Rachel Summerlyn wins ACW's Heavyweight Title

Wow. I don’t know what really to say besides Thank You to everyone who has supported a girl born and raised in Austin,TX, who grew up surrounded by wrestling and then turning a dream into reality. All I ever wanted from wrestling was to give all you guys back the happiness it has given me. My zen place inside those ropes. Through all the battles, all the looks, all the people who said that I was just a girl…

Thank you for those moments, because it wouldn’t have made this one as special as it was. I am now the @ACWwrestling Heavyweight Champion.

They’re the words from Rachel Summerlyn‘s Twitter after last night’s Lone Star Classic in Austin, TX, where she came out of nowhere to win Anarchy Championship Wrestling‘s Heavyweight Championship. She substituted for Jerry Lynn in the semi finals of the tournament to defeat last year’s winner ACH, then rounded things off by beating Evan Gelistico to claim the title.

The victory is another ACW title that Summerlyn can add to her record – in the past, she has also won the American Joshi Championship on two occasions, the Tag Team Championship three times and the Anarchy Televised Title once, as well as winning the American Joshi Queen Of Queens tournament last year.

However, she is not the first woman to hold the title – which is primarily competed for by men – as Portia Perez held the belt for around an hour at the 2011 LSC exactly a year ago. At that time, Perez beat then-Champion Darin Childs and Summerlyn in a 3-way with the title on the line, but was beaten in the semi-final by JT LaMotta.

You can read more about the whole show by clicking here to see a report by Brandon Stroud.


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