Ringbelles Retro: Jillian & Mickie, back in OVW

Gimmicks change over time when you’re in a WWE developmental facility. It may be that a wrestler may go through multiple character alterations. For example, while Serena Deeb was in Florida Championship Wrestling, she changed to Serena Mancini and later Mia Mancini, with her portraying a Mafia-like persona. As she was called up to WWE to have her head shaved as part of the Straight Edge Society in early 2010, she was changed back to Serena, and the Mafia gimmick was dumped when she returned to FCW in favour of her SCS look, which she was now more famous for.

When it comes to Mickie James and Jillian Hall, the same situation holds true during their time in Ohio Valley Wrestling in the middle part of the last decade. Hall did away with her Macaela Mercedes character, though retained the “Bombshell” nickname for a while. For Mickie, she stuck to the Alexis Laree name which she had used on the indy circuit as well as in TNA’s early days.

At the time of this Retro, Mickie was still going under the Alexis name, but both were polishing their characters and style ahead of the call to go on the road with WWE. Hall would get to go first in mid 2005 as the “fixer” for MNM and later JBL before becoming a wrestler, while James followed soon afterwards as the superfan of Trish Stratus in a storyline which would make her a star, and was heavily discussed on an episode of the Women Of Wrestling Podcast earlier this year.

The date of this match between Jillian Hall and Alexis Laree is November 12, 2004, just after Hall had turned heel following a loss to Victoria. The pair had teamed up on a number of occasions in OVW earlier in the year with a lot of success, but Jillian’s heel turn severed that partnership.

Incidentally, James ventures to Scotland this weekend to take on Kay Lee Ray and Carmel Jacob in singles matches on Saturday and Sunday as part of Pro Wrestling Elite‘s weekender in Ayr, while it was announced yesterday that Hall is taking on Melina in East Coast Pro Wrestling in Long Island, NY on September 22. You can click on either of the blue links for more information.


One thought on “Ringbelles Retro: Jillian & Mickie, back in OVW

  1. Gotta love Mickie back in the day, not just her famous psycho persona and current Hardcore Country gimmick. She was a little punk gal lol. She’s an all-rounded wrestler, being in indy circuits and many of the wrestling schools; OVW, ROH etc. I wonder what’s happening with Jillian though.


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