Hope & Change win the AIW Tag Team Championship

If you have seen Veda Scott in SHIMMER, you may be surprised by her antics in Absolute Intense Wrestling. Utilising her legitimate qualifications in law, Scott is using legal wranglings to secure opportunities for herself and her client Gregory Iron, who has tasked her with levelling the playing field due to him competing despite having cerebral palsy.

Thanks to Veda, Iron has a loophole in his matches which means that opponents have to pin him for a count of four instead of the regular three, and also used her powers to earn them a crack at the AIW Tag Team Championship at Hell On Earth 8 in Cleveland, OH on Friday.

According to Eric Girod, who was in attendance at the show, Scott came out during the proceedings to demand title opportunities for both herself and Iron. Acting President Matt Wadsworth made the decision to have them combine to wrestle for the tag straps against defending champions The Batiri, as there wasn’t enough space on the card for them both to receive title shots (combined with the fact that Allysin Kay was already set to defend the Women’s Title against KC Warfield – a match which she won with a triangle choke tap out).

Under the name of Hope and Change, Scott and Iron won the belts after their representative Southside St. Clair stole a baton from the Batiri’s manager Veronica Ticklefeather, passed it to Iron who knocked out Obariyon, and allowed Scott to score the winning pinfall after suplexing Kodama onto his head. The match was not without controversy though, as the four-count rule came back to haunt Obariyon and Kodama. At one point, they had pinned Iron for a three – which under normal circumstances would be the conclusion of a match, but here… not so much.

The win secures Scott’s first championship since her debut in May 2011, and includes the precedent of being the first woman to hold any AIW title which is primarily competed for by men (unless you count Super Oprah being a Tag Team Champion, that is). It will be interesting to see how many loopholes, clauses and get-outs she can come up with to keep the titles around their waists – or as Gregory has demonstrated, in the fridge

Learn more about Veda Scott and her legal background in our chat with her as part of episode #35 of the Women Of Wrestling Podcast last year.


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