Could Velvet Sky be returning to TNA?

In the October 2 edition of the Ringbelles Roundup, we pointed out that despite being released from the company in July, former TNA Knockouts Champion Velvet Sky is still listed on its roster page. Yesterday morning, things got more curious when we received an email informing us that her gallery has been restored to the site. A curious move, considering fellow outgoing Knockouts Angelina Love (who left before Sky) and Winter (who left afterwards) are gone.

Yesterday, the Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported that the 31-year old is in talks to return, saying that she may have already agreed a new deal, or an agreement is very close – judging from what is on TNA’s website, she may be on her way back soon.

Since departing, she has wrestled on a few shows, including at Northeast Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Syndicate and on some shows in Aruba in September, as well as at Family Wrestling Entertainment last Saturday. As a former Knockout, she has been in demand on some high-profile indie shows and is likely pulling in some decent money for doing so. By going back to TNA, she forfeits any more income from that sector, and may be unlikely to have many more, considering TNA’s stance on not allowing their wrestlers to be in matches which will be recorded for DVD. The question is – has she garnered a good deal?

Around the time of her departure, TNA was renegotiating contracts with a number of names, and it appeared that the two sides could not reach an agreement. Since leaving, Sky has opened an online store selling signed photos and posters, as well as some of the outfits she wore in the photoshoots – some rough math would indicate that Sky may have raked in the high four figures for her merchandise, which is something she was unable to do while she was working under a TNA deal. In addition, she has recently announced the launch of her own sporty, rocker, grunge and casual clothing line called Rated V – another project which would be unlikely to have happened under her old agreement. There may be the suggestion that she may have agreed to a deal with a lower dollar figure in exchange for her being able to pursue outside projects like her photos and clothes, which may help to sweeten the deal.

Either way, the Knockouts division is in a curious position. Miss Tessmacher defends the Knockouts belt against Tara at Bound For Glory this Sunday, but there are really no other storylines involving the promotion’s females anywhere else on the show. Madison Rayne has barely been seen since winning and losing the Knockouts belt in August, Gail Kim has been reduced to bit-parts, and ODB is hardly being pushed either, despite still holding the Knockouts Tag Team Championship with Eric Young. Elsewhere, Sarita has been wrestling in Japan for Stardom, while her “cousin” Rosita has not wrestled for TNA since July, hasn’t competed on Impact since April, and is booked for custom shoots with New England Female Wrestling next month – something that TNA would have been unlikely to have given the green light to.

Should she be coming back, what is Sky coming back to do? She has won the Knockouts singles and Tag Team Championships, and at the time of her leaving, was not in the running for another crack at either belt. Let’s hope that if she’s returning, she’s going to be given something to do.

– Lee Burton


2 thoughts on “Could Velvet Sky be returning to TNA?

  1. I do hope Velvet Sky comes back. She and Angelina Love were the only real two legitimate reasons I watched TNA in earnest. That is not to say the others are bad, far from it.

    ODB is a babe in her own right and is really quite entertaining to watch. Yes, she is a bit over the top and drips of too much sexiness nearly bordering on outright sluttiness, but she is who she is regardless. She is also exciting to watch in the ring at times as her style can keep you glued to the set for reasons not exactly clean. She also does have some skills as well, which counts outright above anything else.

    Gail Kim is also good as well, supposedly attempting to find more exposure than she did back in WWE (which is sort of a shame, since she is a babe as well) and her attitude is just downright excellent for who she is.

    Madison Rayne is and will also be another favorite of mine to watch TNA partly of the way her character is. Still beautiful in every regard, she isn’t babe material exactly, but she is really good to watch.

    I just wish Angelina Love would also return as well and reform The Beautiful People. My word that was a very hot tag team. Again, there is something about them that makes you want to watch. Skills always a super plus, but beauty and using such to put on a short but hotly contested match works wonders for me.

    What about Brooke Tessmacher and Mickie James? Well, James is not bad, but not exactly watchable per se. Her matches can be good, yes, but just not too watchable. Tessmacher? Very much so. She may not be babe material per se, but man, I do dig her matches. She should get the Hot Match of The Universe Award if there ever was one…


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