Bombshell Ladies Of Wrestling results

Thursday seems to be a peculiar day to launch a new promotion, but that is what happened this week when Bombshell Ladies Of Wrestling made its debut in Rahway, NJ. Promising a tournament to crown its first champion, sixteen women would be paired down to 8 on the first show, with the next rounds taking place on subsequent shows. However, the birth of Pro Wrestling Syndicate‘s all-women offshoot division has been anything but a smooth one – in fact, this one could be described as breached…

Firstly, there is the abbreviation of the promotion’s name, which put off some wrestlers. Angelina Love was approached to appear on the show, but declined due to the acronym being BLOW. Others – both wrestlers and fans – have been critical of the overly smutty nature of the name, though as Annie Social discussed with us earlier this week, it was thought up as a tongue in cheek, less serious approach to wrestling – and as PWS themselves have pointed out, nobody complains about a promotion on TV with the initials TNA.

Problems continued when Ashley Massaro, who was due to be the host for the show, allegedly failed to live up to the expectations expected of her on a PWS show last month. It is claimed she skipped autograph sessions and also dipped out of the show early, all while her agent tried to squeeze more money out of promoters. Becky Bayless was then lined up to be the host but was slotted back into the card, because what followed was a series of cancellations by wrestlers for various reasons.

Jillian Hall was removed from the lineup at the end of last month with Christina Von Eerie replacing her for the match against Cherry Bomb, however earlier this week Cherry Bomb also pulled out – with PWS saying “If fans really wanna know the deal ..feel free to ask”, but we have yet to receive a reply, though it has been busy with this show and other last night – and Mia Yim stepped in to substitute. With one match completely changed, two others followed, with scheduled opponents Ivy Fit and Leah Von Dutch bowing out – Fit decided to take time out of wrestling without giving notice – and the contest between Scarlett Bordeaux and Miss Adiva had to be scrapped as the pair – who were travelling there together from Chicago – could not make it due to car issues.

In addition, PWS decided to scrap plans to broadcast the show on iPPV after being unhappy with the quality one of their previous events, and felt it would be a disservice to fans to present a product that they were not happy with – in fact, they refunded the money they made on the previous show – though the event will be released on DVD and Video On Demand in the future.

However, rather than cancelling the event and giving up, PWS found replacements, soldiered on, and presented a full show with the 8 tournament matches that it promised. In quick results:

1. Brittney Savage beat Amber O’Neal
2. Marti Belle downed Nikki Addams
3. Missy Sampson defeated Luscious Latasha
4. Sienna DuVall bested Katie Lea
5. Becky Bayless beat Silvie Silver & Jewells Malone in a 3-way
6. Sumie Sakai overcame Queen Maya
7. Annie Social defeated Alexxis Nevaeh
8. Christina Von Eerie beat Mia Yim

Consequently, Savage, Belle, Sampson, DuVall, Bayless, Sakai, Social and Von Eerie all advance to the quarter-final round, which will take place at the next Bombshell Ladies Of Wrestling show on December 6 – and will likely be on iPPV, as PWS expects to have sorted out a new provider for the stream. In addition, it is hoping to welcome back Von Dutch, Adiva and Bordeaux for the show, pointing out that it was nobody’s fault why they couldn’t make it, so there is no judgement against them from the promotion. It may be telling that the same thing has not been said for Ivy Fit, Jillian Hall or Cherry Bomb, and that it has also accused unnamed talent of trying to hold them up for more money or longer accommodation.

If you want to see some behind the scenes footage from Thursday’s show, head to Amber O’Neal’s ArenaChicks YouTube channel, where she talks to Sienna DuVall, Katie Lea, Brittney Savage, Marti Belle & Silvie Silver.

– Lee Burton


2 thoughts on “Bombshell Ladies Of Wrestling results

  1. Actually, there are quite a bit of people who’ve been critical of the TNA name, including the guy who runs a site I write for, even claiming that the name is one of the main factors preventing TNA from grasping a larger, more mainstream audience. After all, you check your cable listings, or a DVR list, and a non-fan sees “TNA Wrestling”, they’re more than likely going to think “bikini wrestling” or “softcore porn”.


  2. It sounds like with the IPPV
    fail and talent having the
    issue of car or personal failure
    it could be a sign of things
    and it is not Annie Social.


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