Bombshells and Jingle Bells results

Last week, we reported that the main selling point for the Bombshells and Jingle Bells show which took place in Hollywood, FL last night was to be the NWA World Women’s Championship match between titleholder Kacee Carlisle and challenger La Rosa Negra. However, while the match still took place, the title which was on the line changed. For whatever reason, the NWA belt would stay with Carlisle, and the La Rosa Negra’s Battling Bombshells title was the one which would be on the line instead.

It wasn’t the only controversy involving the NWA on the show. After the main event, NWA Ring Warriors announced that it was withdrawing from the Alliance and its name would be reverted to simply Ring Warriors, and may partly stem from the decision to change the title match.

You can see the show results courtesy of Hit The Ropes by clicking the jump.

1. Calypso and Angel Rose defeated Solo Darling and Cherry Lane after Calypso splashed Lane in the corner and Rose made the cover.
2. Sienna DuVall made Leva Bates tap out to the Diva Trap. Bates was dressed as Gandalf, complete with a staff. DuVall’s manager distracted the ref to allow Sienna to use the staff on Leva before getting the submission locked in.
3. Santana Garrett pinned La Morena with her handspring moonsault
4. Su Yung and Amazona beat Melissa Coates and Sylvie Silver after an Amazona superkick
5. DiDi defeated Sienna DuVall via DQ. DiDi was introduced to the crowd and DuVall challenged her to the match, but was DQed after not letting go of the Diva Trap.
6. La Rosa Negra pinned Kacee Carlisle via rollup to retain the Battling Bombshells Championship.

Below, you can see conclusion of the Carlisle/Negra match and the announcement from COO Howard Brody about Ring Warriors leaving the NWA in the video below.


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