Ivelisse Velez makes her Mexican debut, plus video

Ivelisse Velez. Photo: Perros del MalIt’s been a busy couple of weeks for former WWE developmental Diva Ivelisse Velez. After it emerged that she will make her Mixed Martial Arts debut in March, the 24-year old made her way to Mexico to make her debut in the country for the Perros del Mal promotion.

It’s a big shot in her arm that her debut match also ended in a victory too, as she teamed with Cósmico & Eita to beat Celestial, Flamita & Sexy Lady (substituting for Talisman) in a mixed trios match. In addition, she may be in line to expand her horizons, as the Wrestling Observer reports that she may have some interest from AAA too – which makes sense, as PdM has a working relationship with them.

Ivelisse uploaded clips of the match on her YouTube account, so we have poster the video after the jump. It looks like a promising start for the Puerto Rican, so she may have a number of options to play around with over the next few months.

– Lee Burton
– Photo by Perros del Mal


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