Fifth joshi for SHIMMER – it's Yumi Ohka

So, we’ve had Hiroyo Matsumoto, Ryo Mizunami, Kana and Tomoka Nakagawa, and now Yumi Ohka has been added to the list of Japanese grapplers making the trip to SHIMMER: Women Athletes for the next DVD tapings on October 26-27.

This will be Ohka’s second venture to SHIMMER, with her debut taking place last October as part of the volumes 41-44 tapings (results of which you can find here and here), defeating Courtney Rush and Mia Yim, and falling to Serena Deeb and Sara Del Rey. She impressed fans with her speed, kicks and glamorous exterior, which lends itself to her origins as an “athtress” – a model who was taught how to wrestle, and has been doing it for a decade. In fact, we produced a Retro on Ohka last year when her SHIMMER debut was upcoming.

The week after SHIMMER, Ohka made her Canadian debut at nCw Femmes Fatales VII in a losing effort against newly-crowned SHIMMER Champion Cheerleader Melissa before returning to Japan and the Black Dahlia faction in Pro Wrestling WAVE and entered the 2012 Catch The Wave in the Black Dahlia block, but the group came unstuck after drawing with the White Tails and raising the ire of Dahlia leader Misaki Ohata after drawing Mika Iida, and saw the group separate into two generations, with the veteran Ohka leading the older side of the equation. The entire group had to disband after their own show drew less fans than the White Tails show, and Ohka eventually fell to Ohata in a singles contest on August 26.

Ohka returns to SHIMMER with a record of 2-2, which is tantamount to a clean slate. Next month, the 33-year old has the chance to forge a way through the promotion’s ranks. We’ll find out just what impact she will have in less than six weeks.


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