WAWW Bellatrix 3 results

The World Association of Women’s Wrestling returns this evening at a brand new venue – the Epic Studios in Norwich, England; a purpose-built TV facility with studio lights and sound. It plays host to Bellatrix 3, with the main focus on the card being a tournament to crown the WAWW Queen of the Ring with names such as promising rookie Penelope, Norway’s Miss Mina, SHIMMER Champion Sweet Saraya, former WAWW British Champion Destiny, and the tiny-yet-scrappy Violet O’Hara among those vying for the crown. Also featured on the card include Norwegian Jewel Jensen, EWW Women’s Champion Skarlett and Germany’s Lady Lory.

Also taking place is the a WAWW British Championship defence with titleholder Liberty – who won the belt at The Return last November from Britani Knight – now Paige – then successfully defended it against Amy Lee at the original Bellatrix in February and then beat Saraya at Bellatrix 2 in June – putting the belt on the line against Rhia O’Reilly, who has enjoyed a lot of international experience over the course of 2012.

Another factor to consider is whether Jetta‘s decision to try and create some friction in the WAWW dressing room at the end of Bellatrix 2 by planting doubt in the heads of the wrestlers over the vision of founder Saraya and whether she is the right person to be at the helm will come into play.

Click after the jump for all the goings-on from Bellatrix 3…

Opening round matches:
1. Lady Lory pinned Miss Mina.
2. Destiny beat Channelle.
3. Penelope defeated Skarlett.
4. Sweet Saraya pinned Violet O’Hara.
Non tournament:
5. Jewel pinned Kasey Owens after a big boot.
Semi final matches:
6. Destiny defeated Lady Lory
7. Sweet Saraya beat Penelope
Non tournament:
8. WAWW British Ladies Title: Rhia O’Reilly defeated Liberty (c) with the Rhiadjustment to win the WAWW British Championship, 2 falls to 1 – NEW CHAMPION
Final match:
9. Destiny pinned Sweet Saraya following a distraction from old enemy Jetta. Post match, Jetta and Saraya started to brawl, leading to a number of WAW trainees and wrestlers having to physically restrain them. Jetta & Destiny left together, as Saraya was carried out by her son Zak Knight, kicking and screaming.


4 thoughts on “WAWW Bellatrix 3 results

  1. Enjoyable show but in my opinion didnt reach the heights of Bellatrix 2 and this was because of booking issues imo. In the opening rounds we had 2 facevsface matches (Saraya vs violet & penelope vs Scarlett) the semi finals we had facevs face and heel vs heel for me it left the crowd with no clear option for who to route for and left each match as a popularity contest with the girls haveing to work extra hard to get reactions.
    The good – lots of the girls deserved singling out for praise for performance. Lady Lory vs Mina was enjoyable and entertaining. Destiny is a fantastic villain character i wish she wasnt so under rated. Both Lory and Destiny had a fantastic show, every match was sensational. I felt like Scarlett was served almost an injustice with the booking with her tapping in the first round to rookie penelope after having the best match on the card in the last show. BUT she pulled an awesome turn at the end leaving me wanting to know wether she will out and out heel turn in the next show. Violet deserves some respect for taking an utter schooling off of shimmer champ saraya. That was savage to watch. Penelope is showing great progress but she arm drags way to much for me..we saw a new champion crowned as rhia defeated liberty. I said this before. It will make me unpopular but i dont ”get” the appeal of rhia. Liberty was great though using bull nakanos submission move to gain a fall. Kasey vs Jewel wasnt very good at all. Saraya vs Destiny deserved the ovation it got from some of the fans and I liked the pull apart with jetta. I hope the next show goes more into the split in the locker room that they have played at twice now, with jetta gaining an allie in destiny now.
    Good show.


  2. Watched the show as a fan thought it was in fact better than B2 and i love the fact the draw was not the expected heel v baby BS Which is so predictable. also like the fact results dont go to plan like Skarletts there are upsets in every sport and Skarlett’s response, Says, it wont happen again. Thought the championship match was exellent and imo Liberty is ready to be let loose on the rest of the world and Rhia gets better with each outing imo.
    thought the tourney panned out well and all the girls played their part in some exellent matches. I think people should also remember when coming to a WAWW Some of the girls are taking their first steps and it is not easy especially when you have such strong talent on your show.
    Last point, Destiny, i have said for years every promoter should book her she is the new Klondyke Kate a great heel and an asset to any roster.


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