nCw Femmes Fatales X results (updated with photo gallery)

nCw Femmes Fatales celebrated its tenth show with a bumper double edition this evening in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. As well as the main event of taping #2 – a cage match between LuFisto and Mercedes MartinezKalamity defended the International Championship against Kellie Skater in a 2 out of 3 falls match, with the first fall being decided by pinfall; the second by submission, and the third to be a no-DQ, falls count anywhere affair. Meanwhile, whoever walked out of that match as Champion would have to face the winner of a four-way between Cheerleader Melissa, Athena, X-Cute Sweet and Angie Skye in the semi-main of the final taping.

The Ringbelles team was on hand to collate the results, so click the jump and see them all…

a. Serphentina pinned Jewells Malone with a Gordbuster.

Femmes Fatales X – part 1
1. Sweet Cherrie defeated Cherry Bomb with a Stunner.
2. Sassy Stephie beat Mary Lee Rose with the Kiss My Sass.
3. She Nay Nay & Deziree defeated Missy & Medianne when Medianne refused to tag in, leaving Missy prone to a Deziree roll-up.
4. LuFisto pinned Hiroyo Matsumoto with the Mangalizer.
5. Sweet Saraya beat Cat Power with a DDT on the outside followed by a double legdrop inside the ring.
6. Ryo Mizunami defeated Leah Von Dutch & Xandra Bale in a triple threat match when she pinned Von Dutch with a guillotine legdrop from the top.
7. Courtney Rush pinned Portia Perez with a spear.
8. Athena defeated X-Cute Sweet, Cheerleader Melissa & Angie Skye in a 4-way. She pinned Sweet following the O-Face.
9. Mercedes Martinez beat Pink Flash Kira with the Fisherman Buster.
10. Kalamity retained the nCw Femmes Fatales International Championship by beating Kellie Skater in a 2/3 falles match. Skater took the first with a roll-up after spitting her protein shake into the champ’s eyes; Kalamity equalised when Skater gave up to a Cobra Clutch over the knee, and Kalamity got the winning fall following a Kalamity Driver through two chairs.

Femmes Fatales X – part 2
1. X-Cute Sweet pinned Sassy Stephie with a superkick.
2. Pink Flash Kira beat Portia Perez by count-out.
3. Missy, Leah Von Dutch & Xandra Bale defeated She Nay Nay, Deziree & Medianne when LVD pinned Midianne with the Flying Dutchman (Lionsault).
4. Mary Lee Rose defeated Sweet Saraya via DQ.
5. Sweet Cherrie beat Sweet Saraya via DQ. Both were due to low blows.
6. Hiroyo Matsumoto pinned Cherry Bomb with a backdrop driver.
7. Kellie Skater defeated Cat Power with an anklelock tap out.
8. Courtney Rush beat Ryo Mizunami with the Skyward Suplex.
9. Cheerleader Melissa bested Angie Skye with the Air Raid Crash.
10. Kalamity beat Athena with the Kalmity Driver to retain the International Championship.
11. Mercedes Martinez defeated LuFisto in a cage match with a Fisherman Buster from the top rope.

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