DVD Review: MCW Fight Like A Girl

MCW Fight Like A Girl DVDMelbourne City Wrestling presents its first DVD dedicated to the women in its promotion, featuring personality profiles and matches from the last two years of MCW.

1. Kellie Skater made Shazza McKenzie tap out to a stranglehold neckscissors
2. Shazza McKenzie pinned Tenille Tayla with a small package.
3. Eliza Sway defeated Shazza McKenzie and Savannah Summers in a 3-way. Sway pinned Summers after McKenzie had delivered the Shaztastic Stunner.
4. KC Cassidy beat Kellie Skater with an elevated DDT.

a. Siren Monroe defeated Percy with a DDT.
b. Shazza McKenzie pinned Madison Eagles with the Overdrive.
c. Madison Eagles beat Shazza McKenzie with the Hellbound.
d. Shazza McKenzie bested KC Cassidy with the Shaztastic Stunner.
e. Kellie Skater & El Botcho defeated Eliza Sway & Andy Roy. Skater pinned Sway with the Skate and Destroy.
f. Savannah Summers pinned KC Cassidy with a tights-assisted roll-up.

Eliza Sway with a sleeper on Shazza McKenzie. Photo: MCW/Cory LockwoodHighlights
• The profile pieces of Kellie Skater, Shazza McKenzie, Eliza Sway and KC Cassidy give insight into their pasts, their personal highlights both away from and within MCW as well as their goals. It also shows some archive footage (such as one of Skater’s earliest matches) and clips from other promotions.
• Skater and McKenzie show off the kayfabe pros and cons of a Submissions Match, as Skater goes for pinfalls twice in the match, with the ref reminding her that he is not obliged to count. Both spend most of the match fighting over submission holds.
• The DVD features Tenille Tayla’s final indie match before reporting to WWE. She turns heel before the match with McKenzie, saying she achieved success without the help of Australia’s fans, but turns back after she is beaten by Shazza.
• Sway gets over by being totally different to everyone else. Tattooed, rough and ready but pretty without every acknowledging or playing up to it, she is certainly someone to take notice of. She also heels it up by taking advantage of McKenzie taking out Savannah Summers in their 3-way, throwing her out of the ring so she could steal the pinfall.
• Skater’s difference in ability between the first match on this DVD and her one against Cassidy is very evident, despite the short time span between the two. The reason? Her four months travelling in Japan, the US and Canada between the end of 2011 and this March.
• McKenzie defeated Madison Eagles in their first match presented on the disc, which leads to a rematch for the PWWA Championship in the following contest. Eagles retained the title with the Hellbound.
• Cassidy gets to show off both her babyface and heel personas on the DVD. In the match with Shazza McKenzie from last year, she gets to be Queen Bitch.
• The mixed tag match is from an expo show and has Skater working as the comedy, clapping baby face (imagine that). Her tag partner El Botcho shows he’s a team player by wearing Skater’s gear.
• The wrestling portion is completed with Cassidy back to being a babyface, being pinned by Savannah Summers as part of the cross-promotion between MCW and Riot City Wrestling.
• It’s all capped off with a quick video package showing highlights of a photoshoot with McKenzie.

Tenille Tayla in her final indie match at MCW. Photo: MCW/Cory Lockwood• This is a well-made presentation, with the profile packages showing just how good the work in the editing suite has been. They are excellent, and give you a bigger insight into the wrestlers you may already know, and is a great introduction to the ones that you don’t.
• Some of the matches have commentary, while others do not. It is a massive pity, as everything else when it comes to the production is so well done that not having commentary on two of the four matches on the main feature is a huge shame. For the extras, I can understand some having it and some not, but it would have been worth doing some for the main four matches, even if they were only recorded just for this DVD.
• Having said that, some of the commentary is a little leery and sexist at times.
• I have no idea why Tenille turned heel before her match with McKenzie only to turn back at the end. I never got the impression that she really wanted to be booed, and her working heel instead of having a strong face v face match was a disappointment.
• The matches on the main feature are a little short – the whole thing doesn’t last more than an hour – but they are meant to offer a flavour of the names, rather than being all about the contests themselves.
• However, the extras make up for that, especially with the two McKenzie v Eagles matches, which are great.
• Siren Monroe (who is currently training at Booker T‘s training school) gets a bit of a raw deal with her match, as her featured match against sleazy pornographer Percy is tragically short.
• If you had to make me choose, I’d pick KC Cassidy’s heel character over her babyface one, but she does command some decent sympathy.
• The mixed tag match takes place at some sort of expo show, which means that crowd interaction is at an absolute minimum, and only Skater does something to try and get them involved. It makes everything seem quite flat, even though the match itself is perfectly fine.
• You may have noticed that there is a lot of Shazza matches listed. In all, she is in six of the ten matches, as well as having her own profile piece and photoshoot package. You can tell who the star of the early years of the division has been so far…

Match of the DVD
Non-title match
Madison Eagles v Shazza McKenzie

…which is why it is appropriate that the best match on the disc features her.

Starting out early with wristlocks, Eagles got the early advantage, though Shazza’s enthusiasm saw her take control, much to the champion’s frustration. However, Eagles took control with a big elbow following McKenzie being distracted, leading to Madison stretching her opponent to try and humilate her into quitting – though when that doesn’t work, the kicks are broken out. However the titleholder’s frustration is reignited when she can’t put her plucky opponent away, despite the prolonged beating and a sweet German suplex out of the corner and a huge brain buster. Shazza found an opening, hitting a wheelbarrow bulldog which gave her time to recover, and mounted her spirited comeback, which included a massive DDT. The finish came when McKenzie fought out of the Hellbound and nailed an Overdrive for the three.

It does show just how great Eagles is – she’s just so slick in the ring, everything she does is so instinctive, and when she’s wrestling heel (as she is here) her wrestling is so god that you can’t help but get a little bit annoyed by her awesomeness. It certainly whets the appetite ahead of her return, which is drawing rapidly closer.

KC Cassidy shows off her flexibility against Shazza McKenzie. Photo: MCW/Cory LockwoodOverall Impressions
Mentally, I made a mistake going into watching this DVD. In my head, I’d assumed that it was a Best Of set of the best matches in MCW, which isn’t strictly the case. Instead, what you get is a magazine-style introduction, which lets you learn about the promotion’s main wrestlers (though others like Eagles and Summers get a lot of coverage despite being either visitors or interlopers respectively) and a match which shows off their character. In that sense, the main feature does a good job, with the 3-way being the top contest of the main feature.

If you’re after more wrestling, the extras will be for you, especially for the McKenzie v Eagles matches, though the two matches involving Cassidy are also worth a watch.

Should you be a novice to women’s wrestling in Australia, this DVD is certainly a great starting place. If you’re already used to names who have ventured outside of the country like Skater or McKenzie, it is still worth a purchase to learn more about them. Is Fight Like A Girl a must-buy? Debatable. But it’s definitely worth some considerable thought if you have any Christmas money floating around – especially if you’re a women’s wrestling aficionado, which you probably are if you’re reading this…

You can either buy the DVD from the MCW Facebook shop, or from Highspots.

– Lee Burton
– Photos by Cory Lockwood Photography


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