IndyGurlz War Of The Roses 3 results

Mia Yim racked up one of the biggest wins of her career to date last night at IndyGurlz War Of The Roses 3 at the Elks Lodge in Boonton, NJ when she defeated LuFisto in the main event.

Here are the full results, courtesy of Pat Laprade, who attended the show:

1. Jana defeated Jessie “Bonesaw” Brooks.
2. Sienna DuVall beat Mistress Belmont & Cherry Lane in a 3-way when she made Lane tap out to the Diva Trap (front guillotine choke).
3. Leva Bates pinned Kimber Lee following a superkick.
4. Fire & Ice (Amber O’Neal & Angel Orsini) beat Jessie Kaye & Kacee Carlisle when O’Neal pinned Kaye with an STO.
5. Sassy Stephie (substituting for April Hunter, whose mother passed away this week) defeated Kylie Pierce (who replaced Sumie Sakai).
6. Mia Yim pinned LuFisto with the SkyYim (Skytwister press).

While the main event was purported to be great, DuVall impressed, and Lee v Bates was also given a big thumbs up, there is a question which should be asked: what was the point of this show?

IndyGurlz has three champions: World Champ Mercedes Martinez, Australia Champ Eliza Sway and Grand Prix Champ Jenny Rose – none of whom were on this show. None of the matches seemed to have any storyline build-up going into them, and just seem to be standalone exhibition contests with no real indication of where it fits into storylines. Previous shows like War of the Roses 2 saw Portia Perez and Sakai both wanting to take the belt from Martinez, but this show seems to lead to nothing – especially since the winner of the main event is soon to be heading out to Japan for a number of extended tours with REINA x World. Unless she will be wrestling Rose for the Grand Prix Title out there, this is a pretty meaningless show in the grand scheme of things. Admittedly, if Sakai had been on the show, that may have been a storyline development – but as it stands, there is no real indication of what is going to be happening in the future.

Also, we can’t finish this piece without mentioning the crowd, if you can call it that. We have seen attendance numbers as low as 26, and as high as 35. Considering the amount of names on the show – and one that travelled in from Canada – that’s horrendous, and is not new for shows held at this particular building, as numbers were similarly low for the IndyGurlz Grand Prix which took place in March. David Muscarella, who was also in attendance, points out that Yim and LuFisto held nothing back, despite there being a low attendance – which is a great thing to do, as they could have chosen to go out there and phone it in, but their personal pride and desire to still entertain the people who did pay to come shone through.

I can’t say if it is a lack of promotion, a bad location for the building or some other factor which isn’t drawing people there, but an audience of a maximum of 35 would likely not be enough to cover the fees of the 15 wrestlers on the show, not to mention all the other overheads involved in running a card. Either way, it seems like IndyGurlz needs to relocate, as no matter how good the wrestling on the show is – and from the sounds of it, it was pretty darn good – not enough people are choosing to come and see it live.

– Lee Burton

Pat Laprade is the co-author of Mad Dogs, Midgets and ScrewJobs: The Untold Story of How Montreal Shaped the World of Wrestling (with Bertrand Hébert, ECW Press, February 2013) – he can be reached on email, on his Facebook page and on Twitter.


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