RUSH HOUR with Courtney Rush, Episode 3

RUSH HOUR with Courtney Rush, Episode 3: w/ Leva Bates
Courtney Rush returns with another edition of RUSH HOUR… and she’s joined at the wheel by fellow geek and “Queen of Cosplay” Leva Bates for an hour (or so) of banter. Amongst the topics up for discussion include a catch-up session as to what’s been going on since March with Sara Del Rey and the SHIMMER Tag Titles situation, and whether there’s any heat from Courtney that Leva appears to be jumping the queue for a shot at the Canadian NINJAs. There’s quite a bit of chat about this recent column, including female wrestling as a fetish, whether it’s OK to remark on someone being hot without being labelled a pervert, and whether we should really be against models in wrestling (which gives Leva a chance to espouse her idea of wrestling as Jambalaya.) There’s a look at some of the best (and worst) examples of models turned wrestlers, and to finish, Courtney calls out fans who blindly support *all* women’s wrestling and are scared to give negative feedback for bad matches. Note: don’t tell her that she’s “good for a girl” if you value your continued health.

(left click on picture to stream, right click and “save as” to download)


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