The Blossom Twins have been all over the UK's media

Ahead of the launch of TNA British Boot Camp on January 1, the Blossom Twins have been doing the media rounds in the UK, and made a massive splash today, appearing in four newspapers including The Sun, Daily Express and Metro.

In the articles, Hannah and Holly (real names Lucy and Kelly Knott) discuss their day jobs as teaching assistants at the Stockport school which they attended as youngsters, and also discussed how they got into wrestling at the age of 12: “We used to love watching wrestling with our brother when we were younger and we decided together it was what we wanted to do. Since then we have lived and breathed wrestling whenever we can. We really are living the dream – to be able to teach while wrestling is incredible.”

In the Express piece – the most comprehensive of the ones linked above – the 24-year old sisters also discuss the benefits of wrestling alongside a sibling, as well as their ventures to Louisville, KY for Ohio Valley Wrestling, and even their entrance music. For a newspaper piece on wrestling, it is surprisingly comprehensive.

In addition to the impressive newspaper coverage, Holly was also interviewed by national sports radio station talkSPORT earlier today by Hawksbee and Jacobs where she explains the British Bootcamp show, how they got into wrestling, the rise of women’s wrestling in the UK, arriving at OVW and getting started there, and how the children at their school react when they find out what they do in their spare time. Click here to listen.

It is impressive to see how far the Blossoms have come in the last few years. When they first went to Louisville, they still looked very young, but have evolved and matured into the sirens you see in the picture you see above. In addition, their wrestling has been polished, and their confidence is sky-high. They stand a very real chance of winning the TNA contract, and could be exactly what the company needs to revive the Knockouts tag team division, which slowed to a crawl in 2012. Should the twins make it, they could immediately have a storyline to be a part of, which is an intriguing prospect for women’s wrestling fans.

– Lee Burton


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