Pippa L'Vinn presents Uprising – results & report

Up until now, we have not been able to offer results from any show held at Pippa L’Vinn‘s Wrestle Factory in Manchester, England. The main reason is a simple one – the price. Should you walk up to the door to buy a ticket for a show, it would set you back a whopping £45, which is about $70 – and if you booked in advance, it would be £40, which is $64. Cheap, it ain’t. Another reason is the reputation of the Wrestle Factory itself, which isn’t what you would expect. If you need a little bit of insight, click here, go to the “Our Facilities” option at the top and you’ll see what we mean.

However, there are upsides for women to wrestle there. Firstly, L’Vinn is an excellent wrestler in her own right and has a lot to offer both as a performer and trainer. While she seldom wrestles outside of the Factory, the first time I ever saw her compete was against Allison Danger during the SHIMMER founder’s extended tour of the UK in early 2007. Considering this was their first match and had only met that day, the match was excellent, and outshone the rest of the card. Looking beyond the private “mixed” matches, the “scissors match” and the “plastic fantastic” room, L’Vinn is a hell of an athlete, and it is a shame that she doesn’t wrestle outside her own training facility more often – but then, when you’re picking up at least £40 a ticket, why would you?

As for the wrestlers visiting, it is a place to get a great education in British-style grappling and are well-paid for the pro wrestling shows, such as the one held yesterday. Called Uprising, it featured some home-grown names like veteran Shelby Beach, as well as more recognisable European names like the Rhia O’Reilly, Kirsty Love, Viper, Lisa Fury and the Pro Wrestling: EVE Champion Alpha Female. Click after the jump to see the results and thoughts courtesy of attendee Matthew Lappin.

1. Rhia O’Reilly defeated Viper.
2. Shelby Beach pinned Alpha Female with a roll-up.
3. Kirsty Love & Lindsay Shields beat Jade Stryker & Fiona Fraser when Love made Fraser tap out to a Sharpshooter.
4. Viper defeated Pollyanna with a splash.
5. Lisa Fury beat Alpha Female via count out.
6. Fiona Fraser made Rhia O’Reilly tap out to a cross-armbreaker.
7. Pollyanna defeated Lindsay Shields.
8. Kirsty Love beat Black Widow.
9. Alpha Female won a Rumble match.

• O’Reilly v Viper was described as a great opener to the show with some great chain wrestling.
• Alpha worked heel during the show, and brawled in both of her matches with Shelby Beach and Lisa Fury – something which is unheard of in the Wrestle Factory.
• The tag match was very heated – Kirsty in particular was pointed out as being very vocal and has clearly upped her game over the year, going from looking to be slightly tentative to leading the matches. Love and Fraser pummelled each other with forearms during the contest. Fraser works a very British, World Of Sport style.
• Pollyanna showed a lot of fire in her defeat to Viper, while her Scottish opponent used her size and strength advantage to get the duke. Pollyanna was also praised for her match where she beat Lindsay Shields.
• Overall, the tag match was picked out as the match of the day, most notably for the exchanges between Fiona and Kirsty.

– Lee Burton


2 thoughts on “Pippa L'Vinn presents Uprising – results & report

  1. It was a really good show. All the girls did really well. The tag match was good, although a bit messy at times. Lindsay did a good job of leading but did better against Polly when they could just focus on each other. Rhia, Viper and Alpha were terrific. Looking forward to seeing all the girls again.


  2. Pippa said she was very happy with it, Uprising sounded awesome and I know she and the girls there put on another great wrestling event, here’s to them! 🙂


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