SHINE 6 results – Valkyrie is revealed, Kimberly wins, Havok remains undefeated

Kimberly Leva BatesSHINE Wrestling returns after a month’s rest with SHINE 6, and the ball is certainly rolling in establishing itself as a promotion with history. Three of its big matches – Kimberly v Leva Bates, Christina Von Eerie & MsChif v Made In Sin (Allysin Kay & Taylor Made) and Jessicka Havok v Reby Sky – have big backstories as we have covered here. In addition, the main event is equally attractive, with Amazing Kong (substituting for her Rhythm & Bruise teammate Jazz) facing Mercedes Martinez. In addition, the impressive Leah Von Dutch and our 2012 Discovery of the Year Kimber Lee make their debuts against Santana Garrett and Nikki Roxx respectively.

This is the most anticipated card from the promotion since the internationally-flavoured SHINE 4, but this has a different taste to it, as the most enticing matches are ones which have storylines which have grown and blossomed in the promotion. You still have time to order the card from WWN – click here to jump to the order page.

If you can’t watch it, we will be updating this page with results after the jump. Keep hitting refresh to see the results as the happen – in the meantime, check out the hype videos for Kimberly v Leva and Havok v Sky, or listen to the recent Fight Like A Girl with Kimberly. They should be enough to tip you over the edge and have you part with your money…

Leah Von Dutch chokes Santana Garrett1. Mia Yim defeated Tina San Antonio with a German Suplex.
2. Santana Garrett pinned Leah Von Dutch with the Shining Star Press.
3. Nikki Roxx beat Kimber Lee with the Barbie Crusher.
4. MsEerie (MsChif & Christina Von Eerie) defeated Made In Sin (Allysin Kay & Taylor Made). Von Eerie pinned Made with the Doomsday Device. Made In Sin beat down the winners after the bell, using a spike piledriver on Christina.
Rain did a promo in the ring saying she’s been screwed over by SHINE so far, and that she’ll be playing by her own rules from now on.
5. Ivelisse Velez pinned Su Yung with a guillotine choke into a DDT.
6. Jessicka Havok beat Reby Sky when Matt Hardy threw in the towel while Sky was in the Rings of Saturn.
7. Kimberly made Leva Bates tap out to the Texas Cloverleaf. Leva was dressed as Eric Draven from The Crow. Kimberly hugged Daffney and the ringside audience and partied on top of the bar after getting her first win. She and Bates brawled to the back.
8. Mercedes Martinez pinned Amazing Kong after interference from Rain and April Hunter. Hunter, Ivelisse and Made In Sin attacked Kong after the match, cutting off MsChif, Nikki Roxx & Mia Yim, Su Yung & Santana Garrett who attempted to make the save. Rain announced she, Made In Sin, Hunter and Velez as the stable known as Valkyrie.

MsChif Allysin Kay• It was a surprise to see Mia Yim in the opening match of this show, but it is a testament to how strong the SHINE 6 card was. What was also evident is the difference in Yim’s skill and general physique and skill due to her extended trips to Japan over the last year – nothing against Tina San Antonio, but Yim has evolved past her by this point. The finishing German Suplex was a disappointment, as Tina’s body had fallen to one side.
• But that’s where the major complaints end. Leah Von Dutch made a great debut in the promotion as a heel against the equally agile Santana Garrett, being the aggressive bitch with a chip on her shoulder. The pair put together an exciting match with the ending coming from them busting out their respective moonsaults – Von Dutch missed her Quebrada (dubbed the Flying Dutchman), giving Santana the opening to nail the Shining Star Press (handspring moonsault) for the win. Great stuff.
• Kimber Lee also made a good showing of herself in her first SHINE match, and while it was good, her match against Nikki Roxx didn’t have the pizzazz of the previous encounter. Still, nothing to complain about here.
• Made In Sin’s unbeaten streak came to an end at the hands of MsEerie, though it took a titanic Doomsday Device to put them away. The match itself was decent enough, but the real action came after the match with Allysin Kay and April Hunter attacking MsChif and Christina Von Eerie, taking Von Eerie out with a scary-looking spike piledriver.
• As Made In Sin left, Rain came out to complain about her treatment in SHINE, saying she never tapped out against Jazz at SHINE 3 and said she was the one who deserved the SHIMMER title shot against Saraya Knight at SHINE 4. Closing the segment, she promised to start doing things by her rules.
• It’s amazing what a change of hair colour can do for someone. As a blonde, Ivelisse Velez was a decent enough babyface, but as a brunette, she becomes a great little heel, and proved that against the impossible-to-hate Su Yung. The pair had a spirited contest, with the match-winning DDT looking like it knocked Yung out colder than a block of ice.
• Having shots of Reby Sky’s boyfriend Matt Hardy at ringside ahead of her match against Jessicka Havok screamed ‘ANGLE ALERT’. However, his concern during this war added to the drama, in what I feel what the match of the night – though to call it a match is doing it an injustice, as it was more of a battle, and it was great to watch. Sky started the match by blindsiding Havok, and fought her rear end off against her larger opponent, though Jessicka attacked the arm which she injured at SHINE 2. There were some untidy moment, but rather than detract from the match, it added to it.
Jessicka Havok Reby Sky• The finish came when Havok tied Sky up in the Rings of Saturn, with Reby getting to the ropes – however Jessicka pulled her away, reapplied the hold and wrenched back as Sky started to pass out. Watching from outside, Hardy could take no more and threw the towel in. Havok gets the win, but Sky shows her heart and determination by refusing to give up. Nobody loses. Great match.
• Kimberly has gone completely off the rails. Entering in her Thing 2 outfit from SHINE 5 – though with the ‘2’ crossed out and replaced with a ‘1’ – as she’s a winner, of course – and a headless toy Thing, she was every bit the obsessive. Dressed as Eric Draven from The Crow, Leva Bates jumped Kimberly from behind – which would have been well-reveived, but the exact same thing happened in the previous match. While the match was good and told the story of the wronged babyface and the crazed heel, the previous match had burned the crowd at the Oprheum in Ybor City, FL right out.
• However, Kimberly’s celebration after winning the match was great. She hugged ring announcer Daffney and the fans around ringside, before running to the bar and parting on top of it. It pissed Leva off so much that the pair fought to the back. Looks like these two will fight again, and I’m glad about that as both have grown so much because of it.
• After the drama of the last two matches, the main event felt like an afterthought, though Mercedes Martinez and Amazing Kong did their level best to fire the crowd up. The dynamic felt a bit weird with the smaller Martinez working as the heel, but the pair did enough to keep the fans supporting the right woman. However, as with the tag team match, the real story was the finish and post-match antics.
Amazing Kong Mercedes Martinez• While Rain distracted the ref, April Hunter clubbed Kong in the leg with her mini baseball bat, allowing Martinez to get the pin. After that, Hunter, Kay, Taylor Made and Ivelisse attacked Kong while cutting off the babyfaces who tried to make the save, with Rain proclaiming that the group is known as Valkyrie. Quite where Martinez fits in – if anywhere – is yet to be seen, and we’ll have to wait and see what their end goal is, but I enjoyed the angle, as I like heel stables. If anything, it reminds me of the ethos of CHIKARA‘s BDK faction.
• No question – this was the best SHINE show to date. Great wrestling, strong performances, great angles and a big main event storyline which will filter down throughout subsequent cards… SHINE has started 2013 in a big way, and I can’t wait for SHINE 7 on February 22 to see what happens with Valkyrie. If it was up to me, I’d have this storyline run through the whole year – there should be more than enough possible developments to make that feasible.

– Lee Burton


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