Femmes Fatales booker Stephane Bruyere picks out his top five memories of FF's first three years

Already 3 years since the start of that crazy project that became Femmes Fatales. We worked hard to give fans a product they would appreciate and I think it’s easy to see the progression of the company from show to show as we tried to correct what needed to be corrected and work on what could be “upgraded”.

As of now, September 5th 2012, I can say that I’m happy of where we are. Our main goal was to offer our Quebec wrestlers a platform to be known elsewhere and that is for sure a huge success. Fans around the World now know who are Kalamity, Angie Skye, Sweet Cherrie, Pink Flash Kira, etc.

We won’t stop to work and we know we are not perfect, but keep getting better is our goal.

In the first 3 years of Femmes Fatales, 60 different wrestlers from around the globe stepped foot in a Femmes Fatales ring. That’s already a big number, that won’t stop to grow!

We had some amazing moments, some amazing matches, some difficult moments, some emotional moments…

Here is my Top 5 of my most memorable moments in the first 3 years of our existence.

5. From Nightmare to Success: Story of FF II

When you are a promoter, you need to have a peaceful approach and always be ready for everything… But when the headliner of the show can’t make it… combined with other big names that can’t make it… It’s hard to keep your calm. Femmes Fatales II was supposed to be headlined by LuFisto and Ayako Hamada in what was a dream match for everybody. It seems that this match was not destined to be done at that time… First, TNA, as Hamada was still under contract with them, screwed up by sending the wrong flight itinerary to her… Actually, it was the good flight, but the wrong date they gave her. I remember waiting impatiently at the Airport for about 2 hours after the flight was supposed to have landed in Montreal… Finally, with the help of fellow wrestler, we were able to reach her and then she told us she was not scheduled to arrive in Montreal until the day after from what TNA told her… which was not the case… So we were able to change her flight…

But it was in February. And there was a big snow storm. Hamada’s plane never departed and so she did not make it to the show. Also, because of that snow storm, a car full of people from the USA could not make it…

I never been that depressed the day of a wrestling show and told to myself that it was the last show in February ever.

We needed to redo the whole show… change all the matches… advise the crowd that the headliner was not there.

I got in the ring after the pre-shows, explained the situation and gave a speech in French to crowd, letting my emotions go, even swearing. I offered to the crowd, which was in our top 3 of the best crowds during our shows, in terms of assistance, that they could be refunded if they wanted and leave now… But nobody did. I ended by speaking directly to the wrestlers backstage and tell them it was Showtime and let’s make the crowd forget about all the changes… And they did.

Everybody gave more than their 100%. That was the date where Kalamity started to make a name for her by facing Cheerleader Melissa in the Main Event, match that finally ended in a tag with Cat Power and LuFisto interferences… and where we saw LuFisto doing her Burning Hammer on Cat Power in a table.

I was proud of everybody that day and after a long and difficult day, Femmes Fatales ended up being stronger.

4. SHIMMER Belts changing hands in Montreal

With the circumstances that we now know, Femmes Fatales IX was the place where SHIMMER crowned their latest Tag Team Champion, the Canadian Ninjas.

After they won a first contender match against Sweet Cherrie and Cherry Bomb, they decided that they wanted the title shot right there. Sara Del Rey and Courtney Rush not being the best tag team partners and not being on the same page didn’t help her. Sara quitted the match and left Courtney alone in the ring… where she finally lost the belts she had won for her team, getting a huge reaction last March at SHIMMER 48.

This is a huge feat in Femmes Fatales history that the first time a SHIMMER tag belt changes hand outside the Berwyn Eagles Club was in Montreal. That shocked the small wrestling World and many questions were answered a couple of days after when we heard that Sara Del Rey got offered a WWE Contract.

Nonetheless, it’s still a page in the history book of women’s wrestling!

3. Hamada/LuFisto: A Ceremonial Classic

I talked about that moment when Hamada and LuFisto could not face in the winter of 2010… But it was only a question of time and there was no way we would miss the opportunity of making that moment special.

March 12th 2011: My Birthday. But mostly the night where Montreal witnessed one of the most incredible match… This is probably the best of Femmes Fatales history so far, if not in the Top 3 for sure.

From the flag and flower ceremony before the match, to the crazy actions during, to the hugs the 2 wrestlers gave each others in the ring after the match, everything was perfect.

It was a special moment. It was a classic.

2. The Rise of Kalamity

Who was Kalamity before September 5th 2009? She was an independent wrestler from Quebec, wrestling in small promotions… and what else?

What happened to her from September 5th 2009 to September 5th 2012 is only what she deserved. Not only had she become one of the faces of the company, but she now has her international fan base.

Her match with Cheerleader Melissa in February of 2010 was the cataclysm of everything for her. That was the date that she saw at what level she was at that time and where she could be. That’s the date she turned to LuFisto and asked to train with her. We all know how it went after that.

After a crazy feud with LuFisto and her face turn, she finally became the Champion. She wrestled for SHIMMER where she did a really good impression, she faced some of the biggest independent stars Today like Mercedes Martinez, Hailey Hatred and Sara Del Rey… but, mostly, she discovered how she could be a storm everywhere she goes…

And now, all around the World, everybody knows when an Oncoming Storm is getting ready to hit the ring.

1. LuFisto, First Champion


2010 is a year that will be remembered as really emotional for LuFisto. That is the year where she got her stroke in April…

That night, I was in Las Vegas. 5 hours by flight away from Montreal. I never felt that powerless and scared to lose a friend. But then, I heard she was doing fine. That helped me. And I will always remember the first time I see her back in Montreal the week after.

It could only go uphill after that… and it did. In June, she FINALLY faces Sara Del Rey in what was a wrestling clinic… Then, in October, it was the show where we crowned our first Champion. After having defeated Kalamity, she faced Portia Perez in what was a crazy brawl around the St-Barthelemy Centre.

When the referee counted the 3, the crowd just exploded. LuFisto stayed on the canvas, crying. It could not get more emotional in the place. As I tried to put the belt around her waist, and then tried to say her name on the microphone, it’s easy to see the emotion in my voice. When everybody returned backstage, LuFisto went to sit in a corner of the locker room for a couple of minutes and nobody tried to approach her… until I did.

Then, it was time for celebration.

Femmes Fatales story is far from the end. FFX may alter everything. Be a part of history and be in the St-Barthelemy Centre on November 3rd.… You never know what you can miss.

Get your tickets here.

– Stephane Bruyere


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