In Video: Hikaru Shida v Mio Shirai

Last month, Mio Shirai claimed her major singles championship when she defeated Hikaru Shida for Ice Ribbon‘s top prize, the ICEx60 Title. She ascended to the top of the promotion’s roster on September 23’s Knights Of Ribbon show at Tokyo’s Korukuen Hall – an event which Ice Ribbon’s adopted mother hen Tsukasa Fujimoto admitting that the event was not a good day for the promotion.

On that day, outsider Hailey Hatred claimed the Triangle Ribbon championship be beating outgoing titleholder Neko Nitta and fellow challenger Shuu Shibutani on the undercard, and then Shirai rocked the promotion by ending Shida’s 273 day reign, which was the longest in Ice Ribbon’s history.

Recently, video of joshi events have been hard to come by, but the Knights Of Ribbon event has made it onto the internet, and we’re able to bring you the Shirai v Shida match, as well as the post match comments and celebrations, if you are able to speak Japanese… which we aren’t.


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