In Video: Summers… in winter

It’s a bit weird in Australia. While most of you who are reading this are shivering as winter (the season, not the wrestler) wraps its icy grim around our throats, the Aussies are enjoying sweltering temperatures and have the air conditioning working overtime. Other weird things that happen is that beloved babyfaces show their sour side, and that’s exactly what happens in the match we bring you this weekend.

Jessie McKay – the happy, smiling, righteous woman who is adored in SHIMMER – competes in this match for Zero 1 Australia (which took place in Adelaide last month and filmed by a fan on his phone) as the antagonist, self-obsessed heel, while her opponent Savannah Summers (pictured) takes the role of popular babyface. As weird as it may be to see McKay heeling it up, she is great at it, and Summers is equally great as the fiery fan favourite.

A quick note on Savannah Summers – while she may not have experienced the overseas exposure as other Aussies, she is certainly a talent to keep an eye on. Earlier this year (during our summer but their winter… confusing, eh) she became the first Riot City Wrestling Women’s Champion, only recently losing the belt to Eliza Sway, and also competed on PWWA‘s most recent card in October. On her Facebook, she was asked about whether she is planning a trip to the US, and she confirmed that she was – which is certainly an interesting prospect. We look forward to what she has planned for next year, as she has all the tools to be a success.


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