Hell In A Cell: Eve survives triple threat

Eve Torres defends the WWE Divas Championship against challengers Kaitlyn and Layla.

The Background
• Torres won the belt last month at Night Of Champions after being named as a last-minute replacement to challenge Layla.
• Kaitlyn was meant to be the one facing Layla, but she was taken out before the match by an unidentified assailant.
• Over the last month, Kaitlyn pointed out that her attacker had blonde hair, and alleged that Eve was behind the attack, though the new champ denied it, while Layla has also made similar accusations.
• Last Monday on Raw, the story developed when Kaitlyn said she had proof that Eve got Aksana to don the wig and Nancy Kerrigan her ankle. Since then, Aksana has denied being part of the attack.
• On Friday’s SmackDown, a triple threat match was announced by the show’s GM Booker T, with Eve defending against both Kaitlyn and former champ Layla.

The Match
• The babyfaces teamed up to attack the titleholder early on, but that alliance fell apart very quickly when Layla went for a flash pin on Kaitlyn and the two started fighting each other.
• Taking advantage, Eve slammed Kaitlyn onto the ropes to re-injure her ankle, and went after the affected body part with submission, mostly based around her jiu-jitsu knowledge.
• Torres tried to punish Layla by sending her split-legged to the mat, but she responded by delivering the same move to the champion before Kaitlyn came in to go after Layla, who delivered a gutbuster from a fireman’s carry, though Layla responded with a big kick to her other challenger, though she couldn’t get the pin as she and Eve kept breaking up each other’s covers.
• Layla’s crossbody on Kaitlyn didn’t pan out, as Kaitlyn rolled through, muscled her up for a powerslam, but the pin was broken up by Eve’s senton from the middle rope, and she picked up the scraps to pin Layla to retain the title.

• Apart from the fact that the match was put in the death spot on the show – inbetween Big Show and Sheamus which saw the World Heavyweight Title change hands and the main event Hell In A Cell match between CM Punk and Ryback, meaning the crowd struggled to care – the match itself was perfectly fine.
• The storyline between the trio, which also seems to be sucking in more incidental characters like Teddy Long, Booker T, Aksana and probably more in the future, is at least giving the women to fight, instead of having them going out and doing pointless matches for no reason.
• By way of accidentally winning that battle royal to earn the spot at Night Of Champions, Kaitlyn has also enjoyed her first PPV title match, and is enjoying a continued run of attention, so that is a boost for her.
• Layla also seems to be the bit part player in the feud now – which is fine, as she seems to be the least dynamic of all the three women involved in the storyline.
• Moreover, even though Eve retained the belt, the storyline is far from over, so we may see more from it over the next few weeks. Fair enough, I say.

– Lee Burton


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