Survivor Series: Eve Torres' Divas Title reign survives

Kaitlyn finally gets her one-on-one WWE Divas Championship match on pay-per-view, taking on current titleholder Eve Torres at Survivor Series.

The Background
• The dynamic between Torres and Kaitlyn has been going since Night Of Champions when Eve won the title from Layla after Kaitlyn was taken out of action following a backstage attack by a mystery assailant.
• It was alleged that Eve was behind the attack, asking Aksana to do the deed, and was wearing a blonde wig at the time.
• Kaitlyn earned this latest shot after defeating Layla on Raw last week.
• And just before the match, someone tried to attack Kaitlyn again, but she got the better of her and tore off two blonde wigs to reveal it to be Aksana. At that moment, Torres came into shot, looking all concerned, but Kaitlyn shoved her to the floor, believing that she was behind the attempted assault.

The Match
• Kaitlyn immediately went on the advantage, beating her opponent so badly both inside and outside of the ring that Torres tried to escape over the barrier, only to be shoved back into the ring.
• The champion took the advantage with kicks, and then began choking Kaitlyn on the ropes and wearing her down with a triangle choke on the mat.
• Kaitlyn managed to fight back after shoving Eve from the top rope to the apron, which caused the titleholder to beg off, but the challenger was having none of it, and took her down with power moves like hair throws, shoulderblocks, a flapjack and a gutbuster for a near-fall.
• Eve scooted out of the ring, tripped Kaitlyn by yanking the apron and then delivered a neckbreaker in the ring for the pinfall to retain the title.

• I’m starting to warm to Torres’ heel antics. Some of her facials inside the ring when she was being extra vicious, scared or begging for mercy were great.
• Kaitlyn’s weren’t as strong, though her aggression was nice, but it still lacked the fire that I hoped someone who’s been screwed over, injured and manipulated would have had.
• As for the match, it wasn’t bad, but nothing to write home about. Torres’ slow offence would have been a great foil for Kaitlyn’s comeback, had it have been more intense, but what we were presented lacked a little spark.
• However, I wouldn’t mind seeing these two wrestle again, as they seem to have some chemistry. Give them some interaction on the road – during the European tour, Eve was wrestling Layla and AJ in triple threat matches on the Raw shows while Kaitlyn was beating Natalya on the SmackDown branded cards – and if/when the match makes it to pay-per-view again, it could be a lot better.


Also on the card, the feud between AJ and Vickie Guerrero took another turn when Tamina Snuka returned following a long layoff due to injury to attack AJ on Guerrero’s behalf. It looks like this squabble is going to finally make it to the ring in some fashion, though this could have probably waited for Raw, rather than going on pay-per-view.

– Lee Burton


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