Velvet Sky returns to TNA

The pigeons were let loose, and now they have returned.

After being released from TNA back in July, Velvet Sky made her return to Impact Wrestling last night, making a vow to regain the Knockouts Championship and make 2013 her year. In doing so, she interrupted current titleholder Tara and Mickie James, who clash with the belt on the line on Sunday’s Final Resolution pay-per-view.

Rumours of the 31-year old’s return to the promotion have been flying about for a few months. With talk that TNA President Dixie Carter was personally upset that contract negotiations with Sky and TNA had collapsed, there were always rumblings of her still having some attachment to the company, as her picture gallery remained on the TNA website and her profile was never removed from the roster page. In October, the Wrestling Observer claimed she was back in talks, and in Tuesday’s Roundup, we covered the reports that she had possibly put pen to paper on a new contract.

Yesterday morning, Sky tweeted a Bible passage, saying “This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it. Psalm 118:24” – hinting that the rumours were true, and she would be returning to the Impact Zone.

Earlier today, Velvet tweeted about her Rated V clothing line which she launched after returning to the indie circuit, which indicates that she is still allowed to sell merchandise outside of TNA’s restrictions. That’s a definite positive for her, as her signed photos and prints alone must have garnered her thousands of dollars, and it would be a tough deal for her to return to TNA but have to give up that sort of income to do so. Whatever deal she signed, it’s clearly one she is happy with, so more power to her for sticking to her guns.

As for how her return was presented… it ended up overshadowing James discussing her own medical issues over the last few months and muddied the waters when it came to hyping the Knockouts Title match on Sunday. Instead of it being the hard sell for the match, the segment became all about Velvet, which was a shame, as the two could have been easily separated to offer more clarity for both.

If you want to see the return for yourself, the video is below, and underneath that is some footage of her coming through the curtain afterwards – which also features the mild faux-pas juxtaposition of Tara being carried through straight afterwards and Jeremy Borash having to quickly adjust his shot.


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