Tomoka Nakagawa to return to SHIMMER

…and Tomoka Nakagawa makes four joshis, alongside Hiroyo Matsumoto, Kana and Ryo Mizunami, and we’re told there will be another coming next Monday, with more American names being announced later this week.

Like Matsumoto, the former SHIMMER Tag Team Champion missed the tapings in March, with her being previously booked for Pro Wrestling WAVE, but is all set to return to the US next month as part of the volumes 49-52 tapings on October 27-28 at the Berwyn Eagles Club. Also like Matsumoto, Nakagawa was one of the original four Joshi4Hope names to make the trip to the US alongside Misaki Ohata and Ayumi Kurihara – in fact, Nakagawa made her initial splash in the promotion in a stormer against Kurihara as part of volume 29.

Our favourite dirty little water-spitting cheater formed a partnership with SHIMMER original Daizee Haze during her first visit, and the team hit paydirt on volume 41 last year when they defeated the Seven Star Sisters (Matsumoto & Ohata) to win the tag straps. The following week, they made a successful defence against Kurihara and Matsumoto at a Ring Of Honor show on April 2 before dropping the belts to Kurihara and Ayako Hamada on volume 42 in what would be Haze’s final match to date. Tomoka’s most recent match in SHIMMER was a losing effort against Kalamity on volume 46.

While she was away, the 30-year old won the SMASH Divas Championship from inaugural champion Kana but dropped it back to her on her first defence. In WAVE, Nakagawa and GAMI won the Interim Tag Team Championship by beating Hanako Nakamori and Ohata, then made it official by defeating Kurihara and Kana on April 30, and still holds that title today.


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