Blossom Twins vying for TNA contract in new show

It was announced at TNA‘s Fan Party in London, England yesterday that the promotion would be launching a UK-based TV show, with the winners earning themselves a contract – much like a TNA version of WWE‘s Tough Enough. There would be three acts vying for the deal – the charismatic Rockstar Spud, top-end grappler Marty Scurll and Hannah and Holly Blossom, taking part as one competitor.

Filming of the show starts today, and the show will premiere on Challenge TV in the UK in December – the same channel which airs Impact Wrestling. You can see them being announced by Jeremy Borash by clicking here.

When approached for further information on what the show – called British Boot Camp – will entail, a TNA spokesperson said it’s confidential right now, apart from the news which was announced at the party, though there will be more detail released in due course.

You would have to imagine that the 24-year old twins stand a good chance of being selected. They have extensive experience of wrestling in the US, having made numerous tours to Ohio Valley Wrestling and each one individually winning the OVW Women’s Championship. OVW is also the training facility for TNA, and they will have worked alongside a number of acts who have been or became TNA talent such as Josette “Sojo Bolt” Bynum, and a number of current TNA wrestlers like Magnus, Doug Williams and Mark Haskins are very aware of what they can do and offer.

As well as their skills in the ring and their experience Stateside, there is also the extra sweetener of them being identical twins who offer something a little different to the Bella Twins – instead of the Diva look, their demeanour seems more inclusive and welcoming, and as been evident with acts like AJ Lee making it big in WWE, fans seem to be veering away from cheering the wrestlers who have the supermodel looks and want someone who could be seen as “approachably attractive”. That’s not a knock on the Blossoms’ looks either – it’s just that they aim for the “cute” rather than “sexy” side of attractive with their outfits incorporating pink and swearing on the brilliance of cupcakes.

We will all find out if Hannah and Holly will become Knockouts in due course – of course, we will relay any information as and when we receive it, and we wish them luck in their quest to win that contract.

For more on the Blossom Twins, click here to see our interview with them from another TNA Fan Party in late December last year where they talk about TNA, OVW and more.

– Lee Burton


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