WAWW Bellatrix 4 results (updated with thoughts and photo gallery)

This bumper season of women’s wrestling continues in Norwich, England this evening with the free show presented by the World Association of Women’s Wrestling, entitled Bellatrix 4.

We revealed some of the matches in our post yesterday, where it was announced that the evening would see a team captained by WAWW British Champion Rhia O’Reilly against a squad led by RQW European Women’s Champion Queen Maya, with the whole event being capped off with a ten woman elimination match.

Already announced to be taking place are Maya v Liberty in a match where the European Title is not on the line, while O’Reilly also faces a non-title affair against high-flying star Erin Angel. The other contest we are looking forward to is Norway’s Miss Mina meeting the increasingly impressive Penelope, who – like Angel – is becoming increasingly more of a flier as she gains more ring time.

Destiny, Violet O’Hara, Skarlett and Chanel are also booked to appear, so click the jump and keep up with results from Bellatrix 4 as they happen.

A win earns 2 points for her team, a draw means a point each, and a loss scores nothing. In the Survivor Series match, each elimination earns a point, and the surviving team earns another 3.

1. Destiny (Team Maya) pinned Chanel (Team Rhia) with a Tombstone piledriver.
2. Skarlett (Team Maya) made Violet O’Hara (Team Rhia) tap out to the Skarlett’s Web.
3. Rhia O’Reilly (Team Rhia) beat Erin Angel (Team Maya) with the Rhiajustment.
4. Penelope (Team Rhia) defeated Miss Mina (Team Maya) by TKO when Mina couldn’t get up before the count of 10.
5. Liberty (Team Rhia) beat Queen Maya (Team Maya) via count out.
6. Team Maya (Destiny, Skarlett, Erin Angel & Miss Mina) defeated Team Rhia (Liberty, Penelope, Chanel & Violet O’Hara) in an elimination match, with Skarlett being the sole survivor.

Order of elimination:
Liberty pinned Erin Angel with an Air Raid Crash.
Destiny pinned Chanel with a splash.
Miss Mina pinned Penelope with a split legdrop.
Liberty made Miss Mina tap out to a half crab.
Skarlett pinned Violet O’Hara with an axe kick.
Destiny was disqualified for hitting the referee.
Skarlett pinned Liberty after she was hit with the ring bell.

Queen Maya’s team wins 11-8.

Sweet Saraya & Liberty v Destiny & Skarlett in a Falls Count Anywhere Match was announced for the next show.

• Firstly, the setup for the show was great. Making full use of Epic Studios’ professional lighting and sound system, and setting up an elevated walkway, the layout was impressive. Coupled with a massive crowd of at least 250, it was a great showcase for WAWW.
• The rules of the evening with the teams and what points are awarded for wins, draws and eliminations was also nicely laid out and updated after every match, which mean that it was easy for the fans to follow – many of whom may have been experiencing the promotion for the first time.
• If you’re wondering why Sweet Saraya wasn’t on the card – it’s because she wasn’t medically cleared due to the broken cheekbone which she suffered over the SHIMMER weekend a fortnight ago.
• So, to the matches. Chanel has improved since the last time I saw her wrestle at the original Bellatrix show – though considering that was her first match, it makes sense – but she still needs to work on what she should instinctively be doing. At times she cowered or looked lost, and naturally tried to cover up instead of being open for the shots that Destiny was trying to deliver. As the veteran, Destiny did a good job in controlling the flow of the match, and the Tombstone at the end was sufficiently brutal. Chanel still has lots of work to do, but it’s going in the right direction.
• I prefer Skarlett’s heel work to her babyface character, as the look screams antagonist in a promotion like WAWW. Couple that with the fact that she got to show off more facials, and it leads me to hoping she stays on the dark side.
• Violet is really grasping her size (or lack of it, considering she’s 4’9″) and now works really well as the tiny babyface in peril. Her comebacks were spirited, but it wasn’t enough to overcome Skarlett’s aggression.
• Considering her team was 4-0 down, captain Rhia O’Reilly set an example in beating Erin Angel in a match which featured a lot of stalling – though with this crowd, it worked, as both women really escalated the volume of the audience with what they were doing.
• However, the WAWW British Championship belt either needs repairing or replacing. It has been damaged for about a year now, and as O’Reilly made her entrance, the whole centre medallion fell off.
• Angel was a babyface for the primarily heel Team Maya, while Rhia was a heel though the rest of her team worked babyface. As a result, the fans had difficulty knowing who to cheer for.
• Penelope v Mina was the match of the night. Dramatic, good sequences, fast paced, and an ending which worked into a legitimate injury. Mina damaged her left ankle at some point, and after nailing a superplex with all the energy she had left, she was then unable to get to her feet by the count of 10, while Penelope managed the struggle to a standing position. As a result, Penelope was awarded the match via a TKO.
• Unfortunately, another legitimate injury followed, as Queen Maya broke her right arm below the elbow when she went for a clothesline on Liberty, but in a freak accident, she clipped the top of her head and fractured the bone. She struggled on for a couple of minutes, but was in too much pain to carry on, and a hasty count-out ending was improvised instead.
• Liberty was celebrating her 19th birthday on Friday, so she got the babyface pop for being the birthday girl, as well as being a hometown hero against the larger, Italian European Champion. However, she has been working heel for a long time, so it was another turn which was never really explained.
• As a result of Maya needing to go to hospital, there was some hasty on-the-fly booking needed for the elimination match, as the primarily-heel Team Maya was at a 5-4 disadvantage – so it was announced that Chanel couldn’t compete due to her being hurt by the Tombstone. However, she came out as part of Team Rhia, and captain O’Reilly said she would bow out so the other side couldn’t complain about being a woman short.
• Considering a lot of the match was improvised because of the reduced numbers, the match was pretty damn exciting. Angel was quickly disposed of so it could be more of a face v heel match (though Mina was wrestling as a tweener, it seemed), and the bulk of the match focussed on Liberty being dominated by Skarlett and Destiny.
• Eventually, the numbers came became too much, because while the referees on the outside were carrying Mina away (as she was struggling to walk because of her ankle injury) the heels distracted the in-ring ref to damage Liberty, and after Destiny was DQ’ed for giving the ref a low blow, Skarlett hit Liberty with the ring bell for the winning fall. It was a dramatic ending for what was a hastily improvised match which sent the crowd into a frenzy.
• Ah yes, the crowd. There really needs to be some barriers at these shows. For a number of them, they still see wrestling as being real (which is good, as it means they get into it), with one guy near me even offering advice to Penelope and Liberty like he was a coach or something. However, too often they would get too close to the ring and either being a distraction or put themselves in potentially dangerous situations. I’m all for an enthusiastic crowd, but this got out of hand near the end and the security had to step in a couple of times. Having some barriers would make their job a lot easier and make things safer for both fans and wrestlers.
• Another aesthetic point – it isn’t necessary for the ring announcer to inform the fans that each near fall was a two. If the ref is doing his job correctly – and they did all night, so that deserves praise too – it should be very clear that it wasn’t a pinfall.
• There needs to be a clear distinction on faces and heels. If someone has turned, let the audience know why – and it never hurts to recap it for anyone who may have missed the turn.
• Looking back at the previous WAWW shows in the last year, only one – the first Bellatrix show in March – ended with a babyface victory. The others have all seen the heels come out of top, and I think it’s about time that the light side gets a chance to close the show with a win.
• Overall, despite the injuries and hasty rebooking, it was WAWW’s strongest event yet. Good wrestling, lots of crowd work to rile them up and a dramatic main event which sets Liberty up as a big babyface. Also, with it being just six matches, each one was given time to breathe and settle down, instead of rushing through to shoehorn all the matches in. All of them – with the exception of Maya v Liberty – went at least 10 minutes, though Destiny v Chanel may have benefited from being a little shorter, due to the latter’s inexperience.
• It will be interesting to see if WAWW can transfer the number of curious souls who came to watch for the first time into regular paying customers, as they seemed to leave the show happy. It would have been nice if the date of the next show was announced though, and if tickets had been on sale for it.

– Lee Burton


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