Ringbelles Retro: New SHIMMER joshi v veteran SHIMMER joshi

SHIMMER fans will be familiar with former Tag Team Champion Hiroyo Matsumoto, but may be less so with new arrival Ryo Mizunami, who makes her debut in Berwyn, IL in a week and a half. This week’s Retro features a match between the pair from the summer of 2008 in a contest to see which one of them would be the top junior joshi. Having said that, neither have exactly done badly for themselves since this match too place…

This was the final of the Jaja Uma Tournament on June 28 held by the Sendai Girls promotion – with Mizunami representing the home team and hoping to keep the honour amongst the company – whereas Matsumoto was considered the outsider. Mizunami advanced to the final by defeating Ayako Sato with a diving guillotine drop, while Matsumoto won through to the last two by beating Tyrannosaurus Okuda with a backdrop driver.

So who would win? Well, click the jump and find out…


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