SHIMMER volumes 49 & 50 DVD taping results (updated with thoughts on both Vols and photo gallery)

It’s rolled around again. More than 30 female wrestlers have gathered at the Eagles Club in Berwyn, IL for the latest round of DVD tapings for SHIMMER: Women Athletes, which includes the milestone volume 50 later today. A number of matches have been announced, but before we get to that, results from last night…

At yesterday’s AAW show, Athena defeated Nicole Matthews, Kellie Skater & Christina Von Eerie in a four way match where Matthews and Skater spent much of the contest playing a game of one-up by doing moves on Athena, but after it descended into a four way brawl, Athena nailed Nicole with the O-Face for the pinfall. Later on, Sweet Saraya retained the SHIMMER Championship by pinning MsChif following a wild, building-wide brawl which left both women with very visible battle scars. The end came when Truth Martini interfered to spit green mist into the challenger’s eyes.

Today, some matches have been announced. For volume 49, Saraya defends her title against Athena, while the Canadian Ninjas put the SHIMMER Tag Team Championships on the line against LuFisto and Kana. Elsewhere, SHIMMER Originals Mercedes Martinez and MsChif square off in a rematch from volume 20, where MsChif retained the SHIMMER Title in one of the best title defences up to that point. Also on the card, Leva Bates tangles with Kellie Skater, while nCw Femmes Fatales International Champion Kalamity faces Ayako Hamada.

Meanwhile, for volume 50, the SHIMMER Originals of Martinez, MsChif, Allison Danger and Cheerleader Melissa are involved in a 10-woman elimination match – which we are dubbing SHIM-vivor Series II, where teams of five strive to survive – and a “first time in SHIMMER singles bout” will take place, though you can let your minds run riot as to what it will be.

We will be updating results intermittently throughout the day, so keep hitting refresh for results – and after the show, we’ll upload thoughts and maybe some pictures…

Angelus Layne pinned Sweet Cherrie with a low DDT.
Pink Flash Kira & Thunderkitty beat Angie Skye & Nikki St John. Kira pinned St John with an X Factor.

SHIMMER Volume 49
1 .Miss Natural defeated Kc Spinelli with a fisherman neckbreaker.
2. Yumi Ohka beat Christina Von Eerie with a choke bomb.
3. Made In Sin (Allysin Kay & Taylor Made) defeated Veda Scott & Shazza McKenzie when Shazza was pinned following the Seven Deadly Sins.
4. Hiroyo Matsumoto beat Sassy Stephie with a Hiroyo Stone.
5. Ryo Mizunami pinned Courtney Rush with a top rope guillotine legdrop.
6. Cheerleader Melissa beat Rhia O’Reilly with an Air Raid Crash.
7. Tomoka Nakagawa defeated Davina Rose with a fisherman suplex.
8. Kellie Skater beat Leva Bates with the Skate And Destroy. The pair shook hands afterwards.
9. Mercedes Martinez defeated MsChif following two steel chair shots and a Fisherman Buster while the ref was down.
10. Ayako Hamada pinned Kalamity with the AP Cross.
11. Nicole Matthews & Portia Perez retained the SHIMMER Tag Team Championship over Kana & LuFisto with the Funky Cold Medina on LuFisto.
12. Sweet Saraya retained the SHIMMER Title by making Athena tap out to a surfboard.

SHIMMER Volume 50
1. Miss Natural pinned Veda Scott with the fisherman neckbreaker.
2. Shazza McKenzie beat Santana Garrett with an Overdrive.
3. Sassy Stephie defeated Su Yung with the Kiss My Sass.
4. Courtney Rush beat Taylor Made with the Skyward Suplex.
5. Christina Von Eerie beat Kalamity, Ryo Mizunami & Cherry Bomb in a 4 way when she pinned Bomb with the 138.
6. Rhia O’Reilly beat Davina Rose with a roll up with her feet on the ropes.
7. Hiroyo Matsumoto pinned Melanie Cruise with a backdrop driver.
8. Athena defeated Tomoka Nakagawa with the O-Face.
9. Kellie Skater beat Yumi Ohka with the Skate And Destroy.
10. Ayako Hamada pinned Kana with the AP Cross.
11. MsChif & Cheerleader Melissa won a 5 on 5 elimination match.

Order of elimination:
Nicole Matthews pinned by Allison Danger with a Lovelace Choker.
Danger pinned by Portia Perez with a tights assisted roll up.
Leva Bates pinned by Lexie Fyfe with a TKO.
Fyfe pinned by LuFisto with the Mangaliser.
LuFisto pinned by Perez with a roll up after Mercedes Martinez spat in her face.
Perez pinned by MsChif with a Descecrator.
Martinez pinned by MsChif with the Descecrator.
Sweet Saraya pinned by Cheerleader Melissa with a double team hiplock slam with MsChif.

SHIMMER Vol 49 thoughts (by Stew)

– SPARKLE matches were what they set out to be – warm up matches for the crowd. Thought Angelus Layne looked good against Sweet Cherrie, Thunderkitty showed good fire, and Angie Skye did well.
– Miss Natural returned for the first time since Vol 22, four years ago, and looked really good and competent. A safe hand, with nothing too flashy. Spinelli, by comparison, is a fine party-starter. Good opener.
– Christina Von Eerie vs Yumi Ohka was CVE’s best match we’ve seen in a while.
– Veda & Shazza continue to be adorable together (even adding matching gear and tag team moves), but Made In Sin made a superb transition from Shine to SHIMMER and immediately became players on the tag scene.
– Sassy Stephie had a very strong set of tapings, and her partnership with Mme Rachelle is paying dividends. There was some comedy in this one, relating to Stephie’s spiky bra, which caused Matsumoto pain when she tried to chop her in the chest, but some really nice wrestling too. Stephie’s never been better or looked more confident.
– Courtney Rush used her match with Ryo Mizunami to pay tribute to her departed ex tag team partner Sara Del Rey – coming out with a Death Rey shirt, using “The Final Coutdown”, and trying to use the Koppo Kick and Royal Butterfly for the finish – it didn’t work, but it certainly entertained. Mizunami, by the way, had a great debut – a charismatic little tank of a worker.
– Cheerleader Melissa vs Rhia O’Reilly was O’Reilly’s biggest test yet, and she came through with flying colours. Her progression across three trips to SHIMMER from SPARKLER to opening match act to competent and comfortable mid-card talent having competent and comfortable mid-card matches with some of the best in the business is truly something to be proud of. Melissa and she worked very well.
– Tomoka Nakagawa vs Davina Rose was the kind of match that gets lost on a really good card. Good work all round, but not anything that sticks in the mind hours later.
– Kellie Skater vs Leva Bates took a while to get going, but turned out to be quite the match by the end. Bates was playing Catwoman and a couple of Cat Power spots, which made me smile.
– Mercedes Martinez vs MsChif was a good match, but I didn’t feel the crowd were particularly into it. Can’t really explain why, but for two SHIMMER originals going at it (and considering their last SHIMMER match was *superb*), this seemed a bit out of the ordinary. The subdued crowd picked up at the end when Martinez injected a steel chair into proceedings though.
– Ayako Hamada vs Kalamity was Match of the Volume for Vol 49, and was Kalamity’s best singles match in SHIMMER. Tremendous work from both, who worked snug and strong with each other. On a set of tapings where there are obvious opportunities to move up the card, for me this was a fantastic showcase of what Kalamity can do.
– Canadian NINJAs vs LuKana (as they were introduced) was an excellent tag team title match – probably one of the best NINJAs tag matches yet, with plenty of teased finishes before the Funky Cold Medina.
– Saraya vs Athena was a match that I feared might be a bit of a styles clash – and while it was at times, it was also better than I thought it might be. Athena never really got extended face-time, as she was regularly cut off and berated by the belligerent Knight – it worked to rally the crowd behind Athena though, and it seemed a shock title change may have been on the cards when she hit an O-Face, but couldn’t cover in time. An attempt at a second O-Face saw Knight pull Athena down from the top rope and slap on a modified surfboard for a submission.

Vol 50 thoughts (by Stew)

– Miss Natural vs Veda Scott started Vol 50 on an energetic, yet awkward note. Don’t think these two particularly gelled.
– Santana Garrett got a lot of praise from not only ourselves at RBs, but several other people we talked to after the show. She was a hit, and the match was rather good.
– Su Yung’s first SHIMMER main show appearance was really good. The Stephie/Rachelle duo were in full effect, and Su makes a fine sympathetic babyface.
– Courtney Rush was back to being Courtney again after her flirtation with the Del Rey gimmick on Vol 49, and it was good to see. Her match with Taylor Made felt like it went a bit long, but nevertheless, fine work.
– To be honest, on a personal level I was kinda disappointed that the focus of the four way was often on Christina Von Eerie vs Cherry Bomb (possibly a call-back to their match at Shine) – nothing wrong with that per se, but it relegated Mizunami & Kalamity to supporting roles, and Kalamity especially, after her Vol 49 performance, could’ve used this four way to showcase her as a singles division force. I guess this is just a personal preference though.
– Rhia O’Reilly vs Davina Rose was very good.
– I would not have imagined Hiroyo Matsumoto vs Melanie Cruise working, but it did – and gave Matsumoto a chance to break out some comedy with a Godzilla headpiece. Nothing wrong with this match at all.
– Don’t really remember a lot about Athena vs Tomoka Nakagawa, but it got Athena back in the win column after her failed title challenge.
– Kellie Skater said on the last Women of Wrestling Podcast that she’d like a singles match with Yumi Ohka (they’ve tagged against each other in Japan, but no singles), and here she got her wish, and it was a MAJOR coming of age match for Skater. If the match with Kana on Vol 47 was a chance for her to prove she could hang at that level, this one showed she could win. Interestingly, the “Protein Shake/Roo Roids” were kicked away in the match, and Skater *still* won clean. The fans were heavily into her too, and after a bunch of good but unremarkable matches, this was remarkable. Kudos to both.
– I can’t even start to do Ayako Hamada vs Kana justice here. Near flawless pro-wrestling with moments to make you jump out of your seats, near-falls to die for and just amazing action. Match of the day by a long way. When this comes out on DVD, get this Volume for this match. It’ll be worth it. Everything else is a bonus. (Lee tells me to add in here that he wishes that this match NEVER ENDED, and was STILL GOING. I can’t disagree)
– The only downside to having a match like Hamada vs Kana is that *nobody* can follow it – even a ten woman SHIMvivor Series match – not that it wasn’t good (it was), and not that it wasn’t a treat to see SHIMMER original Lexie Fyfe out there looking great – but after 20 minutes of no eliminations, all the eliminations were then shoe-horned into five minutes… and the actual final elimination of Saraya by Melissa was so matter of fact that it really didn’t have the impact it should’ve had. Good match nonetheless, but if it had been a little longer and had eliminations spread out a little more, this would’ve been better, IMO.
– In retrospect, Hamada vs Kana should’ve closed the show.


2 thoughts on “SHIMMER volumes 49 & 50 DVD taping results (updated with thoughts on both Vols and photo gallery)

  1. Anything that involves Lufisto,Kana and Hamada deserves respect. The fact that Kana/Hamada faced each other was a huge bonus to me.

    Great weekend, Dave and Allison. All hail SHIMMER. Viva La Americana Joshi.


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