the first match of the first show of SHINE. A shaky start though.
• That was compounded when the feed went down on my computer – and judging by the reaction on Twitter, a few other computers too. It was restored midway through the Santana Garrett v Tina San Antonio match – as I didn’t get to see all of it, it would be unfair to judge it.
• Taylor Made and Allysin Kay make a good team. Tracy Taylor looks vastly different to her WWE developmental days too. Things fell apart a bit at the end after the hot tag, but it did its job of putting over Taylor and Allysin as a duo.
• Cherry Bomb and Von Eerie seemed messy, like they weren’t on the same page for some of it, and also felt a little short. Maybe my expectations were too high for this, considering they haven’t met before, but I felt a little deflated at the end.
• As we have pointed out previously, Reby Sky and Jayme Jameson are regular opponents in North Carolina, so you would expect them to be able to work well together, and they did. In what was the sleeper match of the show, they put on an exciting contest with some very credible near-falls, and drew the crowd in to the point that they went from passive to actively involved in the contest. At this point, it was the best match of the show. Well done to both of them.
• Things kicked into a higher gear with Mercedes Martinez v Leva Bates, who came out dressed as Spider-Man. Some web slinging by Leva at the start, but then Martinez got serious, and delivered an amazing delayed vertical suplex. Bates had flurries of offence which seemed to trouble Mercedes, including hitting a sunset bomb and mushroom stomp from the top, but the former WSU Champ recovered to hit a spinebuster and Fisheran Buster for the three. Leva is growing as a wrestler too – sure, there were the shenanigans and it wasn’t as great as her match with LuFisto last month, but she’s going in the right direction.
• Nikki Roxx v Rain featured more technical wrestling than in any match so far, and it was a welcome change, as these two veterans took their time and pulled the crowd in as a result. Rain was wrestling with some British-style holds like cravats – possibly a nod to International Home Wrestling Crew partner Jetta, perhaps? Sometimes, you forget just how good Rain is. Her cheeky pin by grabbing Roxx’s tights also indicates that they may wrestle again, and I’m fine with that.
• Jazz’s theme music is amazing. Seriously, it’s worth buying the replay just to hear it. She performs it herself and it offers a running biography of her career and reminds us that she’s tough as nails. This has to be made available for a download. Like, NOW.
• Her match with Sara Del Rey was the match of the night. Going more than 20 minutes, these two started with the technical action, but Del Rey managed to take advantage with her holds and a great deadlift gutwrench suplex before Jazz retaliated with some brawling, including smashing Sara’s face on the ring apron and kicking her in the head. Back in the ring, Del Rey rebounded and hit the Royal Butterfly, only for the former WWE Women’s Champ to kick out at two, and then Jazz almost got the tap out victory with an STF, only for the former SHIMMER titleholder to get to the ropes. A Jazz Stinger later, and Sara was defeated in a great outing for the two, and capped off the show.
• SHINE 1 picked up as things went on, as you would hope a show would, built to an exciting conclusion, which I’m sure left the fans and viewers happy, and sets things up fairly nicely for SHINE 2 on August 17, which is two days before SummerSlam, if you wanted to make a wrestling weekend of it.
• It looks like the main event of the next show will be Jazz v Mercedes Martinez, considering their brief interaction earlier. We may also get a Nikki Roxx v Rain rematch, another outing for Allysin Kay and Taylor Made, and hopefully, new opponents for Reby Sky and Jayme Jameson to see what they can do against less-familiar opponents.
• Overall, it was a good start for SHINE. After establishing the roster, and showing off their in-ring skills, look for storyline developments in the future as things settle into place, as monthly shows lend themselves to more episodic booking.
• We would love to know your thoughts though – leave us a comment below and tell us what you think about SHINE Wrestling.

– Lee Burton


11 thoughts on “SHINE 1 results – updated with images and thoughts

  1. I really liked the show. The opener was a little slow, but nothing on the show was bad. I really thought the star of the PPV was Allysin Kay though. Between her smack talking during & after the match, and her general aura, she came across as a star. I could easily see her being at the top of the roster in a few months. Its been quite a year for her and things are looking up.

    I also was impressed with Reby Sky. I had low expectations for her going in, and she more than surpassed them. I think she has some potential and SHINE is a great way for her to get some exposure and escape the “Matt Hardy’s girlfriend” stigma.

    If this is the only show time we’ll get to see Sara Del Rey in SHINE, it was nice to see her shake hands with Jazz at the end. Somewhat passing of the torch in a way and was a nice way to end the show.


  2. Thanks for the heads up..

    We apparently have the most sensitive mics I have ever seen, and there were 2 of them at the table with me.. I try to be cognizant of my mic when I have to take a drink or a breath after an extended stretch of talking but I think the 2nd mic is what was picking me up… Sorry!! 😦

    Glad you enjoyed it overall, and thanks again for the bios they came in very handy..



    1. No problem Lenny, glad it was of some help!

      Mentioning the mic issues wasn’t jumping on you either – it’s the first show, and there will always be teething problems. However, it’s worth mentioning so it can be addressed for the future presentations. Like I said, I think you did a great job.

      – Lee


  3. I really loved this show. I have no real complaints. There was one small tech glitch which had fans watching miss most of match 2, but the production and quality was otherwise above my expectations for a first-ever internet PPV from this company. To find any issue, I’d really have to nit-pick. One thing I would change is I would add a second person to commentary. Perhaps Daffney (if it’s not too many hats for her to wear – no pun intended), or Portia Perez would be nice. Lenny did a good job, actually calling a lot of the moves – something that I find is a lot more rare these days & impressive for one person to pull off. But the “booth” could have used more color; a second person would be the answer going forward. It would only result in Lenny being that much better. You can hire me to provide color if you’d like.

    I agree with other commenters that Allysin came off as a star. She’s an assett to this promotion, although it’s odd seeing her without her usual running mates in MWM, all of which I’m a fan of, but I digress… Allysin really stomped a mudhole and made herself known as a major player – from the in-ring work, to the promos, to simply how she carries herself.

    Everyone was awesome. Some were a little green-looking, but I was entertained nonetheless and look forward to watching those girls grow and improve.

    Reby Sky was really impressive, and I really enjoy Leva Bates, Sara Del Ray, Jazz, Mercedez Martinez, and all the other girls.

    I hope SHINE is happy with the results, as from the comments here, on Twitter, and on the SHINE facebook, it seems like people agreed with my take on things… that this was simply an outstanding debut show. Keep up the momentum!

    I will be talking more about this on my YouTube show, THE CHILL SHACK w/ Chill Mascaras. Please visit my site by clicking my name above, and when it is posted and ready you will find it there.

    Ringbelles – you guys are awesome as well. Great review and great podcast


  4. I think this was a great first show. I think the opening match (Kimberly/Veda) was slow. Only seeing the last few mins of of the San Antonio/Santana match, but what I saw seemed a little slow we well.

    I LOVED the team of Kay/Made. They looked and acted liked a team. With the announcement that Allysin Kay being on the main roster for the next Shimmer show, I’m hoping to see these two team up.

    The Sky/Jameson match was the one I was most worried about. These were the only two women that I was unfamiliar with their ring work. I was pleasantly surprised with quality of the match.

    The one thing I would like to see differently for the next show is a second commentator. I thought Lenny did a great job and I wouldn’t replace him. I, personally, like a LOT of commentary, so having a second person at the announce table would be my preference.


  5. Definitely a great show, totally worth the buy. Lenny did awesome on commentary, he obviously knew what he was talking about, and cared which definitely came off. I do think that a second person in the booth would be a little better, just so Lenny doesn’t have to do so much.

    Most of the matches were great. The only two matches I really thought could have been a little better, were Veda vs Kimberly and Christina Von Eerie vs Cherry Bomb. I think Veda is a brilliant wrestler, for someone with her experience level to be as good as she is, it’s a testament to her training. I am not familiar with Kimberly’s work, so I can not say whether it’s a experience thing, or rather they just didn’t click in the ring. But because it was their first match together, and of SHINE, I cut them some slack. I was also a tad let down by the fact that Christina Von Eerie and Cherry just didn’t seem to click either. That was a little disappointing. I’m Canadian, from the exact same area Cherry is from so I’m very familiar with her work in Ontario, so it was something I was psyched about. Wasn’t a bad match by any means, just ok.

    Allyson is a star. Got the look, the mic skills, becoming quite the worker, she will do huge things in wrestling. And I loved Taylor Made’s work as a heel in Resistance-Pro, so I loved this tandem. I didnt realize how good Su was. I do feel like she needs some new gear though. Su should also be one to watch. She’s good face and a good heel. Hope she’s a mainstay. I said it on twitter and I’ll say it again, Reby beyond impressed me. I’ve seen her past work with Jayne Jameson, who herself is no slouche in the ring, and I liked there matches. This one was just entertaining. Sky could be a be a big draw one day. Jayme also needs way more attention then she’s getting, but she also needs some new gear. I will always put over Leva cause I love comic books, but this was a good match. Nice powerbomb by Leva. Mercedes was good as always. Rain needs to be in a big promotion. No reason she’s not signed by some one. I love Nikki so I was glad to see her in SHINE. The main event was just awesome. That Jazz Stinger looks brutal every time I see it. Sara looking slot slimmer here, getting in WWE condition I assume. Matches like that gimme hope for what she can do for the division.

    All in all, great first show, a few little thing, but for a first outing, beyond impressive 3.5/5


  6. Thanks for all the feedback… A 2nd person in the booth is something we are definitely looking at doing..

    This first show was a rather hectic undertaking for everyone involved, one example being me stuck at a print shop near Tampa airport until 85 minutes before bell time waiting for the ring post magnets to come in so we would be able to get them up on the ring for the show…

    As a result it kind of got me way behind the 8 ball as far as getting with the girls before the show and spending time going over things for commentary later on.. Since I hadnt met many of the girls in person yet, it really helps me to talk to them before a show and get a feel for the story they want to tell in their match, and I was unable to get more than a minute with most of the girls prior to bell time..

    I think that fact alone will help commentary improve on SHINE 2… and if we can find a girl comfortable enough on the roster to pull double duty, even if it’s only for part of the show, it will be a big bonus also…

    I think the 2nd person makes my life easier on the undercard more than anywhere else.. I’ve found on DG and Evolve shows that if I can have some time to rest in the 1st half, I am way fresher for the big matches down the stretch, so I am sure we will find a groove soon enough.

    For a first effort I was really happy with the show and am super excited to see how far this can go.. The Orpheum definitely has an “Eagles Club South” vibe in the building, and if we can pack it monthly like we did last night, we are going to have something special here..

    And i know I am rambling a bit.. but i LOVE the ring and the mobile studio entranceway we got… Sal has gone all out to make this product look special.. and there are going to be more tweaks coming in the next few shows, like embroidered logos on the turnbuckle pads, a gold ring apron to match the pink canvas and other things like that..

    Stay Tuned and thanks so much for all your support!!


  7. I saw the show live with some friends who I see the Evolve shows on PPV with and also catch the WWE PPVs at the local Hooters. I have the first 20 or so Shimmer volumes, but haven’t really watched women’s wrestling in a few years. The last women’s show I’ve seen was about three years ago in New Jersey. Funny thing, I actually left the WSU show early to catch a Blue Oyster Cult show in Manhattan. Turns out the match between Mercedes Martinez and Angel Orsin went 79 minutes or something like that. Oh well.

    Anyway, Shine 1.

    1. I’ve never Veda or Kimberly before, and I didn’t really see anything from either in this match that made them stand out.

    2. The second match was tough to call. It was shortened by technical difficulties. I hadn’t seen either Santana or Tina before, and neither blew me away. If I had seen the whole match, I could probably say more about it.

    3. Here we go! I hadn’t seen any of the girls in this match before either, but immediately Allysin Kay stood out. She’s got that “It” factor that people talk about, and was definitely the MVP of the first half of the show. Kay and Made look good together as a team, and it’ll be interesting to see what happens when Allysin’s usual partners start showing up in Shine. Tag match was ok, in-ring wise, but the heels looked good, heeled good, and AK-47’s star should be rising with a bullet. Push this woman to the moon.

    4. First time I’d seen Cherry Bomb, who looks like Sara’s younger sister. I can’t remember if I’ve seen CVE in TNA, but, like Jesse Neal, she seems way too positive and chipper to fit with her punk mohawk-and-tattoos look. Shannon Moore looks like he’s really lifestyle, but that’s another discussion. I don’t view botches in a match with what I call a “clipboard mentality;” they didn’t bother me, and I thought the chances they took made this a decent match to watch.

    5. Well, everyone’s got an opinion about Reby Sky. I’m no hater, but at this point, she seems just ok to me. The finish seemed a bit of a stretch, with Reby getting beat on for most of the match, kicking out of Jameson’s finisher, only to pop up and hit her own finisher. I dunno, I’d have to see more of Reby to get a complete take on her. Jayme has a good look, though.

    6. Mercedes is top-shelf, through and through. Shine wouldn’t miss a beat with Mercedes replacing Sara at the top of the food chain. This was the first time I saw Leva, and after checking out more about her, I think she’s got one of the best gimmicks in wrestling. This was a fun little match to watch, with the over-her-head Leva gutting it out to put up a fight, but Mercedes was just too much for her.

    7. Rain and Nikki was fine. Rain really has mastered the “less is more” style of heel wrestling. She’s really got it polished. Nikki is also equally competent. The only real criticism, if you can call it that, is that you’re never really going to see a crazy “Oh my God!” moment in a Rain match, and Nikki is a pretty conservative worker, too. You’re not going to get a stinker from these two, won’t have to worry about a lot of botches, but unlike the main event of this show, they usually won’t take your breath away.

    8. Sara and Jazz were the main event for a reason. Wow, Sara really looks different! She’s been called the best and deserves these accolades. Jazz is still incredible and offers a unique blend of physicality and athleticism that’s just awesome to see. That jumping leg drop was sick! She must’ve gotten as high as the top rope on that. Good way to send off Sara, and I’m looking forward to seeing Jazz and Mercedes square off.

    Lenny did a fine job calling the show, but I agree that a few girls can sit in on a match or two to offer guest commentary or to put over their current feud or title run/chase. Allysin Kay immediately comes to mind as a great choice to talk with Lenny.

    Overall, a good start, and I’ll be there for Shine 2 to see how the fed starts to develop.


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