WOW Podcast 45 with Nikki Storm

Episode 45 with Nikki Storm

All female wrestling shows are popping up all over the place, and with Scotland about to enter that game with ICW: Fierce Females on September 30th, what better time to welcome Scotland’s “Dynamite Queen” Nikki Storm to the show? She’s got a lot to talk about, including her ICW persona of Ms. Nicola Storm and an overview of the diverse Scottish scene going into Fierce Females. Did you know Nikki Storm used to cheerlead? In Glasgow, no less. She’ll tell you about that, and how she went from dancer to wrestler… to her early appearances in the over 18s Triple X Wrestling in Coventry, and how influential Jetta and Saraya Knight were in guiding her early years in the ring. We take a chance to go through the spotlighted matches she’s had in EVE, including with Saraya, Tsukasa Fujimoto, Hikaru Shida, Kay Lee Ray and Kat Waters as we await EVE’s WrestleFever event on Nov 10th, when she will face Alpha Female for the EVE Championship. We also talk marketing yourself, her blogs, 30 minute poops and Lee gets a crash course in Glaswegian slang…

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