Gail Kim tops 2012 PWI Female 50 list

I believe the winner will be [Gail] Kim – the woman who offered some much-needed stability to the Knockouts after winning the belt in November and holding it until June, making her the longest reigning Knockouts Champ in the promotion’s history. She also enjoyed a four month run as Knockouts Tag Team Champion with Madison Rayne, and has been the focal point of TNA’s women’s division.

No joke, those were the exact words I used in August when I was looking at who I thought would win Pro Wrestling Illustrated‘s Female 50 for 2012 – click here to read the whole thing.

Earlier today, PWI sent out a press release informing us that the former Knockouts singles and tag champ – the woman who was the foundations of the division so Miss Tessmacher has the right springboard for her Knockouts title reign – had been awarded the top spot in this year’s list, following in the path of previous winners Madison Eagles (2011), Michelle McCool (2010), Mickie James (2009), and Awesome Kong (2008).

In naming Kim as the winner, PWI Senior Writer Dan Murphy said:

Gail Kim held the Knockouts title for 210 days during the evaluation period. She also held the Knockouts tag team title, and had a string of successful title defenses against the top women in TNA, including Mickie James, Tara, and Madison Rayne. Our congratulations go out to her.

As I pointed out in August, PWI recognises title reigns, wins and losses more than the aesthetic quality of the match, which is why Kim was my choice to win, but she has not been a slouch in the ring, putting together some good outings to add prestige to the title while turning back the challenges of wrestlers like James, Rayne and Tessmacher.

On Thursday, we will find out who fell where in the other 49 spots, so we will go into the list in detail then.

– Lee Burton


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