Ringbelles Retro: Akira Hokuto juices a gusher

There is a term known as the Muta Scale – a measuring stick to judge blood loss in a match, stepping from the Great Muta‘s match against Hiroshi Hase in New Japan Pro Wrestling in 1992, where he was a total mess. Bleeding is graded on the scale, with 0.0 Muta being a light scratch, up to 1.0 Muta, where it is comparable to the 1992 match and the wrestler is probably going to be going for a blood transfusion.

On April 2, 1993, Akira Hokuto invoked the Muta Scale in her match with Shinobu Kandori at All Japan Women‘s Dreamslam show (an interpromotional event featuring “dream” matches between women from rival promotions), with Hokuto representing AJW, while Kandori was part of Ladies Legend Pro Wrestling. The match is rated as a five-star contest in some places, partly due to the hard-hitting action, intensity, and the blood adding to the drama – showing that in the right circumstances, at the right time with the right size crowd, bleeding can work as a positive, and not just as a prerequisite for hard-hitting matches.


One thought on “Ringbelles Retro: Akira Hokuto juices a gusher

  1. My favorite thing was how Hokuto added blood to the psychology of the match. It wasn’t just blood adding to the violence, she continually sold that her energy and focus was being drained much faster than Kandori’s because of the shear amount of blood loss. Ozaki did a similar method of selling in a streetfight with chigusa that was equally impressive.


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