PWWA results – Evie v Kellie Skater III, now with thoughts from Rhi from NHB Girls

It has been more than a year since the last Pro Women’s Wrestling Alliance show where Madison Eagles successfully defended the SHIMMER Championship against Jessie McKay and Nicole Matthews in the first SHIMMER title match to take place outside of North America.

Since then, Eagles has experienced a long period on the shelf due to a serious knee injury but retains the PWWA Championship by her side – meanwhile, a PWWA Interim Champion has been crowned in Evie, who won the title during the most successful week in her career in August. She makes her first title defence today against Kellie Skater, who has been beaten twice by the champion, but told us on our most recent Women Of Wrestling Podcast that she’s looking to prove she can beat the kick-happy New Zealander.

Elsewhere, Evie’s (former) BFF Megan-Kate takes on Shazza McKenzie, Jessie McKay faces Britenay, and England’s Amazon Ayesha Ray makes her Australian debut.

Our friends at NHB Girls are on hand providing live results from the Casula Powerhouse in Sydney via their Twitter, or you can click after the jump to read about everything that’s going down.

a. Shazza McKenzie defeated Ashley Sparks.

Main show:
1. KC Cassidy beat TJ Star with a DDT, and then slapped her in the face following the decision.
2. Savannah Summers overcame Lou Lou.
3. Alex Lee & Charley Simone beat Michelle K Hasluck & Siren Munroe. Munroe was pinned following a choke bomb.
4. Harley Wonderland defeated Rachel Rose with a Gory Bomb.
5. Jessie McKay made Britenay tap out to her Octopus Stretch.
6. Kellyanne English beat Amazon Ayesha Ray with a roaring elbow.
7. Shazza McKenzie pinned Megan-Kate with her feet on the ropes out of the view of the referee.
8. Evie v Kellie Skater went to a 30 minute time-limit draw. As a result, Evie retains the PWWA Interim Championship. After the match, Skater attacked Evie with the belt before McKenzie and Cassidy came out to join in the attack – TJ Star, Megan-Kate and McKay made the save for Evie.

We’ve had a chat with Rhi from NHB Girls, who was in attendance for the PWWA show – click here to listen to her thoughts.


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