Ringbelles Roundup (2 October 2012) – Sara Del Rey, TNA DVD ban, Alpha Female and more

“I don’t think there’s a better female wrestler in the world right now.”

Not my words – though I agree with them – but the words of WWE Champion CM Punk, who confirmed that Sara Del Rey has been employed as a trainer for the company and will be working in its developmental facilities in Florida.

We have stayed deathly quiet over Del Rey’s signing with WWE since we found out, as they notoriously hate their private business affairs being discussed openly, and would not want to jeopardise the position of anyone signing a contract with them. For that reason, we wait until the ink is dry and they appear in WWE facilities. That happened on September 28 when Bill DeMott sent out a Tout video of Joey Mercury, Norman Smiley and Del Rey in NXT trainers’ shirts offering a small pitch for wrestlers to come and try out. A photo of the trainers soon followed, and then came the confirmation from Punk at the Ohio Comic Con on September 29.

“We recently hired Sara Del Rey to train our future Divas. I know a lot of people will be like, ‘Oh, that sucks, Sara should be on television’ and maybe you’re right, but I’ve talked to her about it. This is her dream job. She gets to wrestle everyday and she gets paid for it.”

Yes, as of now Sara Del Rey has been employed to train the women, and not to be the star herself. From a fan’s standpoint, it may be disappointment to not see The Queen Of Wrestling kicking bottom on Monday nights, but when you look at the bigger picture, this is the ideal role for someone who has been plugging away for 10 years. Job security, less travel, a proper wage, and the fact that you are staff. That means health insurance, benefits and a much more secure position. If anything, this is the ultimate reward for someone like her.

Sure, if she’s not wrestling, she won’t hold the Divas Title, but so what? What she will have is a legacy of women who she helped to shape and mould going out there and accomplishing under her guidance and tutelage, something for which the developmental women already are showing their gratitude. Earlier today, recent signing Anya tweeted to Del Rey “Great practice today! Thank you”.

Rather than being the big dog, Sara Del Rey is the mother hen.

We will cover more on Sara Del Rey’s signing with WWE very soon, but on a personal note, I’d like to offer her hearty congratulations. For someone who was told that she would have to look more like the Beautiful People to get into TNA, this is a massive middle finger to that short-sighted dismissal.


TNA has banned its wrestlers appearing on indie DVD releases, which means that Knockouts are less likely to be booked for shows. Promotions like SHIMMER and AIW have already said that they won’t be booking TNA talent from now on, as they will be unable to release the footage – in fact, TNA has said that the cameras cannot be on for the matches that their talent participates in.

In retrospect, Velvet Sky (who moved on after her agreeing her release) looks like a genius, while people like Taeler Hendrix who are signed to TNA but are barely used are trapped – for example, you won’t see Hendrix on any more SHINE shows. This may mean that a number of the lesser-used wrestlers are now boxed into their agreement with TNA on a per-show pay deal, but because they don’t receive any bookings, they have to work elsewhere to supplement their income – like when Taylor Wilde famously had to work at Sunglass Hut despite being the Knockouts Champion at the time, and ODB has worked in bars. These are women who want to wrestle, but are having to work other jobs, which destroys the illusion of TV being this big earner. The fact that TNA doesn’t pay its wrestlers enough outright for it to be their own job is horrendous, and now that they can’t wrestle on the side because indie promotions will be loathe to book them for a match that they can’t even sell on DVD in the future, things are even more bleak for them.

While this means there may not be as many of these matches like with the likes of Mickie James facing Kay Lee Ray or Carmel Jacob – unless it’s held for the people in attendance only, and that doesn’t make flying them in profitable in any way – it does mean that promoters may have to look towards their own talent instead of flying in a name that has been on TV, as was astutely pointed out by friend of the site Courtney Rush on her Twitter last week.

She pointed out: “The art of building your own guys/girls into draws renders booking TV “stars” unnecessary. The talent is here. Don’t waste your money. Look at Kalamity. Perfect example. Gets pushed. Goes out to other places to get experience. Takes the ball and runs with it. Star is born.”

Kalamity is a fine example. During her rise on nCw Femmes Fatales, she did not wrestle one woman who was a TNA talent. She was booked strongly, won significant matches and put on great showings to justify her promotion to the top of the card and to the position she is in now.


Alpha Female will travel to Japan for the first time later this month. The Pro Wrestling: EVE Champion will make her debut in the country for Stardom on October 21, when she takes on World Of Stardom titleholder Nanae Takahashi. While over there, she will train with the Stardom roster, though the Takahashi match is the only match she is booked for at this time.

We asked the dominant 6 foot tall German for her thoughts on her trip to the Far East, and as part of her reply, she told us: “It was always a huge dream of me to go to Japan, so I’m more than happy that I can cross that out of my wishlist. I heard about Nanae Takahashi the first time when she had her fight against Wesna [Busic, which took place in early 2007], and I was very impressed. I’m honoured that I get the opportunity to step in the ring with her and I’m looking forward to prove myself and the people who have doubts that I can fight in a big league.”

This flying visit to Japan comes before her title defence against Nikki Storm at EVE’s Wrestle Fever show on November 10.


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The best of the rest

Eve Torres tried to suspend Beth Phoenix after the latter beat Natalya in her hometown of Buffalo, NY on SmackDown for the assault on Kaitlyn at Night Of Champions. GM Booker T reversed the decision, and Torres threw a wappy. It was also the first time that Phoenix and Natalya had ever wrestled, and Beth described it as the “highlight” of her career. Also on Superstars, Layla pinned Divas Champ Torres, in what was actually a better match than Beth v Natalya… Figure Four Weekly claims the reason why Beth Phoenix is leaving is because of the stop-start Diva pushes which have caused her to mentally check out, and that another name could be on her way out soon too. RF Video owner Rob Feinstein claims that he has known about her intentions to go for some months now… Despite there being strict dress laws for women in Egypt, Natalya is booked for WWE’s tour there… Raquel Diaz (Shaul Guerrero) has not been released from her WWE developmental contract, though she asked for it. She’s been allowed to return home for as long as she likes, though the door is open for her to return… Skyler Moon has also gone public to discuss going to rehab, which we also revealed last week. She’s pointed out that it is for an eating disorder and not for substance abuse, as had been erroneously reported elsewhere, though never by us. As we said at the time, best wishes to her – she’s in the best place to get the help she needs… To no great surprise, Kelly Kelly has been released from WWE. Her first appearance since her release will be at New York ComicCon on the weekend of October 11-13. Reports say her asking fee is around $10,000… A final thought – considering all of the women who have left or are leaving WWE, maybe Maxine was a bit hasty in quitting when she did. Had she held out for a few more months, she would have received a push by default. After all, once Beth Phoenix goes later this month – something that was also confirmed by Punk at Comic Con – there will be only Layla, Eve, Kaitlyn, Alicia Fox and Natalya wrestling on TV.

Velvet Sky is still listed on TNA’s website, despite leaving in July… Leva Bates was portrayed as an ally of Aces And Eights on last week’s Impact Wrestling. She sprayed something in Hulk Hogan and Sting’s eyes before they were kidnapped by the gang. Elsewhere on the show, Tara defeated ODB, and former WWE Divas Champion Jillian Hall worked a dark march against Tara before the live show… Rosita’s been announced for New England’s Female Wrestling custom shoot for November. She recently insisted that she is still part of the TNA roster, but this announcement is somewhat curious.

North America
Sassy Stephie & Allysin Kay v Sugar Dunkerton & Aaron Epic has been added to the WSU v Beyond Wrestling show before the Full Steam Ahead card on October 13. Leva Bates will take on nCw Femmes Fatales International Champion Kalamity on the main card in a non-title match… Sassy Stephie, Veda Scott, Kc Spinelli and Davina Rose have been added to the SHIMMER lineup for the end of this month… Kellie Skater will challenge Kalamity for the nCw Femmes Fatales International Championship at Femmes FatalesX on November 3. Cat Power will also be wrestling there, taking on Sweet Saraya, who is gunning for LuFisto… Tammy Lynn Sytch claims that she had an affair with the British Bulldog. Classy. Davey Boy Smith’s daughter Georgia has dismissed it as being attention-seeking bullshit… Jillian Hall has been removed from the Bombshell Ladies Of Wrestling lineup for October 11 and has been replaced with Christina Von Eerie. Also, Ashley Massaro’s images have been completely removed from the promotion’s website… Brittney Savage tweeted that she would be getting a WWE tryout. AJ Lee, who held the WSU Tag Team Championship in 2008 publicly wished her good luck. That may be counterproductive… Jessicka Havok will challenge Jaykus Plisken for the ACW Heavyweight Championship in December. It will be only her second time in the promotion… The card for SHINE 4’s been announced – as well as Sweet Saraya defending the SHIMMER Championship against Jazz, Jessicka Havok meets Leva Bates, Mercedes Martinez faces Santana Garrett and Kellie Skater takes on Reby Sky.

All this talk recently about no new names coming through the doors at Ice Ribbon, and now we have one – Kuzira Oshima, a 40 year old, 240lb woman who becomes the oldest and heaviest woman on the roster. She debuted 4 years ago before getting injured after just a couple of matches, but came back recently… Yuzuki Aikawa won Stardom’s 5Star GP tournament on Sunday, then challenged Nanae Takahashi for the World Of Stardom Championship, which was accepted, and will take place on Christmas Eve. Aikawa also accepted the challenge of Act Yasukawa for the Wonder Of Stardom belt. Hailey Hatred also made a surprise appearance, siding with Kyoko Kimura… Emi Sakura’s Gatoh Move will hold its first show in a proper ring on November 4 in Itabashi. Sakura, Kaori Yoneyama & new recruit Riho will be on the show. Up until now, the matches have been on mats.

Pro Wrestling: EVE has announced that it will run a show in Preston, England on February 2 as part of a weekend of events alongside Preston City Wrestling, which has featured a number of women on their cards recently… Meanwhile Kirsty Love v Blue Nikita, and Erin Angel v Fiona Fraser have been announced for EVE’s November 10 show… Shanna will wrestle Katey Harvey on this Saturday’s UKWW/WAWW joint show. The two have been going at it on Twitter recently. On the Saturday just gone, Shanna beat Violet Vendetta… Speaking of Shanna, she will defend her Swiss Championship Wrestling Women’s Championship against former titleholder Laura Wellings on October 27… Pollyanna completed her first wrestling date outside of the UK at the weekend, losing to Rachel Evans… Eloanne won a 3-way in France on Sunday over Morgane Leigh and X-Cute Sweet. She pinned Sweet following a spear… Kay Lee Ray and Carmel Jacob tore into each other as part of the main event of the first ICW: Fierce Females show on Sunday, with Jacob winning their Last Woman Standing Match. A good first show with a strong foundation for the future, it was a 300 sell-out, though there were complaints from fans who couldn’t see the action because of the standing room only crowd. In a funny note from the afterparty, a fan dressed as CM Punk (t-shirt, wristbands, title belt and everything) challenged April Davids to a shoot wrestling match. He was taken down within seconds and choked to the point of unconsciousness. He was fine and was a good sport about it all… WAWW has announced its next show will take place on November 9, and entry will be free.

Australia & New Zealand
Evie made her first successful defence of the IPW Women’s Championship in Auckland on Saturday by defeating Britenay. However, the celebration was short-lived, as her BFF Megan-Kate attacked the titleholder with a baseball bat… Meanwhile, Evie defends the PWWA Interim Championship against Kellie Skater on Saturday, while Megan Kate will take on Shazza McKenzie.



September 25: CMLL (Mexico City, Mexico) – Estrellita, Goya Kong & Marcela b Princesa Blanca, Princesa Sugheit & Zeuxis

September 25: WAVE (Tokyo, Japan) – Yuu Yamagata & Ryo Mizunami b Sawako Shimono & Aya Yuki; 
Moeka Haruhi & Makoto b Ayumi Kurihara & Mika Iida; Kyusei Ninja Ranmaru & Apple Miyuki b GAMI & Tomoka Nakag; 
Ayako Hamada & Kana v Misaki Ohata & Tsukasa Fujimoto went to a double count out; 
Shu Shibutani & Syuri b Yumi Ohka & Hikaru Shida

September 26: Ohio Valley Wrestling (Louisville, KY) – Heidi Lovelace b Epiphany

September 27: WWE Superstars (Buffalo, NY) – Layla b Eve Torres

September 27: New York Wrestling Connection (Deer Park, NY) – Rick Cataldo b Nikki Addams to win the NYWC Starlet Championship

September 27: Impact Wrestling (Orlando, FL) – Tara b Jillian Hall; Tara b ODB

September 27: JWP/Big Japan (Tokyo, Japan) – Jaki Numazawa, Takashi Sasaki & Sachie Abe b Yuji Okabayashi, Kayoko Haruyama & Hideyoshi Kamitani; Nana Kawasa b Reideen Hagane; Kazuki Hashimoto v Takumi Tsukamoto went to a time limit draw; Yoshihito Sasaki & Shinya Ishikawa b Shadow WX & Yuichi Taniguchi; Command Bolshoi, Shinobu & Rabbit Miu b Yuko Miyamoto, Leon & Manami Katsu; Hanako Nakamori & Morii b KAZUKI & Arisa Nakajima; Ryuji Ito & Kankuro Hoshino b Tsubasa Kuragaki & Abdullah Kobayashi

September 28: WWE SmackDown (Buffalo, NY) – Beth Phoenix b Natalya

September 28: 19 Pro (Saitama, Japan) – Hamuko Hoshi b Maki Narumiya

September 28: Canadian Wrestling Elite (Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada) – Anderson Tyson Moore & Kat Von Heez b Robby Royce & Angelina Love

September 28: Chaotic Wrestling (Lowell, MA) – Alexxis Nevaeh & Biff Busick b CRAP #1, CRAP #2 & Chase Del Monte

September 28: Preston City Wrestling (Preston, England) – Kay Lee Ray b April Davids

September 28: AAA (Naucalpan, Mexico) – Gran Apache, Jennifer Blake & Mari Apache b Atomic Boy, Fabi Apache & Lolita

September 28: Main Stage Wrestling (Dublin, Ireland) – Kasey Owens b Kazza G

September 29: Capital City Championship Combat (Montreal, Quebec, Canada) – Kalamity b Twiggy via DQ

September 29: Chaotic Wrestling (Littleton, NH) – Adrianna & Jimmy James b Veda Scott & Psycho

September 29: Impact Championship Wrestling (Watertown, MA) – Greek Barbie b Alexxis Nevaeh

September 29: Ice Ribbon (Saitama, Japan) – Tsukasa Fujimoto b Kuzira Oshima; Cherry & Hikaru Shida b Mika Iida & Tsukushi; Maki Narumiya b NOZOMI; Hailey Hatred b Hamuko Hoshi & Aki Shizuku in a 3-way

September 29: Impact Pro Wrestling (Auckland, NZ) – Evie b Britenay

September 29: Platinum Championship Wrestling (Porterdale, GA) – Pandora b Christi Whiplash, Nina Monet & Aesha

September 29: Wrestling Is Fun (Allentown, PA) – Saturyne b Chuck Taylor

September 29: MaxPro North (Timmins, ONT, Canada) – Xandra Bale & Jewells Malone b Courtney Rush & Jodi D’Milo

September 29: Pro-Wrestling Euskadi (Bilbao, Spain) – Rachel Evans b Pollyanna

September 29: UK Wrestling (Wakefield, England) – Shanna b Violet Vendetta

September 29: St Louis Anarchy (Glen Carbon, IL) – Gerald James b Rachel Summerlyn

September 30: CMLL (Mexico City, Mexico) – Dalis la Caribeña, Lady Afrodita & Marcela b La Comandante, La Seductora & Lady Apache

September 30: Fighters Revenge Pro Wrestling (Pessac, France) – Eloanne b Morgane Leigh & X-Cute Sweet in a 3-way

September 30: AAA (Sala de Armas, Mexico) – Jennifer Blake, Sexy Lady & Sexy Star b Cinthia Moreno, Fabi Apache & Lolita

September 30: Insanity Pro Wrestling (Indianapolis, IN) – Heidi Lovelace b Thunderkitty

September 30: JWP (Tokyo, Japan) – Commando Bolshoi & Leon b Nana Kawasa & Raiden Steel; Manami Katsu & Sachie Abe v Hanako Nakamori & Maury went to a time limit draw; Kayoko Haruyama, KAZUKI & Nana Sato b Rabbit Mita, Tsubasa Kuragaki & Uyasusato Nakajima

September 30: Diana/OZ Academy/Ice Ribbon (Saitama, Japan) – Nao Komatsu b Jenny Rose; Hamuko Hoshi & Tsukushi b Aki Shizuku & Maki Narumiya; Akari b Makoto; Kyoko Inoue & Takako Inoue b Mima Shimoda & Keiko Aono; Chikayo Nagashima & Mayumi Ozaki b Carlos Amano & Sonoko Kato

September 30: WAVE (Nagoya, Japan) – Tomoka Nakagawa b Cherry; Misaki Ohata & Tsukasa Fujimoto b Apple Miyuki & Kyusei Ninja Ranmaru; Hikaru Shida & Yumi Ohka b Mika Iida & Ayumi Kurihara; Ayako Hamada b Moeka Huruhi; GAMI b Sakura Hirota; Sakura Hirota b GAMI; GAMI b Sakura Hirota; Aya Mizunami, Aya Yuki & Yuu Yamagata b Kana, Mio Shirai & Shuu Shibutani

September 30: Stardom (Tokyo, Japan) – Hiroyo Matsumoto b Natsumi Showzuki; 
Miho Wakizawa b Saki Kashima; Kyoko Kimura v Kairi Hojo went to a double countout; Natsuki*Taiyo b Dark Angel; Nanae Takahashi b Act Yasukawa; Yuzuki Aikawa b Yuusaku; Io Shirai b Yoshiko; Kyoko Kimura b Saki Kashim; Act Yasukawa b Natsumi Showzuki & Yuusaku in a 3-way; Io Shirai & Dark Angel b Hiroyo Matsumoto & Kairi Hoj; Nanae Takahashi & Miho Wakizawa v Natsuki*Taiyo & Yoshiko went to a time limit draw; Yuzuki Aikawa b Kyoko Kimura

September 30: 304 Wrestling (Huntington, WV) – Aleida Ortiz b Jessie Belle to win the 304 Wrestling Women’s Championship

September 30: Insane Championship Wrestling: Fierce Females (Glasgow, Scotland) – Miss Nicola Storm b Fiona Frazer; Viper b Bete Noire wi; Rhia O’Reilly b Holly Roca; Erin Angel b Sara Marie Taylor; Leah & Kasey Owens b Lisa Fury & April Davids; Sakura Lilly b Kirsty Loveign; Carmel Jacob b Kay Lee Ray

September 30: Squared Circle Wrestling (Vaughan, ONT, Canada) – Cherry Bomb b Gabriella Vanderpool

September 30: Beyond Wrestling (East Greenwich, RI) – Lexxus b Portia Perez; RD Evans b Veda Scott

October 1: WWE Raw (Oklahoma City, OK) – Eve Torres b Beth Phoenix


October 5: Family Wrestling Entertainment (Brooklyn, NY) – Maria Kanellis & Winter v Angel Williams & Velvet Sky

October 6: Pro Women’s Wrestling Alliance (Casula, Australia) – Evie v Kellie Skater; Shazza McKenzie v Megan Kate

October 6: Remix Pro Wrestling (Marietta, OH) – Thunderkitty v Allysin Kay

October 6: Riot City Wrestling (Adelaide, Australia) – Miami v Eliza Sway

October 6: WrestleForce (Harlow, England) – Skarlett v Lady Lory

October 6: Tribute Championship Wrestling (Middletown, OH) – Sassy Stephie v Heather Owens

October 6: UK Women’s Wrestling/World Association of Women’s Wrestling (Wakefield, England) – Sweet Saraya v Alpha Female; Shanna v Katey Harvey

October 6: REINA World Joshi Puroresu (Baltimore, MD)

October 7: FutureShock (Stockport, England) – Nikki Storm v April Davids

October 7: CHIKARA (Gibsonville, NC) – Saturyne v Amber O’Neal

October 7: Joshi4Hope (Tokyo, Japan) – Hiroyo Matsumoto & Ryo Mizunami v Arisa Nakajima & Aya Yuki; Ayumi Kurihara & Mika Iida v Leon & Manami Katsu; Veda Scott v Yuhi; MsChif v Hailey Hatred; Maki Narumiya & Yumi Ohka v Tomoka Nakagawa & She Nay Nay

October 11: Bombshell Ladies Of Wrestling (Rahway, NJ) – Christina Von Eerie v Cherry Bomb; Queen Maya v Sumie Sakai; Katie Lea v Sienna DuVall; Annie Social v Alexxis Nevaeh; Leah Von Dutch v Scarlett Bordeaux; Ivy Fit v Miss Adiva; Brittney Savage v Amber O’Neal; Marti Belle v Nikki Addams; Jewells Malone v Missy Sampson v Silvie Silver

October 12: Tri City Wrestling (Kitchener, ONT, Canada) – Courtney Rush v Allysin Kay

October 13: WSU v Beyond Wrestling (Deer Park, NY) – Jessicka Havok v Mark Angel; Sassy Stephie & Allysin Kay v Sugar Dunkerton & Aaron Epic

October 13: Women Superstars Uncensored (Deer Park, NY) – Jessicka Havok v Alicia v Lexxus; Tina San Antonio v Brittney Savage; Marti Belle v Nikki Addams; Sassy Stephie & Allysin Kay v Annie Social & Kimber Lee; Jessie Brooks v Addy Starr; Niya v Saturyne; Kalamity v Leva Bates; Mercedes Martinez v LuFisto

October 14: TNA Bound For Glory (Phoenix, AZ) – Miss Tessmacher v Tara

October 19: SHINE 4 (Ybor City, FL) – SHINE 4 (Ybor City, FL) – Sweet Saraya v Jazz; Jessicka Havok v Leva Bates; Mercedes Martinez v Santana Garrett; Taylor Made & Allysin Kay v Davina Rose & Shazza McKenzie; Rain v Christina Von Eerie; Kellie Skater v Reby Sky; Brandi Wine v Kimberly; Rhia O’Reilly v Su Yung

October 20: North Coast Pro Wrestling (Port Macquarie, Australia) – Alex Lee v Charlie

October 20: CWF Mid-Atlantic (Gibsonville, NC) – Kellie Skater v Sassy Stephie

October 26: AAW (Berwyn, IL) – MsChif v Sweet Saraya

October 27: Extreme World Wrestling (Hastings, England) – Lady Lory v Erin Angel; Dominator & The Rage v Skarlett & The Bull

October 27: Swiss Championship Wrestling (Wil, Switzerland) – Shanna v Laura Wellings

October 27-28: SHIMMER: Women Athletes (Berwyn, IL)

October 28: Ice Ribbon “Yokohama Ribbon” (Yokohama, Japan) – Mio Shirai v Tsukasa Fujimoto

October 31: Preston City Wrestling (Preston, England) – Kay Lee Ray v Carmel Jacob

November 3: nCw Femmes Fatales X (Montreal, Quebec, Canada) – Sweet Cherrie v Cherry Bomb; LuFisto v Mercedes Martinez; Pink Flash Kira v Portia Perez; LuFisto v Hiroyo Matsumoto; Mercedes Martinez v Pink Flash Kira; Ryo Mizunami v Courtney Rush; Sweet Saraya v Cat Power; Kalamity v Kellie Skater

November 9: Preston City Wrestling (Preston, England) – Angel Williams v Kay Lee Ray

November 10: Pro Wrestling: EVE (Sudbury, England) – Alpha Female v Nikki Storm; Carmel Jacob v Angelina Love; Janey Britannico v Shanna; Erin Angel v Fiona Frazer; Kirsty Love v Blue Nikita

November 10: Acclaim Pro Wrestling (Greely, ONT, Canada) – Addy Starr v Courtney Rush v Vanessa Kraven v Leah Von Dutch v Xandra Bale v Jodi D’Milo

December 16: Anarchy Championship Wrestling (Austin, TX) – Jessicka Havok v Jaykus Plisken

February 2: Pro Wrestling: EVE (Preston, England)

March 30: nCw Femmes Fatales XI (Montreal, Quebec, Canada)

April 6: SHIMMER: Women Athletes (Secaucus, NJ)

April 13-14: SHIMMER: Women Athletes (Berwyn, IL)

May 4: ICW: Fierce Females (Glasgow, Scotland)

July 6: nCw Femmes Fatales XII (Montreal, Quebec, Canada)

– Lee Burton

© Ringbelles


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