The PWI Female 50 list, with exclusive PWI thoughts

On Monday, we revealed that Gail Kim won the Pro Wrestling Illustrated Female 50 for 2012 based on her title wins, string of victories and high profile that she has received over the past year. Three days on, we have the full list, and we’ve got it listed after the jump. Before that though, there are a few names which jumped out, after the official statement from PWI Senior Writer Dan Murphy:

All candidates were primarily evaluated for their accomplishments during the period of September 1, 2011, through August 30, 2012, though accomplishments outside that time parameter also were taken under consideration. We evaluated each woman on championships won, quality of opposition, won-loss record, technical proficiency, and momentum/promotional ‘push’ during the evaluation period.

First off, despite being a bit part since dropping the Divas Championship in April and not exactly having many wins while holding it – though the ratio of wins to losses was good – Beth Phoenix takes the top WWE spot by taking the runner-up spot, which is even more curious considering after dropping the belt, she barely won on TV. The top independent wrestler was Cheerleader Melissa, who snagged the bronze medal due to her successfully defending the SHIMMER Championship three times in March before dropping it to Saraya Knight, who places at number 8.

In fact, the top 5 is dominated by indie women, as coming in 4th is Sara Del Rey (whose placing is based on her time before joining WWE) while Women Superstars Uncensored World Champion Jessicka Havok comes 5th.

Still, if you wanted to see who came where, click the jump and have a read. Leave us your thoughts in the comments section about who surprised you – because honestly, Tamina‘s position sticks out a bit, especially as she’s placed higher than Divas Champion Eve Torres

1. Gail Kim
2. Beth Phoenix
3. Cheerleader Melissa
4. Sara Del Rey
5. Jessicka Havok
6. Layla
7. Miss Tessmacher
8. Saraya Knight
9. Mercedes Martinez
10. Tara
11. Hailey Hatred
12. Natalya
13. Jazz
14. Velvet Sky
15. Madison Rayne
16. Mickie James
17. LuFisto
18. Winter
19. Tamina
20. MsChif
21. ODB
22. Eve Torres
23. Kelly Kelly
24. Brittney Savage
25. Melanie Cruise
26. Kellie Skater
27. Sarita
28. Athena
29. Nicole Matthews
30. Paige
31. Angelina Love
32. Portia Perez
33. Rosita
34. Jessie McKay
35. Kalamity
36. Alicia Fox
37. Tasha Simone
38. Taeler Hendrix
39. Rachel Summerlyn
40. Kacee Carlisle
41. Sassy Stephie
42. Cherry Bomb
43. Allysin Kay
44. Alicia
45. Brittany Force
46. Lexxus
47. Marti Belle
48. Amber O’Neal
49. Leva Bates
50. Veda Scott

We approached Dan Murphy concerning some of the rankings, and he was happy to elaborate on them:

On Beth Phoenix’s runner-up spot despite her recent slump: “Beth Phoenix… had a 200-plus day run during the first part of the year. She fell into a slump, but remained the most consistently featured and promoted woman in WWE throughout the entirety of thr grading period.”

On Tamina ranking at 19: “Tamina was on a big run for several months, regularly beating Natalya, and briefly emerging as a top contender. She trailed off but had a respectable run during the evaluation period.”

On why Layla placed at 6, despite being Divas Champion for much of the year: “Layla was inactive for a lengthy period, but her results since her return were good enough to land her in the Top 10.”

And when asked which women were pleasant additions to the list: Melanie Cruise and Athena were pleasant surprises. They have both been dominant in their respective home promotions and ranked higher than I would have expected.”

To be honest, omissions like Mia Yim, Courtney Rush & Maria Kanellis and the positions of certain wrestlers isn’t much to get into a twist over. Heels can use their positions – or lack thereof – in promos, while promotions can use it to hype the women on their roster if they have ranked highly. There are many ways which wrestlers and promoters can use the list to their advantage, regardless of the criteria for how the list is compiled.

Check out the full magazine online, including a write-up of each woman in the Female 50 by clicking here.

– Lee Burton


2 thoughts on “The PWI Female 50 list, with exclusive PWI thoughts

  1. For me the 2 main people missing from the list are Maria Kanellis and Mia Yim. I find it quite annoying also that the list is just based on the wrestling in North America becuase I think a lot of female wrestling fans know this list would br drastically different if it was a worldwide list

    Also, Lee and/or Stew, any chance you could give me a bit of info about Kacee Carlisle, becuase of all the women on the list, she’s the name I dont know


  2. The biggest mystery is how Natayla came in at #12. She hasn’t won a single match for close to a year.

    Beth at #2 is ridiculious. She my have been champion for 200+ days, but she lost 99.9% of her matches on Raw and SD!. A wrestler’s win/loss record also needs to be a factor, which PWI is ignoring. By this standard I expect The Miz to be #1 in their Top 500.


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