In Video: Leva Bates… as a heel?!

I’ve been watching this TV show called Doomsday Preppers, where people get ready for the downfall of society as we know it. One of the theories is that there is going to be a “pole shift“, which means the magnetic field of the North and South Poles will flip, and will cause a sudden shift in the continents, triggering enormous earthquakes and rapid climate change. Essentially, it would change the world as we know it.

Similar shifts are taking place in the wrestling world, with women who have seemingly sat on one side of the tracks for a long time are sampling life on the other. Nicole Matthews has been wrestling as a babyface alongside her teammates in The Riot in Elite Canadian Championship Wrestling, while her fellow Canadian NINJA Portia Perez is teaming with former rival Rachel Summerlyn in Texas as part of Anarchy Championship Wrestling. Down in Florida, lovable babyface Leva Bates is exploring her dark side, not only by being a henchwoman of Aces And Eights in TNA, attacking Sting and Hulk Hogan, but also in Southern Championship Wrestling. I mean, just look at that photo…

On September 22, Bates challenged Santana Garrett in Sanford for the SCW Women’s Championship. Dressed as The Joker, she was the antagonist in the match – but did she win the gold? Watch the match below and find out.

One a side note, both Bates and Garrett have tough tests later this month at SHINE 4. Leva faces Jessicka Havok, while Santana wrestles Mercedes Martinez.


One thought on “In Video: Leva Bates… as a heel?!

  1. Doomsday Preppers. Yes. Interesting show. Civil Defense on steroids and equal parts paranoia run rampant and amok. But there is also another aspect to this as well.

    It could also relate to the Diva Exodus in WWE and the Knockout Exodus in TNA (albeit that is what should be done anyway). Think about it this way: The exodus of the babes could mean they are prepping for the eventual Doomsday of Women’s Wrestling from both WWE and TNA. Which would be apocalyptic in every sort of way.

    This is why we should support Women’s Wrestling strongly and to the point where TNA changes its tune, WWE presents longer matches, and a women’s wrestling promotion goes national (sort of like a National United Women’s Professional Wrestling Alliance (NUWPWA) styled along the lines of the original NWA and kept that way. Would be very profitable, the women would get greater recognition and equality, and respect would be generated as well. I wish this would happen.


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