SHIMMER Volumes 51 & 52 DVD taping results (updated with thoughts on both Vols and photo gallery)

After a bumper day 1 yesterday which saw a number of storyline developments in both title pictures and one of the best matches in the promotion’s history, SHIMMER: Women Athletes returns for the second day of its weekend of DVD tapings.

Yesterday, Ayako Hamada and Kana competed in an epic encounter which saw the veteran gain the victory, though both women came out looking stronger than ever. In the 5-on-5 main event of volume 50, ReGeneration X and the Tag Team Champions Canadian Ninjas had hands in eliminating each other – with Allison Danger ousting Nicole Matthews before being pinned by Portia Perez – while Cheerleader Melissa pinned singles titleholder Sweet Saraya to end the match, which could see them cross paths again at some point today.

No matches have been announced for volumes 51 and 52, though if yesterday was anything to go by, fans at the Berwyn Eagles Club are in for another treat. As with yesterday, the Ringbelles team is on hand to provide results, as well as photos and thoughts later on. Click the jump to keep up with what’s going on…

Sweet Cherrie & Pink Flash Kira beat Heidi Lovelace & December. Lovelace was pinned by a Cherrie stunner.
Angie Skye pinned Thunderkitty with the Hard Goodbye.

SHIMMER Volume 51
1. Melanie Cruise beat Santana Garrett with a sit out Alabama Slam.
2. Davina Rose pinned Cherry Bomb with the Rose Plant.
3. Tomoka Nakagawa used a Fisherman Suplex to pin Veda Scott.
4. Allison Danger & Leva Bates beat Allysin Kay & Taylor Made. Leva pinned Kay with the Medusa Cascade.
5. Rhia O’Reilly defeated Kc Spinelli with the Rhiajustment.
6. LuFisto pinned Ryo Mizunami with the Burning Hammer~!
7. Cheerleader Melissa beat Miss Natural with the Air Raid Crash.
8. Ayako Hamada pinned Portia Perez with the AP Cross.
9. Courtney Rush defeated Mercedes Martinez with an inside cradle.
10. Yumi Ohka pinned Nicole Matthews with a tiger suplex.
11. Kana made Athena tap out to a cross armbreaker.
12. Sweet Saraya retained the SHIMMER Championship over Hiroyo Matsumoto, MsChif & Kellie Skater in a 4 way elimination match.

Order of elimination
MsChif was pinned by Matsumoto with a backdrop driver.
Matsumoto was pinned by Skater with the Skate and Destroy.
Skater tapped out to Saraya’s surfboard.

SHIMMER Volume 52
1. Kc Spinelli pinned Angelus Layne with the Eye of the Hurricane.
2. Miss Natural defeated Su Yung with the Deal Breaker.
3. Davina Rose beat Rhia O’Reilly with the Rose Plant.
4. LuFisto & Kana defeated Allysin Kay & Taylor Made when LuFisto hit the Burning Hammer on Taylor.
5. Kalamity pinned Sassy Stephie with a Kalamity Driver.
6. Mercedes Martinez beat Shazza McKenzie with a fisherman buster.
7. Kellie Skater & Tomoka Nakagawa beat MsChif & Christina Von Eerie when Nakagawa pinned Von Eerie with the 120% schoolgirl.
8. Yumi Ohka defeated Ryo Mizunami with choke bomb.
9. Hiroyo Matsumoto pinned Courtney Rush with the backdrop driver.
10. Portia Perez & Nicole Matthews retained the SHIMMER Tag Team Championship against Allison Danger & Leva Bates when Bates was pinned with the Funky Cold Medina.
11. Ayako Hamada pinned Athena with a deliberate moonsault to Athena’s injured leg. Athena asked for a rematch on volume 53, which was accepted.
12. Sweet Saraya pinned Cheerleader Melissa to retain the SHIMMER title after hitting her with the belt. Afterwards Melissa challenged Saraya at volume 53 in a steel cage match for the title.

SHIMMER Vol 51 thoughts (by Stew & Lee)
– Firstly, SPARKLE. In the tag match, we didn’t see much of Lovelace, and instead got a lot of December, who was perfectly fine. Similarly, Kira wasn’t in much of the contest, while the fans took a while to get into Cherrie. Meanwhile, Angie Skye & Thunderkitty did a decent job.
– Santana made a good impression this weekend. She is still short of a defined character, but she is easy to support. Meanwhile, Melanie Cruise had her best SHIMMER weekend, and is finally wrestling to her size, and it shows.
– Despite the cheers she received, Cherry Bomb was working heel against Davina Rose, and managed to change the opinions of some of the fans. Rose getting the win is a big boost for her too, as she has suffered quite a lot of losses in the promotion.
– There wasn’t much to Nakagawa v Scott.
– ReGeneration X v Made In Sin was a lot of fun. Coming out as The Blues Brothers, Re-X claimed a big scalp ahead of challenging for the Tag Titles. At the start, Danger confronted Kay about having the same name and same light streak through her hair, and was followed by duelling “Let’s go Allison/Let’s go Allysin” chants, which were pretty funny. Taylor has also found herself as a heel – she’s sleazy and bitchy – while Bates continues to grow each time. Thumbs up.
– O’Reilly and Spinelli had a good mid-card match which had a lot of crowd interaction. Rhia’s “Oh really?” catchphrase has caught fire, and Spinelli is so damn likeable.
– There was a shedload of clubbering from LuFisto and Mizunami, which made for a very even and entertaining match. LuFisto’s Burning Hammer~! also looked suitably devastating.
– Cheerleader Melissa’s win over Miss Natural was a way to get her a win ahead of her challenge on the subsequent volume. Natural got some nice stuff in before falling in defeat though.
– Hamada’s victory over Portia Perez got lost in the shuffle, which was unusual considering the quality of the two women competing. There was nothing wrong with it at all though.
– Courtney Rush picked up her biggest win in SHIMMER by pinning Mercedes Martinez in a good outing. The finish came when Martinez went for the three suplexes culminating with the Fisherman Buster, but Rush rolled through for the inside cradle.
– Yumi Ohka v Nicole Matthews took the runner-up spot for Match of the Taping. Sometimes you can tend to overlook Ohka because of her beauty, but she can really go. Similarly, Matthews can always be relied upon to produce the goods.
– Kana’s victory over Athena felt like there could have been more to it. Don’t get us wrong, what was presented was entertaining, but… it’s hard to explain. It felt like Kana didn’t leave third gear – possibly as a hangover from the Hamada match the day before.
– The main event was Skater’s coming out party. Once Matsumoto and MsChif were sent packing, the desire and fight that the Rate Tank showed against Saraya was brilliant. Over the last few volumes, the support for Skater has been swelling, and boiled over here with chants of “Skater’s got this” from the crowd. Had she won the match and the title here, nobody would have complained – and had much more support in her title challenge than Athena, and even Melissa on volume 52… imagine that.

SHIMMER Vol 52 thoughts (by Stew & Lee)
– Spinelli remains the perfect party starter for SHIMMER volumes, while Layne didn’t look out of place in her full-blown debut.
– Thumbs up for Miss Natural v Su Yung. Natural finished the weekend with three wins, and her only loss being against Melissa. A great showing for a return after so long away. Meanwhile, Su Yung is easy to get behind.
– Made In Sin proved that they can hang with veterans like Kana and LuFisto. Incidentally, for years, we have seen Taylor Made struggle to connect as a babyface in SHIMMER, but this heel turn has been the making of her. Both she and Kay should be thoroughly proud of themselves, as Made In Sin is a great tag team to watch.
– Kalamity had a less intensive second day, considering she missed volume 51. Her match with Stephie was more of a placeholder to keep her hot, taking her out with the Kalamity Driver and then doing the same to Mademoiselle Rachelle after the match. Meanwhile, Stephie clicked this weekend, and had her best SHIMMER outings to date.
– Martinez’s match with Shazza was a way to recoup after the loss to Rush.
– Skater’s tag match with Nakagawa against MsEerie was a little disappointing, simply because I doubt SHIMMER expected her to get over so much on the previous taping. Her teaming with Tomoka as the Global Green Gangsters (3G) is fun enough, but Kellie is probably due more now.
– Ohka v Mizunami was a good exhibition match.
– Matsumoto’s victory over Rush was a good contest, with sprinklings of Gojira-based comedy through it. Rush looked strong in defeat too.
– Re-X v the Canadian Ninjas looked set to see a Tag Team Championship change, but it didn’t happen. There was a lot of ninja-oriented messing about at the start too. Keeping the belts on Portia and Nicole also factors into what happened later on…
– Athena’s match with Hamada was very good, as the two went for it, and Athena went out all guns blazing. She came unstuck with a missed double kneedrop from the top which Hamada took advantage of. Afterwards though, Athena made out that she would have won if it wasn’t for her injury, which made it sound like she beat herself. However, a rematch at SHIMMER Volume 53 in New Jersey in April should go over well.
– Most of the crowd would have expected the SHIMMER title to change back to Cheerleader Melissa, in what was another rough and brutal battle which saw both struggle for the advantage. There was one point where Melissa went for the Kondo Clutch but Saraya slapped Melissa as hard as she could across her back, which saw the challenger release the hold and return the favour on the champ’s stomach.
– The end came when Melissa hit an Air Raid Crash, and the Ninjas came out to run interference, but were thwarted by Re-X. Meanwhile, Rhia O’Reilly (who has skyrocketed up the pecking order) hoped the rail, fed Saraya the belt, and it was used to knock Melissa out before MsChif could stop Rhia. It seems we have a loose faction of singles and doubles champions Saraya, Perez and Matthews as well as O’Reilly being formed…
– Afterwards, Melissa challenged Saraya to a steel cage match for volume 53 with the belt on the line.


One thought on “SHIMMER Volumes 51 & 52 DVD taping results (updated with thoughts on both Vols and photo gallery)

  1. Can’t wait to see Melissa/Saraya at WrestleCon for the SHIMMER title. Rage in the Cage, baby!!!

    Also, LuKana continue their dominance and Kana seems to have fun despite her demeanor. LuKana for SHIMMER Tag champs, please.

    Cheers, guys.


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