Turning Point: ODB & EY – TNA's top power couple

TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champions ODB and Eric Young meet Knockouts singles titleholder Tara and her main squeeze Jesse Godderz.

The Background
• Since beating Miss Tessmacher at Bound For Glory last month and revealing Godderz as her toy boy, Tara has been tangling with ODB.
• Jesse defeated the Knockouts Tag Champ with a roll-up on Impact Wrestling on November 1, with ODB feeling upset that her husband EY hasn’t been there to have her back.
• Last Thursday, ODB defeated the love birds in a handicap match, which led to this mixed tag match at Turning Point, with Young making his first TV appearance in TNA since May 15, when he and ODB lost to Gail Kim and Madison Rayne.

The Match
• The match started with ODB going for a roll-up on Jesse for a near-fall before nailing him with an atomic drop and delivering a motorboat. A bronco buster later (and after EY asks for his Mrs to do the same to him), Tara comes in to break up the fun and games.
• Godderz took over on Young with some quick tags where Tara would go for a quick pin or deliver a thimbleful of punishment before tagging out again – though a brief comeback by EY saw both men laid out with simultaneous clotheslines, giving ODB the chance to spit liquor in Jesse’s eyes and deliver a low blow, which was enough time to facilitate the hot tag.
• A brief flurry saw ODB take out Tara with the Bam (TKO) before Godderz fought back, though a blind tag and a top rope Young elbow later, we had our winners in the Knockouts Tag Team Champions.

• It was what it was – a short comedy match with the bulk of the match taking place between Godderz and Young.
• Seriously, there really isn’t much to say about it. Tara and ODB had precious little interaction, and the result may have put a smile on people’s faces (though it hurts Tara and Jesse’s momentum a little), but it still leaves the tag straps in limbo, especially since EY is reportedly still negotiating a new contract with TNA.
• I suppose it could lead to ODB challenging Tara for the singles title, but that prospect was never really alluded to at any point.
• Overall, it was a bit of a nothing match. Maybe there will be more next month.

– Lee Burton


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