SHINE 3 results – now with thoughts and images

SHINE Wrestling hits iPPV this evening for its third monthly instalment with nods to the past, present and future.

For the past, the promotion is honouring stars from yesteryear; the present is the card (which we will run down in just a moment); and the future is the announcement on the show which will affect both SHINE and big sister promotion SHIMMER: Women Athletes.

The big matches on the show see Jazz take on Rain, while Jazz’s rival Mercedes Martinez meets Jayme Jameson (plus Jazz and Martinez are banned from interacting), and Jessicka Havok steps into the ring against Mia Yim. Elsewhere, four women make their debuts (get more info on them here), and Made In Sin engage in their first singles matches in the promotion.

You can order the iPPV by clicking here, or you can click the jump and keep hitting refresh to see the results as they happen.

1. Santana Garrett pinned Sienna DuVall following a handspring moonsault.
2. Leva Bates beat Kimberly with a superkick.
3. “The West Coast Connection” Su Yung & Tracy Taylor defeated “Rainbow Bright” Gabby Gilbert & Luscious Latasha. Taylor pinned Gilbert following a Coast To Coast.
4. Taylor Made pinned Greek Barbie following a Samoan Drop by Allysin Kay.
Lexie Fyfe delivered some kind words to Leilani Kai, Joyce Grable, Diane Von Hoffman & Sabrina before Mercedes Martinez came out to tell them to take a walk, calling them “old hags”.
5. Jayme Jameson pinned Mercedes Martinez with a small package.
6. Jessicka Havok defeated Mia Yim with an Air Raid Crash.
7. Allysin Kay beat Christina Von Eerie with a stranglehold belly to back suplex.
8. Jazz made Rain tap out to an STF.

The SHIMMER/SHINE announcement is that SHIMMER Champion Sweet Saraya will defend the belt against Jazz on October 19.

• SHINE 3 started with a very simple and tidy opening match between Santana Garrett & Sienna DuVall. DuVall kept it simple with the heel tactics, while Garrett’s handspring moonsault looked really good. Of the three opening match so far, this was the best.
• Leva Bates emerged as Rick Grimes from the Walking Dead for her match against Kimberly, who is acting more heelish with each show. Leva engaged in some technical wrestling and comedy to start, which popped the crowd at the Orpheum in Ybor City, FL, before Kimberly took over with some power moves including a giant swing and a spinebuster. Leva’s comeback was spirited – though a top rope effort saw her slip – with her hitting a big superkick for the 3. Bates is gathering momentum, while Kimberly is becoming someone to pay attention to.
• A very un-formulaic tag team match between the West Coast Connection and Rainbow Bright in that neither team really got the heat on the other. Taylor and Yung got the win after a Coast To Coast, which is an Eat Defeat followed by a variation of the move to the back of the neck. Nothing that special about this.
• Greek Barbie started off with a lot of fire, which looked great, but was cut off by Taylor Made’s entourage of Allysin Kay and April Hunter on the outside. The first moment that Barbie started to mount her comeback, she was dragged to the outside and battered, but fought them off to get back into the ring. However, the numbers game proved too much, as while Hunter distracted the ref, Kay snuck into the ring to nail a Samoan Drop to allow Taylor to get the match-winning pin. This was the best match I’ve seen out of Barbie.
• Jayme Jameson worked heel along with Mercedes Martinez, which didn’t really help to get the Latina Sensation’s top antagonist position over at the start – plus, the fans didn’t know if they should be cheering for anyone. Martinez used a lot of hard kicks and strikes, while Jameson was more prissy, but employed a little babyface fire later on, and shocked the audience with some kick outs from some big moves. Near the end, Jazz came to ringside which distracted Martinez, who had her Fisherman Buster countered with a small package for the upset pin. I hope Jameson is pushed as a babyface as a result…
• Jessicka Havok v Mia Yim was full on – these two women went for it and battered each other with kicks, with Havok using her shins while Yim used the sole of the foot. Near the end, the action spilled to the outside with Yim nailing a top rope moonsault to the floor for a very close near fall, but missed the subsequent SkyYim attempt, allowing Jessicka to hit the Air Raid Crash for the win. Like with last month, Havok attacked her opponent after the bell. This was the match of the night.
• Christina Von Eerie’s offence looked very shaky at the start, but improved as the contest went on, though the match got better when Kay was in control. However, a scary-looking belly to belly suplex from the top rope saw Kay almost land on her head and came close to breaking her neck. After that, I couldn’t get back into it. The contest ended a couple of moves later with the variation of a back suplex after Von Eerie was distracted by Taylor Made and April Hunter.
• The main event was beautifully simple storytelling. Jazz injured her left arm by charging at Rain on the outside and hit the ringpost, and then Rain worked on that body part for about 7 minutes with stretches and holds. At no point did this become boring. During her comeback, Jazz was still selling the shoulder, and as she tried to get the submission with the Bitch Clamp, Martinez arrived at ringside to return the favour from earlier. However, Jazz wasn’t so easily distracted and countered a sneaky Yakuza Kick attempt by Rain into the STF for the tap out, which mightily pissed Mercedes off. A match that was economical with moves, which worked because both Jazz and Rain are so good. For mat fans, you’ll prefer this to Havok v Yim.

On paper, SHINE 3 looked to be a placeholder show to keep things warm ahead of SHINE 4, which will likely see a number of SHIMMER regulars appear – for example, the aforementioned Saraya, Hailey Hatred and Kellie Skater have been on SHINE’s roster page for some time – and look to forward the development of the Martinez/Jazz programme as well as solidify the Made In Sin, Havok and Bates pushes. As well as all those things, it also gave Jameson her most high-profile win over main event talent, which gives the promotion a chance to push a new name down the line. Wrestling-wise, this was a thumbs-up show, if not the most high-profile of the three so far – if you missed it, it’s your call if you want to catch the replay, but it’s not exactly a must-buy. All roads now lead to SHINE 4 in a month with Saraya v Jazz, which will headline what is likely to be a pretty stacked card.

– Lee Burton


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