Ringbelles Retro: The Blossom Twins, then and now

Blossom TwinsWe’ve talked a lot about the Blossom Twins‘ quest to earn a TNA contract as part of the British Boot Camp show. Well, last night in the UK, the first two episodes aired back-to-back, and you can watch them in their entirety after the jump. However, we’re going to furnish you with a little more than that, as to understand where Hannah and Holly may be going, it’s worth acknowledging where they have been.

The picture to the left is from 2010 – showing how massive their evolution has been in that time. The photo was taken in early 2010, about 6 or so months after they debuted in Ohio Valley Wrestling, winning the Women’s Championship on three occasions between them (Hannah with two reigns, Holly with one). The pair started out as heels (as unusual as it can be to believe that such a wholesome pair could be on the dark side) but turned face in the spring of 2010 when they saved Josie (now Josette Bynum) from a beatdown at the hands of then-Women’s Champion C.J. Lane, as well as Epiphany and Taryn Shay. The Retro match after the jump sees Lane, Shay and Epiphany take on the Blossoms after Josie was attacked backstage, making it a handicap match.

Speaking of British Boot Camp, we give it a thumbs up. It’s more a docudrama than a reality show, but it’s slickly made, beautifully edited and establishes all the competitors quickly. Let us know what you think in the comments section.


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