Maki Narumiya "suffers severe neck injury"

Maki NarumiyaIt’s equal doses of agony and ecstasy all in the space of a week for Maki Narumiya. Last Monday, the 27-year old ascended to the top of the heap in Ice Ribbon, winning the ICEx60 Championship for the first time, defeating Mio Shirai in the main event of RibbonMania. However, yesterday, the new titleholder received some devastating news.

Ringstars reports that after missing Thursday’s event at the promotion’s dojo, Narumiya wrestled yesterday at Yokohama but went to the hospital afterwards complaining of severe neck pain. Examinations revealed that she has suffered spinal cord damage, but the extent of the injury has yet to be fully confirmed – further examinations will take place over the week.

Because of the injury, Open The Puroresu Gate says that she will miss the following week’s cards and a talk show event on January 23 while a full diagnosis takes place. No decision has been made on the future of the ICEx60 Championship, and there is unlikely to be one until Ice Ribbon knows for how long Narumiya will be out.

The injury – as well as the timing – is a massive blow to Narumiya, who is at the beginning of the biggest push of her short career. Whether or not it is too soon for her to be Ice Ribbon’s top champion is another conversation, but you’re never going to know unless you try, and she had a hugely successful 2012 (as outlined in the most recent Roundup) justifying her being given the championship. It is also a shame for Ice Ribbon, who is seeing its roster dwindling with new recruits joining but needing time to season themselves. To have this happening is poor fortune that it could really do without.

Regardless, we wish Maki Narumiya a speedy recovery and hope she receives a clean bill of health very soon.

– Lee Burton


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