Skyler Moon 'released by WWE'

Skyler MoonWe got the impression earlier today that something had gone on with WWE developmental Diva Skyler Moon. About 5 hours ago, the 23-year old tweeted:

I can finally cuss again in the internet…..FUUUUUUUCK 🙂

Clearly, this is not something that WWE would be happy about one of their employees doing this, which raised suspicions – and a few minutes ago, PWInsider gave some weight to that suspicion, reporting that the Riverside, CA native had been released from her contract.

The move comes in the same week that Ricardo Rodriguez tweeted a picture of the two of them together backstage at Monday’s Raw in Tampa, FL. The former Buggy Nova had been absent since early autumn while she received help for what she revealed was an eating disorder, and looked like she was getting back into the swing of things.

The release comes at the start of what PWInsider claims is going to be a series of WWE releases, so there may be more women let go – if that should happen, we will let you know.

– Lee Burton


2 thoughts on “Skyler Moon 'released by WWE'

  1. Maybe it was for the better since
    it would be toxic for her to be in
    the WWE since she would have relapse
    risk written on her since she would
    see what everyone else looks like
    and say this is what I need while
    she needed to focus on herself only.


  2. Being a big fan of Buggy Nova in the indies I knew she wasn’t going to last the second the WWE signed her. She’s not the generic all-American Girl type they want.

    I’m happy she’s out of the WWE! She can go back to being on my local Championship Wrestling From Hollywood. They haven’t had a women’s match since she got signed and the feud she had there was awesome.


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