Kaori Yoneyama to make UK debut at Pro Wrestling: EVE on November 10

Kaori Yoneyama, who in the past has been JWP Openweight and Tag Team Champion, All Japan Women singles and doubles champ, will make her United Kingdom debut in just over a month’s time as part of Pro Wrestling: EVE‘s Wrestle Fever show on November 10. She will make the trip alongside tag team championship partner Emi Sakura, who was announced to appear on the show earlier this week. Yoneyama – who celebrates her 13th anniversary in the biz next month – has had one hell of a year, especially considering she was seconds away from retiring last December…

The 31-year old announced her intentions to leave wrestling behind before embarking on a huge farewell tour, which saw her win tag straps with her friend Hailey Hatred, and also saw her make her US debut in December as part of JoshiMania, just weeks before she was scheduled to hang up the boots – though she has since returned to CHIKARA, taking part in September’s King Of Trios as part of Team JWP. On December 23, she was defeated by Kayoko Haruyama before standing in the ring to receive the ten tolls of the bell which would signify the end of her career. However, she interrupted it to say that she had changed her mind and anted to continue on – something that had never happened before. Controversial to say the least, nobody seemed to know this was going to happen – and if it was a work, it’s one which very few knew about. Ironically, it was Sakura who was most upset, attacking Yoneyama for what she did – though the pair are now the backbone of Emi’s Gatoh Move promotion.

EVE promoter Dann Read hinted a few weeks ago that there would be a brand new tag team debuting on November 10 – considering their success in the doubles ranks in 2012, Sakura and Yoneyama could be it. If that is the case, that makes four teams announced for the show – the incoming joshis, the twin tandems of Hannah & Holly Blossom and Leah & Kasey Owens, as well as the collective known as Ama-Reilly, Amazon Ayesha Ray & Rhia O’Reilly. Coupled with matches like Angelina Love v Carmel Jacob, Erin Angel v Fiona Fraser, Shanna v Janey Britannico and Alpha Female defending the EVE Title against Nikki Storm, we’re in for quite a show.

You can buy your tickets for the show by clicking here.

– Lee Burton


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