Sarita gone from TNA? (Update: AND Rosita?)

Rosita & Sarita are thought to have left TNAWhat do you mean, you thought Sarita already had left?

Well, Lords Of Pain pointed out this morning that the 33-year old Canadian’s profile has been removed from the TNA roster page, though this shouldn’t come as a surprise to anybody.

Considering she hasn’t been on the Impact Wrestling show since April 19 last year where she, Rosita, Gail Kim and Madison Rayne lost to Mickie James, Miss Tessmacher, Tara and Velvet Sky, it would have been a fair bet that she had left. However, she wrestled one more match on TV after that – a loss to Velvet Sky which was broadcast on Xplosion on May 2 – and also competed at a BaseBrawl show on June 14. After that – nothing.

In the interim, the former two-time Knockouts Tag Team Champion has kept busy, due to the unique agreement which she has with TNA, which allows her to continue wrestling as Dark Angel for CMLL in Mexico, not have to worry about getting permission to do so, and despite TNA being more friendly with its rivals AAA. She has also enjoyed some time in Japan, spending August and September wrestling the 5STAR Grand Prix with Stardom. However, it was discussed at the time that doing so may have ruffled the feathers of CMLL, as it was alleged that she arranged the Stardom bookings without the knowledge of her home promotion, which meant that it may have missed out on booking fees, and also could have possibly affected the relationship with CMLL and REINA x World. As it turns out, she returned to CMLL in October and picked up where she left off.

To be honest, talk of Sarita (real name Sarah Stock, which is how she is known in SHIMMER) leaving TNA seems like stepping into a time machine, as we thought she had already gone. However, the removal of her profile from TNA’s roster page is a sign that she may be on the way – or is already – out, and TNA rarely makes a point of saying when one of their wrestlers departs.

Rosita is teaching Zumba these daysHowever, I doubt either party will miss the other. Stock never really settled into TNA and her lucha style didn’t seem to gel well with her opponents, and turning her heel was counterproductive for someone with her repertoire, though her character developed with her “cousin” Rosita. You couldn’t say that her stock (pun intended) grew during her time there, and her Japan booking is more likely to have come from her CMLL portfolio. Meanwhile TNA could never really find the best fit for her, and can’t have been that bothered about keeping her on the books, considering she hasn’t wrestled for them for more than six months.

So where does that leave her former Knockouts Tag Team Championship partner Rosita, who has been off TV for the same amount of time as Sarita? Granted, she has wrestled on a couple of TNA house shows and BaseBrawl events in that time, but has been out of the Knockouts picture for the best part of the year. She has kept herself busy by being booked in shows in the north east of the US, and has also expanded her resume by earning a qualification as a yoga instructor while TNA keeps forgetting that she exists.

UPDATE: Now PWInsider is reporting that Rosita has elected to go too. However, as of this update, her profile remains on TNA’s website. This may be something to keep an eye on.

– Lee Burton
– Photo by Lee South/TNA


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