Ringbelles Retro: The match that killed the WWF Women's Division

That title isn’t a joke either – the match we have for you today was the catalyst for the WWF women’s division being put into mothballs.

Back in late 1995, Alundra Blayze was enjoying her third reign as Women’s Champion, but was pinned at the Survivor Series on November 18 by Aja Kong, was was being positioned to be the next challenger to the title – and that championship match was advertised to take place at the 1996 Royal Rumble. However, within 48 hours, everything was thrown up in the air, and a month later, the division was laid to rest.

The day after the Survivor Series on the live episode of Monday Night Raw, Kong and Tomoko Watanabe beat Blayze and Kyoko Inoue, and the following day, Kong wrestled Chaparita Asari in a singles match for the Raw taping which would be shown the two weeks later, as they filmed a bunch in bulk – and this is the match we bring to you today. According to legend, the match went over so well that the male wrestlers in the locker room were upset, claiming that they could not follow that. You can also hear Vince McMahon on commentary sounding a little upset at how hard the pair went at each other.

The match was broadcast on December 11 as normal, but there would be no Blayze in the WWF the following week – as on December 18, she jumped back to WCW with the Women’s Championship in her possession, and famously dumped it in the trash. You would imagine that she had seen the writing was on the wall following the alleged complaints from her male colleagues and how they were seemingly backed up by the boss, and got out of there at the first opportunity. Consequently, the match at the Rumble was scrapped, and the Women’s Championship was forgotten about until it was revived in the late summer of 1998, when Jacqueline defeated Sable to become the new titleholder.


One thought on “Ringbelles Retro: The match that killed the WWF Women's Division

  1. The commentary from King was abysmal to listen to. Very upsetting if legend is true and two performers working hard caused issue in the back.


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