Paige travels with SmackDown roster, plus video of Emma's NXT debut

Anyone with eyes would have noticed that there is a dearth of options when it comes to the WWE Divas as it pertains to the main roster. After all, there is only so many times that you can have combinations of matches involving Eve Torres, Layla and Kaitlyn. That’s why over the weekend’s house shows, WWE has offered different matches – so AJ Lee and Kaitlyn reunited as the Chickbusters to face Torres and Rosa Mendes (the latter of whom is used sparingly inside the ring). However, one new name appeared on a SmackDown house show in Columbia, SC last night, with NXT’s female standout Paige going on the road with the blue brand to team with Layla in a winning effort against Aksana & Natalya.

Since arriving in the US 11 months ago, the 20-year old has graduated from the dark-haired newcomer with the reflective complexion to the antithesis of what you would expect a Diva to look like, to the most over woman on the NXT roster, to tagging with Layla on bona-fide WWE house shows… and winning to boot. It has been an impressive year for the youngster from Norwich, England, and bodes well for 2013. Could we see her debut before 2012 is out? There are four weeks left – anything’s possible…

Elsewhere on NXT, Emma (TAFKA Tenille Tayla) made her TV wrestling debut on last week’s show, wrestling Audrey Marie. Weirdly, she was wearing a black crop top underneath her gear, which didn’t compliment her look at all – plus, she was given no build up, no entrance, and no reason to cheer for her, as she was the victim of an extended squash, making her look like a jobber. Audrey Marie also seems to be a heel now, but with no real reason for us to boo her. Both women could do with some character development by WWE to make fans care about them, and Emma needs a surname, nickname or something (something Jim Ross points out on commentary), as it is too generic a name to be a singular moniker that stands out.

The video is below, and you have to watch it – not necessarily for the match, which is nothing special, but for the commentary, where JR gets more and more irritated with play-by-play guy Tom Phillips, who was rotten.


2 thoughts on “Paige travels with SmackDown roster, plus video of Emma's NXT debut

  1. The WWE has all the tools to make the Divas division interesting, but refuse to do so. Get AJ in the ring instead of wasting her time with stupid love storylines, and pushed Natalya instead of making her a jobber for a start.


  2. I agree, very stupid and annoying angles being perpetrated with the Divas division, it is distressing to watch talents being wasted. WWE can do better,


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