Ringbelles Roundup (11 December 2012) – Divas future, intergender wrestling part 2, Portia's tweets, Fierce Females DVD review & more

WWE knows the Divas division is in tatters at the moment, and seems intent on asking us what we want to happen to it, so the promotion has been contacting focus groups asking about the future of the women. PWInsider reports they were sent out to ask fans what they think of the Divas in the past, what they are like now, and which women they liked. Another question which was reportedly on the list is what role they wanted to see them in – be it as valets/managers, dancers, wrestlers, love interests and more.

This could be the opportunity that fans of women’s wrestling have been waiting for. If the data comes back in the way which we would hope for, it could see a resurgence of in-ring action for the Divas in 2013, along with some proper storylines with episodic character development, culminating in big matches at pay-per-views. It could see them take more prominent roles on the TV shows, and have their segments played out in front of interested, active crowds who care about what is going on. It could also see an injection of new talent into the ranks, possible gimmick revamps to make them more interesting, and having more options of big matches all as part of the quest to snare the Divas Championship.

Oh yes, it could be the start of something beautiful.

But what if it isn’t?

As has been reported, there are a number of different options on the table, and only one of them is for the women to wrestle more. Consider what WWE would do if the results come back and the respondents say that they want the women to be valets, or dancers, or love interests – as has been the case with AJ Lee for pretty much all of this year? What would happen to women’s wrestling in WWE if that happens?

Let’s be realistic – women’s wrestling fans are in the minority, and especially so when it comes to fans of WWE, both the die-hard and the casual viewer. The company has almost educated its viewers to not bother paying that much interest to the Divas as they are a rest from what it really wants you to focus on, which is whatever segments happen either side of it. That’s something which has been implanted into the heads of the “WWE Universe” for the last half decade, and don’t be surprised if these surveys come back and it says that fans aren’t interested in seeing women wrestling. In fact -as sad as it sounds – I’m almost counting on it.

However, that isn’t to say that WWE would do away with women’s wrestling completely. I get the feeling that no matter what happens, the promotion would not want to eradicate it, as variety is the spice of life. It must know that a portion of its income comes from Diva fans, and even though they have next to no desirable merchandise and they don’t do the annual swimsuit DVD which used to earn them – and the women themselves – a bundle, there is still money to be made from the female members of its roster. It’s just got to work out how to do that in an environment that it has set for itself where they don’t want bikinis and smutty scenarios. However, all it takes is a couple of good ideas, and the women become valuable again, and worth investing some time and money into.

The survey itself shows that they want to do something but aren’t sure about what. We can only hope that whatever they plan to do will allow these female wrestlers to do what they got into the wrestling business to do. Wrestle.


Last week, I wrote a series of musings on intergender wrestling and its place in the grand scheme of things. In the piece were the words of one LuFisto, who is an expert on the subject – highlighted by the fact that she won the North Shore Pro Wrestling Championship on Saturday by beating Simon Martel after a chase lasting several months. Coincidentally, after it was posted we received some thoughts on intergender wrestling, and thought this was a topic worth exploring with you, the readers of this website.

To do this, we also added a match from Absolute Intense Wrestling featuring Hailey Hatred and John Thorne in an I Quit Dog Collar Match which saw both participants bleed heavily and inflict some real damage on each other – and Thorne didn’t hold back in his offence on his female opponent.

Jim Baker, Elijah Whitehouse, Duncan Clarke, Kevin Pauley, JY, Alan Sharpe and Andy Thomson all got in touch to generally say that as long as it is booked correctly and wrestled in a believable fashion, then they’re all for it. However, we received a message from a reader who wanted to remain anonymous which offers a differing opinion.

Said writer pointed out that they can’t suspend disbelief for intergender contests, but while they accept that it exists and is becoming more accepted, it doesn’t necessarily have to be that way – pointing out that they prefer women to wrestle other women as a celebration of diversity, rather than trying to create a level of equality.

It’s an interesting argument. After all, when you go to a circus, you wouldn’t expect the clowns to be involved with the lion taming, or for the trapeze artists to do the illusions. However, if analogies aren’t your thing, I’ll offer you a personal feeling.

I accept that there are plenty of people who like lucha libre, though I can’t get into it. That doesn’t mean that there is anything wrong with me, nor is there anything wrong with lucha – it just doesn’t click. Likewise, just because you’re a fan of women’s wrestling, there is no hard or fast rule that you have to like or support intergender wrestling either. You’re not a hater or a critic; you’re just saying to each their own and letting it do its own thing. I can understand celebrating the differences women have rather than proving their equality (or superiority) over men, and am not going to have a go at anyone whose view on wrestling differs to mine. That’s why there are so many different styles out there – some won’t appeal to you, while others will. Enjoy the ones you like, leave the ones you don’t to those who do, and let’s all live in perfect harmony.


Portia Perez has been doing her damnedest to promote this Sunday’s Anarchy Championship Wrestling show in Austin, TX, headlined by an ACW Heavyweight Championship death match featuring the promotion’s six female athletes. Current titleholder Rachel Summerlyn takes on Jessica James, Athena, Angel Blue and Perez, as well as visitor Christina Von Eerie, who is making more trips to the promotion these days.

While others have not been hyping it up as much as they could (or should), the charismatic Ontarian has been using her Twitter to sell it in a fairly unique way. Below are some of the choice comments:

Is there a time limit on deathmatches? I’d like to give all my opponents a pack of cigarettes and just wait it out.

Deathmatches are a lot like cookies. Except I like cookies.

I guess I need an awesome deathmatch wrestler name like “Well-Adjusted Wielder of Properly Sterilized Weapons Perez”.

Fact: I have never been defeated in a deathmatch.

If I beat everyone in this deathmatch, but die of tetanus weeks later, is it technically a draw?

Now that I’m officially a “deathmatch wrestler”, I guess I need to decide which kind of hepatitis I want to contract.

Tacks don’t kill people; guns kill people. Portia Perez: Improving deathmatch efficiency since 2012.

I like my deathmatches like I like my coffee. I don’t like coffee.

I’d ask the losers of previous deathmatches what they would have done differently but I suppose they all died.

To win a six-person deathmatch, do I have to personally kill five other people, or just be the last one alive?

It may be worth seeking this match out – Portia is either going to be especially brutal, or especially clever. Possibly both.


And now, a word from my colleague Mr Stewart Allen, who has been watching the Insane Championship Wrestling: Fierce Females debut DVD…

“ICW Fierce Females’ first DVD release is out, and it’s an impressive debut – from the cover to the disc art to the fact that the footage is all watermarked in the corner with an inobtrusive “Fierce Females” logo – this is a release that someone has taken some care over, in order to create a good first impression. Lee attended the show in person earlier this year, so I’ll refrain from offering a match-by-match review, but in keeping with my comments on the care taken over the release, this is nowhere more evident than the very first match. I understand from Lee’s first hand comments that the opener between Ms. Nicola Storm and Fiona Fraser was, shall we say, “undermined” by the ending, which included a botch and the referee holding up on a three count and killing the finish. On DVD, the finish is covered with judicious editing and use of camera angles. I wouldn’t even bring it up if it wasn’t to offer a thumbs up to the editor.

“The other main impression I got from the DVD was the commentary team (Sean David & Billy Kirkwood), about whom I have a couple of notes. I appreciated their personable and enthusiastic style, and the fact that they took every opportunity to put the competitors over as athletes – but I was disappointed that on a few of the women, they admitted that they had very little or no information about who they were. At the very least, google is your friend, lads. Secondly, and this is a point worth noting – ICW:FF is, like it’s brother promotion ICW, an over 18s promotion – so not only is there burlesque dancing, but the commentary is unashamedly adult. Funny, but adult. Don’t buy this DVD if you’re likely to be offended by the odd F-bomb, the phrase “She could’ve pulled [her] arm off and used it as a dildo for a month”, or hear a bronco buster described as “taking a trip to spam valley”. But hey, it’s Scottish, and both swearing and a unique use of language comes naturally.

“Wrestling-wise, there’s some really good stuff on here – Carmel Jacob vs Kay Lee Ray in a Last Woman Standing bout is a superb main event, peppered with some tremendous (and dangerous looking) stuff, and topped off by a finish I’ve never seen before. Viper vs recent “My Name Is” guest Bete Noire is a thoroughly fun clubber-fest on the undercard, and there’s a nice comedic change of pace in the form of the tag match with April Davids & Lisa Fury vs The Owens Twins. There’s a lack of experience from some women on the undercard, but for the most part they’re booked well enough that they’re not over exposed.

“Fierce Females has come from nowhere to put on one of the most successful live events in Western women’s wrestling this year, and the DVD appears to have captured the unique spirit of the show admirably. If you weren’t there in person, grab this now.


Elsewhere on the site this week, Bete Noire joined us for a new episode of My Name Is…, we featured a match with Velvet Sky against Sassy Stephie from earlier this year, and also previewed the NWA Ring Warriors/Battling Bombshells show on Saturday, headlined by Kacee Carlisle against La Rosa Negra.


Got any news, results or upcoming events that you want to tell everyone about? Are you a female wrestler looking to tell us about upcoming bookings? Are you a fan who went to a show and saw a match, and would like to tell others about it – what you liked, what you didn’t and would like to encourage others to check it out for themselves? Send us an email!

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The best of the rest

Lilian Garcia returned to announcing duties last Tuesday in South Carolina after being hit by a car on October 27 in Los Angeles… Sara Del Rey has been added to the NXT website in the About Us section. It briefly covers her career but goes into no real detail – nor would you expect it to. She has also taken up powerlifting, winning a competition at the weekend… Raquel Diaz (Shaul Guerrero) tweeted that she wants to return to WWE in the future, but at the moment, she is focused on getting into college and dancing… Eve Torres has been dealing with an arm injury… Ric Flair talked about his daughter Ashley, who’s going under the name of Charlotte in developmental. Describing her as “incredible” and “unbelievable”, he says that he never tried to dissuade her from getting into wrestling, but also educated her that it is an “intense business”… Eve used a new gimmick on Raw after beating Alicia Fox – she invited the photographer into the ring while she posed over a prone Fox. Also on Raw, AJ Lee chucked a massive wappy after being pinned by Vickie Guerrero with a roll-up (what else?). She had the match won, but referee Brad Maddox refused to count… A new top contender to the Divas Championship will be decided in the pre-show of the TLC PPV on Sunday with an 8-woman battle royal.

Mickie James talked to 4th and Pain about a number of topics including her match with Trish Stratus at WrestleMania 22 and how she said she looked out into the crowd and saw 80,000 people screaming back at her. Strange, considering the attendance at the Allstate Arena in Rosemont, IL on that day was 17,159… Velvet Sky returned to TNA on Thursday’s Impact Wrestling show, interrupting Tara and Mickie James…. Eric Young has agreed a new contract with TNA, which means his Knockouts Tag Team Title reign with ODB is still intact. Maybe they can defend them sometime before the year is out… Tara defeated Mickie James at Final Resolution after suffering one too many distractions from Jesse Godderz.

North America
The former Kelly Kelly (Barbie Blank) was interviewed by the Poughkeepsie Journal while at her signing appearance at Northeast Wrestling last weekend. She pointed out that she’s not keen on getting back into the ring at the moment because of her neck injury… TMZ reports that Tammy Lynn Sytch asked for the conditions of her restraining order against her former boyfriend Damien Darling so they could settle their differences. The judge said no. She’s still going through rehab… Stacy Keibler told ESPN that her 8 years in wrestling was a “stepping stone” in her career… In an interview with the Augusta Free Press, Angelina Love accepted that some people will not like women’s wrestling, but also pointed out that she will always do her best to promote it. At the weekend, she was asked on Twitter if she would be coming back to TNA like Velvet Sky has, but she said no.. LuFisto has made it clear that she’s available for long term bookings anywhere in the world… Jessie Belle became the #1 contender to the Ohio Valley Wrestling Women’s Championship on Wednesday when she beat former titleholder Heidi Lovelace… Sienna DuVall, Katarina Leigh, Sumie Sakai and Missy Sampson all advanced in the Bombshell Ladies Of Wrestling tournament on Thursday. The semi finals take place on February 9… Danyah announced that she will wrestle a one-off appearance for Hart Legacy Wrestling in Calgary, AB, Canada on January 18… Transgender wrestler Amanda is now going by her real name of Mariah Moreno… Saturyne returned from injury at the weekend, falling to Portia Perez at Wrestling Is Awesome… As well as being inducted into the NWA Hall Of Fame, Joyce Grable is also being inducted into the Professional Wrestling Hall Of Fame in Amsterdam, NY – arguably the most legitimate Hall Of Fame of them all… Greek Barbie, Alexxis Nevaeh, Veda Scott, Mistress Belmont, Luscious Latasha and Kasey Ray will compete in a six-woman battle royal on Friday to determine the new Chaotic Wrestling Women’s Champion – the title was vacated by Mercedes KV in August when she reported to Florida as part of her WWE developmental deal… The ECCW Women’s Championship is on the line on Saturday when former Champion Nicole Matthews faces current titleholder Kc Spinelli… LuFisto will wrestle Mercedes Martinez in a Falls Count Anywhere match at the WSU/CZW double header show on February 9.

Pro Wrestling WAVE has announced that it is to crown its first ever singles champion as part of a four woman tournament, to be held over two shows in February and March next year. Three of the names have been announced – Yumi Ohka, Kana and Ayumi Kurihara… Congratulations to young sensation Yuhi, who won the Rookie of Stardom tournament on Sunday… Ran Yu-Yu retired on Sunday, losing to Mayumi Ozaki and then teaming with Carlos Amano to beat Ozaki & Dynamite Kansai – which makes sense, as she was stronger as a tag team wrestler anyway. Elsewhere on the OZ Academy card, it was announced that Mio Shirai would get an Openweight Championship match on January 13… Shirai will defend her Ice Ribbon ICEx60 Championship against Maki Narumiya on December 31. Meanwhile, Kyoko Kimura and Sayaka Obihiro will challenge Hailey Hatred and Hamuko Hoshi for the International Ribbon/REINA x World Tag Team Championships on December 19 after being the titleholders on Saturday… Wonder of Stardom Champion Yuzuki Aikawa won the Tokyo Sports Joshi Puroresu Grand Prize for the second year running today. It’s the third year in a row that someone from Stardom has won the prestigious honour – Nanae Takahashi won it in 2010.

Nikki Storm has confirmed her team for the War Games match at the Pro Wrestling: EVE Special Edition 2 show on February 23. She’s recruited Shanna, Rhia O’Reilly and Amazon Ayesha Ray. Alpha Female has yet to announce her teammates… Pro Wrestling: EVE promoter Dann Read hinted that Alpha Female v Amazing Kong may happen in 2013… The four teams who advanced to the semi-finals in the Rad Pro Wrestling EmbryoniX 1.5 Intergender Tag Grand Prix are Frankie Sloan & Nikki Storm, Rubix Roach & Kirsty Love, Jainus Centurion & Kay Lee Ray and Sam Adonis & Rhia O’Reilly, who all won their quarter finals on Saturday.

La Jarochita won this year’s QPPC, earning a contract with AAA. Luchablog reports that she has been wrestling in the Mexico City area for about a year… Marcela added the XMW Women’s Championship to her CMLL World Women’s Title on Saturday… Lady Puma won Lucha Libre Feminil’s Luchadora of the Year award.

Australia & New Zealand
Niki Nitro will make her Bombshell Ladies Of Wrestling debut on February 9… Shazza McKenzie’s quest to get a title shot has paid off – she will challenge Evie for the PWWA Interim Championship on January 12… While on the subject of Evie, she defeated her former BFF Megan-Kate in a Bat on a Pole match at Impact Championship Wrestling NZ to retain the Women’s Championship. Megan-Kate pulled down the bat, but it was Evie who got in the winning shot… Kellie Skater’s first booking for her second Japan trip will be on Christmas Eve. She will team with Mayu Iwatani against Miho Wakizawa and Eri Susa.



December 1: Pippa L’Vinn “Winter Wars” (Manchester, England) – Shelby Beach b Danni Brooks; Bete Noir b Viper; Pippa L’Vinn & Shelby Beach b Kirsty Love & April Davids; Viper b Gail Jillette; Kirsty Love & Gail Jillette b Bete Noire & April Davids; Kirsty Love won a rumble match

December 2: BATTLEWAR (Montreal, QC, Canada) – Vanessa Kraven b Giant Tiger

December 2: Ran Yu-Yu Produce (Tokyo, Japan) – Aja Kong, Tomoka Nakagawa, Ran Yu-Yu, AKINO & Hiroyo Matsumoto b Chikayo Nagashima, Carlos Amano, Tsubasa Kuragaki, Sonoko Kato & Meiko Satomura; Ran Yu-Yu v Tomoka Nakagawa went to a time limit draw; Ran Yu-Yu v AKINO went to a time limit draw

December 2: CMLL (Guadalajara, Mexico) – Amapola & La Comandante b Dark Angel & Silueta

December 4: CMLL (Mexico City, Mexico) – Princesa Blanca, Princesa Sugheit & Tiffany b Dalis la Caribeña, Dark Angel & Luna Mágica

December 5: WAVE (Tokyo, Japan) – Moeka Haruhi & Aya Yuki b Sawako Shimono & Ayako Hamada; Kana, Ayumi Kurihara & Mio Shirai b Yumi Ohka, Ryo Mizunami & Yuu Yamagata; Misaki Ohata & Tsukasa Fujimoto b Shuu Shibutani & Cherry; GAMI b Ran Yu-Yu I; Ran Yu-Yu b GAMI; Ran Yu-Yu b GAMI (again)

December 5: Ohio Valley Wrestling (Louisville, KY) – Jessie Belle b Heidi Lovelace

December 6: Bombshell Ladies Of Wrestling (Metuchen, NJ) – Missy Sampson b Marti Belle; Shelly Martinez b Amber O’Neal; La Rosa Negra b Miss Adiva; Katarina Leigh b Annie Social; John Silver b Alicia; Sienna Duvall b Becky Bayless; Silvie Silver b Kimber Lee; Sumie Sakai b Veda Scott

December 6: WWE NXT (Winter Park, FL) – Tamina Snuka b Sasha Banks; Paige b Emma

December 7: Elite Canadian Championship Wrestling (Surrey, BC, Canada) – Kc Spinelli b Sammy Hall

December 7: Ice Ribbon (Saitama, Japan) – Sayaka Obihiro v Eri Wakamatsu went to a time limit draw; Sayaka Obihiro b Shoko Hotta

December 7: St Louis Anarchy (Alton, IL) – Rachel Summerlyn b Angelus Layne

December 7: New England Championship Wrestling (Blackstone, MA) – Alexxis Nevaeh v Adrianna

December 7: Tri-City Wrestling (Hamilton, ON, Canada) – Courtney Rush b Allysin Kay

December 7: Pure Wrestling Association (Kitchener, ON, Canada) – Jewells Malone b Kaitlyn Diemond

December 7: Scottish School of Wrestling (Whitburn, Scotland) – Sara Marie Taylor b Kirsty Love

December 7: United States Wrestling Organazation (Nashville, TN) – Miss Rachel & D’Arcy Dixon b Mary Kelly & Taryn Shay

December 8: British Championship Wrestling (Kilmarnock, Scotland) – Liam Thomson & Carmel Jacob b Red Lightning & Sara-Marie Taylor

December 8: Rad Pro Wrestling (South Shields, England) – Sam Adonis & Rhia O’Reilly b Jonny Storm & Freya Frenzy; Jainus Centurion & Kay Lee Ray b Vulture & Viper; Frankie Sloan & Nikki Storm b Scott Renwick & Amazon; Rubix Roach & Kirsty Love b Rabbit & Alpha Female

December 8: Combat Zone Wrestling (Voorhees, NJ) – Greg Excellent & Momma Excellent b Kimber Lee & Drew Gulak

December 8: Adrenaline Championship Wrestling (Millersville, MD) – Kacee Carlisle b Sienna Duvall & Rebecca Payne in 3-way

December 8: New York Wrestling Connection (Deer Park, NY) – Alicia, Nikki Addams and Steve Forge b Brittney Savage, Marti Belle & Rick Cataldo

December 8: Future Of Wrestling (Deerfield Beach, FL) – La Rosa Negra b Santana Garrett

December 8: Wrestling Is Awesome (Enosburg Falls, NY) – Portia Perez b Saturyne

December 8: Elite Canadian Championship Wrestling (Vancouver, BC, Canada) – Nicole Matthews & Ravenous Randy b Gurv & Harv Sihra and Jamie Diaz & Scottie Mac

December 8: Xtrem Mexican Wrestling (Mexico City, Mexico) – Marcela b Ludark Shaitan to win the XMW Women’s Championship

December 8: Impact Pro Wrestling (Auckland, NZ) – Evie b Megan-Kate

December 8: Ice Ribbon (Saitama, Japan) – Tsukasa Fujimoto b Risa Ser; Aoi Kizuki & Kurumi b Meari Naito & Shoko Hotta; Kyoko Kimura & Sayaka Obihiro b Hailey Hatred & Neko Nitta; Maki Narumiya b Tsukushi & Hikaru Shida in a 3-way

December 9: Stardom (Tokyo, Japan) – Kyoko Kimura & Hailey Hatred b Mayu Iwatani, Eri Susa & Saki Kashima; Yuzuki Aikawa, Io Shirai & Yoshiko b Nanae Takahashi, Natsuki*Taiyo & Miho Wakizawa; Act Yasukawa b Natsumi Showzuki; Yuhi b Kairi Hojo; Yuhi b Act Yasukawa

December 9: OZ Academy (Tokyo, Japan) – Aja Kong b Hikaru Shida; Manami Toyota & Meiko Satomura b Nao Komatsu & Sareee; noki-A & A*Y*U*M*I b Leon & Ra; Yumi Ohka, Tomoka Nakagawa, Hiroyo Matsumoto & Mio Shirai b Carlos Amano, Chikayo Nagashima, Tsubasa Kuragaki & Sonoko Kato; Mayumi Ozaki b Ran Yu-Yu; Ran Yu-Yu & Carlos Amano b Mayumi Ozaki & Dynamite Kansai

December 9: TNA Final Resolution (Orlando, FL) – Tara b Mickie James

December 9: CMLL (Guadalajara, Mexico) – Marcela b Amapola

December 10: WWE Raw (Newark, NJ) – Eve Torres b Alicia Fox; Vickie Guerrero b AJ Lee


December 12: Absolute Intense Wrestling (Cleveland, OH) – Veda Scott & Gregory Iron v Josh Piscura & Matt Cross

December 14: Chaotic Wrestling (Lowell, MA) – Battle royal featuring Greek Barbie, Alexxis Nevaeh, Veda Scott, Mistress Belmont, Luscious Latasha & Kasey Ray

December 14: Dubai Wrestling Entertainment (Dubai, UAE) – Alpha Female & Niki Nitro v Kasey & Leah Owens

December 15: NWA Ring Warriors/Battling Bombshells (Hollywood, FL) – Kacee Carlisle v La Rosa Negra; Santana Garrett v La Morena; Su Yung & Amazona v Silvie Silver & Melissa Coates; Leva Bates v Sienna DuVall

December 15: Elite Canadian Championship Wrestling (New Westminster, BC, Canada) – Nicole Matthews v Kc Spinelli

December 16: Anarchy Championship Wrestling (Austin, TX) – Jessicka Havok v Jaykus Plisken; Rachel Summerlyn v Jessica James v Christina Von Eerie v Athena v Angel Blue v Portia Perez

December 20: Gatoh Move (Itabashi, Japan) – Kaori Yoneyama & Hailey Hatred v Kay Lee Ray & Riho; Emi Sakura v Hiroyo Matsumoto

December 24: JWP (Tokyo, Japan) – Kayoko Haruyama & Tsubasa Kurigaki v Meiko Satomura & Hailey Hatred; LEON & Kay Lee Ray v DASH Chisako & Sendai Sachiko; Rabbit Mito v Manami Katsu; Command Bolshoi v Kaori Yoneyama; Emi Sakura v Arisa Nakajima

December 24: Stardom (Tokyo, Japan) – Kellie Skater & Mayu Iwatani v Eri Susa & Miho Wakizawa; Nanae Takahashi v Yuzuki Aikawa

December 27: Wrestling New Classic (Tokyo, Japan) – Syuri v Nagisa Nozaki

December 28: 19 Pro (Saitama, Japan) – Hamuko Hoshi v Sayaka Obihiro

December 28: Italian Championship Wrestling (Lugano, Switzerland) – Laura Wellings v Lady Lory

January 5: Crossfire Entertainment (Nashville, TN) – Cheerleader Melissa v Mia Yim

January 11: SHINE 6 (Ybor City, FL)

January 12: Pro Wrestling Alliance (Toukley, Australia) – Evie v Shazza McKenzie

January 19: Rad Pro Wrestling (South Shields, England) – Frankie Sloan & Nikki Storm v Rubix Roach & Kirsty Love; Jainus Centurion & Kay Lee Ray v Sam Adonis & Rhia O’Reilly

January 26: Zero 1 USA (Mattoon, IL) – Serenity v Angelus Layne

February 2: Pro Wrestling: EVE (Preston, England)

February 9: Women Superstars Uncensored (Voorhees, NJ) – LuFisto v Mercedes Martinez

February 16: Family Wrestling Entertainment (Brooklyn, NY) – Maria Kanellis v Angelina Love; Gail Kim v Katerina Leigh; Ivelisse Velez v Reby Sky

March 30: nCw Femmes Fatales XI (Montreal, Quebec, Canada)

April 6: SHIMMER: Women Athletes (Secaucus, NJ) – Sweet Saraya v Cheerleader Melissa; Athena v Ayako Hamada

April 13-14: SHIMMER: Women Athletes (Berwyn, IL)

May 4: ICW: Fierce Females (Glasgow, Scotland)

June 23: Anarchy Championship Wrestling American Joshi Queen of Queens (Austin, TX)

July 6: nCw Femmes Fatales XII (Montreal, Quebec, Canada)

– Lee Burton

© Ringbelles


One thought on “Ringbelles Roundup (11 December 2012) – Divas future, intergender wrestling part 2, Portia's tweets, Fierce Females DVD review & more

  1. All the WWE needs to do is hire real female wrestlers, actually push them instead of the models, promo time and give them 5 minute matches minimum. The problem is that the WWE doesn’t like women’s matches to upstage their insecure male wrestlers.


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