Ringbelles Retro: Komeback of Kong

We’ve been away from our regular routine during our trips to SHIMMER and nCw Femmes Fatales over the past couple of weeks, so unfortunately, this nugget of news slipped through the net – and that is something we are addressing right now.

On October 27, Chicago-based wrestling promotion RESISTANCE Pro announced that Amazing Kong would be making an appearance at its Sad Wings Of Destiny show on November 30 at the Teamster Auditorium in the city. It will be her first wrestling booking since confirming her departure from WWE back in July, her first public media appearance since April, and the first time she has stepped into the ring since the Royal Rumble in January.

No details have been released as to who she will be wrestling – if anyone – though it is a promising sign for someone who has dealt with plenty of heartache and roadblocks over the past 12 months.

To mark her comeback to wrestling, we bring you one of her classic matches from her time in TNA, where she enjoyed two reigns as Knockouts Champion under the name of Awesome Kong. The match we have here comes from January 2008 – before the commencement of either of those runs – when she challenged inaugural Champion Gail Kim.

The caption at the start says it is Kim v Kong II, but it is actually the third encounter between the pair in the promotion. The first came in September 2007 on an episode of Impact before a titleholder was crowned, with Kong getting the win, while the second was for the belt at Turning Point – with Kim getting the win by way of a disqualification.

This encounter comes from Final Resolution, and has a no-DQ stipulation, to ensure there is a decisive winner. Click play and get a fix of Kong.


2 thoughts on “Ringbelles Retro: Komeback of Kong

  1. She’s also tagging with Jazz v Taylor Made & Allysin Kay on November 17th for the Florida Underground Wrestling promotion in St. Petersburg, Florida


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